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Events are server-wide celebrations, acting as a celebration of which all players are able to participate in on the Dogcraft server. The contents of events widely vary, but usually include a memorable build with games and prizes on offer. Numerous events have been held through the course of the server's history.

Historically, public events have been organized by the Cyberdog Events Committee, an official public body similar to the Dogcraft Build Team with the task of managing and creating events for players. However, Cyberdogs have also taken it upon themselves to host their own events and throughout all five Survival Multiplayer worlds server wide celebrations have drawn some of the highest player counts at any one time in server history.

Chronology of Events

Events held on Survival 1

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Survival 1 Events

See also: Spawn (Survival 1)
  • Opening of Survival 1 End Dimension (May 2016)
    • Main article: Survival 1 End Opening
    • At the start of the Survival 1 world, the End Dimension was closed off in anticipation of the 1.9 Combat Update, which would overhaul the dimension and add the outer islands.
    • Therefore, when the server did update, a large event was held to celebrate the new release.
    • The Festival of Flight banner, which welcomed players into to the event.
      An unfortunate death at the elytra course!
      An overhead view of the Something Summer event, showcasing the ferris wheel and carnival aesthetic.
      The event was comprised of the first dragon fight of the world and was attended by ReNDoG. All players present at the fight were given Elytra wings.
  • Snow Day (February 2017, Video Recap)
    • Snow Day was a day held in February 2017 celebrating the end of the snowy season of the year.
    • It featured an ice-sculpting contest as well as other snow-related games and affairs, including spleef games for players to participate in and a boat-on-ice race.
  • Festival of Flight (April 2017, Video Recap)
    • The Festival of Flight was an event about the skies, held on the 22nd of April, 2017.
    • The event featured an elaborate set of guided elytra flight courses which players had to navigate through a number of rings. This was especially popular, despite the large amount of resulting player deaths which occurred.
    • The event also featured an elytra aerial combat-drome, in which players would have to fight while airborne in a large spherical structure, inspired by the one built by MumboJumbo on the Hermitcraft server.
    • The event also featured a plane building contest, of which ramokhan won.
  • Not Fooling Around: A PvP Event (April 2017, Video Recap)
    • Not Fooling Around was an event revolving around player-vs-player combat that was held on the 1st of April, 2017, hence the name given to it referencing the fact it was held on April Fools' day.
    • The event was held on the Survival 1 world and players were required to enable PvP and enter a number of purpose built arenas and duke it out.
    • The event was with 1.9 combat mechanics.
    • The event was attended by ReNDoG, who participated in the combat.
  • Something Summer (June 2017, Video Recap)
    • Something Summer was an event that was held on a Beach biome on the 10th of June, 2017 and was organised by the Events Commitee.
    • The Event had a carnival theme, featuring mini-games area with a minecart ride trough, a fireworks beach, and a sand castle building competition, not to mention a large ferris wheel.
    • Players could use iron bars bought at the event sight as a currency in the event are for the mini-games.
    • Some games included a lucky dip and a classic "Test your strength!" game.
    • Players fighting in an Ocean Monument inspired arena at the Not Fooling Around event.
      The fireworks show at the end of the Something Summer event, to commemorate the completion of the Sand Castle.
      The prize for the winner of the Sand-Castle building contest was the "Diamond Home" upgrade from the Dogcraft Shop, with a value of 150,000 Dogcraft Dollars.
  • Spooktober (October 2017)
    • Spooktober was an event celebrating Halloween of 2017, and was held on the 31st of October, 2017 and organised by the Events Committee.
  • Elytra Races (Throughout)
    • Main Article: Elytra Races
    • Player-organised Elytra Races grew to become very popular during Survival 1 and a number were held. The most notable series of races was organised by Lackria mayor 20.png William278.
    • These often started at players' bases and would always end at Lackria City, the goal being to arrive at the end point first. Teleportation was not allowed and considered cheating and players must instantly take off again with elytra if they hit the ground; walking was not permitted.
    • At the time, there were no firework rockets to use, so players had to rely on a "bow-boosting" technique to keep themselves airborne.
    • The winner would take home grand prizes including diamonds and beacons.

Events held on Survival 2

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Survival 2 Events

See also: Spawn (Survival 2)
  • Opening of Survival 2 (September 2017)
    • Main Article: Survival 2 Launch Event
    • The Survival 2 world was launched via a livestream with ReNDoG, in the form of a roll-playing quest where viewers along with ReNDoG had to battle the 'dwarves' (played by server moderators and members of the build team).
    • The event concluded with a grand battle with the Ender Dragon, marking the opening of the world for everyone.
  • Christmas 2017 (December 2017)
    • Christmas 2017 was celebrated with a large snow globe build featuring a central grand Christmas Tree, a collaboration between the Build Team and Staff Team.
    • Players could ask moderators to place presents with items of their choice which would be accessible on Christmas Day.
  • New Year's Eve 2017 (December 2017)
    • New Year's Eve 2017 was celebrated by a build in the end that celebrated the beginning of the new year in every country around the world, an organisation of the Staff, Build and Events Teams.
    • Every hour during the day fireworks would be launched commemorating the new year for that country.
      Akkara City Opening Event flyer
      Hydropolis wither fight flyer
  • Akkara City Opening Day (April 2018)
    • Main Article: Akkara City Opening Day
    • The Akkara City Opening Day was co-organised between the mayors of Akkara City and the Events Committee and took place on the 28th of April, 2018.
    • The event was held to celebrate the official opening of the City of Akkara on the Survival 2 world and was streamed live by ReNDoG.
  • Colors Event (May 2018)
    • The Colors event took place in May of 2018 and was an event celebrating the colors of life, again organised by the Events Committee.
    • It featured a number of color-oriented events, including parkour and a sheep-based version of "Hungry-Hungry Hippos".
    • It also featured a contest where players had to build large flowers.
  • Redstone Revelry (September 2018)
    • The Redstone Revelry was a redstone oriented event that took place on the 23rd of September, 2018, organised by the Events Committee.
    • It featured a large mansion with a diverse set of redstone traps and puzzles that could be completed in teams of 4 as well as a huge dynamically changing maze built by Mipronk.
    • It also featured a set of smaller rotating redstone building challenges, including a museum of "server-friendly" redstone and a redstone Rube-Goldberg Machine, spanning the entire length of the event area.
  • Hydropolis Opening and Wither Fight (October 2018)
    • Notable as the last series of events to be held before the closure of Survival 2, the Opening of Hydropolis was coordinated by the mayors of the city.
    • The event drew large crowds to see the spectacle of the finished city and had several guided tours.
    • Due to the large amounts of lag as a result of the high player count, the planned Wither and Dragon Fights were postponed to a later date.
    • However, due to the sudden announcement of the upcoming closure of the world, a 65-wither fight was held in the final hours of the world and is remarkable as not only the largest wither fight to be held on the server but as the final events on Survival 2.

Events held on Survival 3

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Survival 3 Events

See also: Spawn (Survival 3) § Seasonal Decor

In the first months of the Survival 3 world, the Events Committee fell apart, as both GentlemanGnu and Bellababe247 left the server, leaving SummerFlower123 as the only active leader of the Committee. As a result of this, a new, but temporary system was put in place, where each server mandated event team would be comprised of a couple of hand picked builders, and led by a member of the Dogcraft Staff Team.

Later in May of 2019, the Events Committee was reformed to keep the spirit of events alive, on the server.

  • Christmas 2018 (December 2018)
    • Main Article: Christmas 2018
    • The first Christmas on Survival 3 was celebrated with a large terraformed snowy taiga biome featuring a tree by a frozen over lake.
    • The event area featured a large Santa's Workshop featuring a present head-hunt where players must track down Santa's lost gifts to earn themselves a custom head for display.
    • As usual, players could ask moderators to leave presents for others which were made accessible on Christmas Day.
    • For Christmas 2018, however, players were also able to send in letters to "santa" asking for something for Christmas. Santa would give gifts in chests by the tree in addition to other players on Christmas Day.
  • New Year's Eve 2018 (December 2018)
    • Main Article: New Years 2018
    • New Year's Eve 2018 was celebrated in the End Dimension, above the void and was organised by the Staff and Build teams. The theme was "party on a barge", with a large cruise liner built by ramokhan acting as the centerpiece for the event.
    • Around the boat was a Rainbow Road track from Mario Kart as well as a challenging parkour course for players to complete.
  • Easter 2019 (April 2019)
    A bunny at the Easter 2019 event.
    • Main Article: Easter 2019
    • Easter 2019 was another event led by the mod team and the final one before the formation of the new events team, this time led by players OldManLP85 and Gummibear87.
    • The event featured a large open area with many games to do. It featured a Spleef Arena in-line with Dogcraft Spleef League standards, a parkour course awarding a special banner for completing it and even a TNT boat maze.
    • As was the case with Christmas 2018, a special head hunt was held, this time requiring players to find eggs to be awarded with a custom head.
    • ReNDoG would tour the event area after the event had concluded in a series of Base Tours.
  • Spawn Head Hunt (June 2019)
    • To celebrate the selection of a new Events Committee, a head hunt was held throughout the spawn basin.
  • Wedding of Navi_Heylisten and Clangedinn (July 2019)
    • The Wedding of Navi_Heylisten and Clangedinn was a special event led by the Build Team to put on an in-game wedding between newly-weds Head Moderator Navi_Heylisten and Clangedinn, both players on the server.
    • A special wedding beach was built, complete with wedding facilities and decoration.
    • The wedding itself was hosted by ReNDoG, who "married" the couple in-game.
  • Cyberdog Screenshot Contest (August 2019)
    2019 Screenshot Winner - Mrs Diss
    • Players were encouraged to share their favourite screenshots, for a chance to win prizes. The winner was 20.png Mrs_Diss with her postcard inspired screenshot of her base, Nergal Station.
    • Prizes included a featured Twitter showcase for the winner and DCD for the top three spots and staff choice.
    • Entries were submitted in #pics2show on the Cyberdog Nation Discord, so you can still view all submissions by searching #CyberdogPhotographyPostcard.
  • Saturday Nitro Live (August 2019)
    • Main Article: Saturday Nitro Live
    • Saturday Nitro Live was a Nitro UHC tournament event held on Saturdays during August 2019, organized by the Events Committee and well-known Nitro UHC player 20.png nossi_.
  • Cyberdog led Base Tours (October 2019)
  • Halloween 2019 (October 2019)
    • Main Article: Halloween 2019
    • A special area was built by the events team to celebrate Halloween 2019.
    • The event featured games, a halloween mansion and extensive decor. It also featured a parkour course awarding a banner to players who complete it and a head hunt. The parkour course also featured a bonus level in which players could win Zombie Horse heads.
  • Secret Goodbye Marbou9 Event (November 2019)
    • To thank the [HeadMod] 20.png marbou9, dmgdog, in conjunction with the Events Committee put together a special “Thank you” video, with many players contributing towards. Click to watch
  • Nitro Live 2.0 (November/December 2019)
    • Main Article: Nitro Live 2.0
    • After the success of the first Nitro Live tournament a second event was held during the last months of the same year. This time the event was organized by 20.png William278 and 20.png Gupta99999, with assistance from 20.png darparniox.
    • The Winners were:
      • First: 20.png nossi_
      • Second: 20.png veve_qt
      • Third: 20.png NanoGalactic
  • Christmas 2019 and New Year's Eve 2019 (December 2019)
    • Main Article: Christmas 2019
    • An area created by the events team to celebrate both Christmas 2019 and New Year's Eve 2019
    • Also hosted the Candy Build battle
    • Activities included: Head Hunt, Anagaram Hunt, Parkour, Escape Room, PVP arena, Hide'n'Seek Tower, "pet-a-reindeer"
    • Santa Gift giving area
  • St Patrick’s Day, Golden Maze (March 2020)
    • In the days leading up to the end of Survival 3, players were challenged to find all 16 signs, hidden inside a 3D 1x1 crawl space style maze, cleverly hidden inside a Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold.
    • Located near Meadows Station on the East Line of the SRN.
  • Player Initiated Events
    • Spawn Build Competition 2019 (July/August 2019)
      • A Competition organised by then Spawn enthusiast 20.png Domino_1, to promote players to build up the spawn surroundings.
    • Marbou's Shopping List (November 2019)
      • Players raced to fill their board with a set list of shopping items.
    • Tekbots Dig Fo’ Gold
      • In what seemed to be a ruse to dig up a group of chunks, players were pleased to find treasures buried deep within.

Events held on Survival 4

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Survival 4 Events

  • Camp Husky End Opening (April 2020)
    • Main Article: Camp Husky End Opening
    • The Event was planned a camp story around the campfire, which ended in much carnage, the ultimate being the Ender Dragon
  • Camp Beagle End Opening (April 2020)
    • Main Article: Camp Beagle End Opening
    • Hear Ye’ hear ye’... the Camp Beagle End Opening was performed on the 19th of April 2020. Whilst fighting the dragon, players had to fend of the attacks of Scoob’s Battle Mobs.
  • Race Around the World (May 2020)
    • Main Article: Race around the World
    • A point-to-point race, whilst gathering a list of supplies. Held on the 17th May 2020 at 2pm BST
  • May Mayhem PVP Event (May 2020)
    • Main article: May Mayhem
    • Hosted by 20.png UnspeakableAl, 20.png ProtuberDC , and 20.png Doblocks
  • Hardcore Parkour (June 2020)
    • Players raced through six layers of parkour to be the first one to ring the bell at the end. PvP was required to be ON, as knocking opponents off platforms was a suggested strategy.
    • Hosted by 20.png Nightskypc
  • War of the Pillager King (June 2020)
    • Two teams battle for dominance over a castle map. The pillagers must defend a castle by deploying monsters while the villagers must fight the monsters and scale the wall. In the end, pillagers reigned supreme.
    • Hosted by 20.png TreemanForever
    • The event can be watched on the Cyberdog Events Youtube channel.
  • Dogcraft Hunger Games (August 2020)
    • Main article: Dogcraft Hunger Games
    • A large multiplayer PvP event where players must search for chests and materials in an expansive map with many landmarks
    • Hosted by 20.png ElliotTheRedd, 20.png LazyNine, 20.png Montenator, and 20.png N1cM4tth3w63
  • 5th Cyberdog Server and Discord Anniversary (September 2020)
    • The festivities began with a Fireworks display organized by the Events Team which was accompanied by a track written by Jono Smithers.
    • Afterwards a stream day of awesome proportions kicked off, with the streamers being 20.png ThEquinox2, 20.png JarrydG_ZA, 20.png TekBot0507, 20.png Aussie_Alex, 20.png marbou9 and 20.png TrainerMoon.
    • Furthermore, players were able to complete a quiz and test their knowledge about the discord, the server and even Rendog. Players were rewarded with a special Discord Head.
  • Halloween 2020 (October 2020)
    • Main article: Halloween 2020
    • Halloween in 2020 was held in the spooky Soul_Sally_Vally on Beagle. It had many attractions including an escape room, a ghast train ride, and some trick or treating... just to name a few. Visit the above link to see all the activities.
    • Skin Competition
  • Christmas Decorating Competition (November - December 2020)
    • Main Article: Christmas Decorating Competition 2020
    • Players were encouraged to decorate their bases for Christmas, Fighting it out to be Best Base, Best Town, or Best Community Spirit. To go along side the competition, the Events Team put out a collection of Christmas Heads to assist in Decoration.
  • Mall Overhaul (November 2020)
    • Main article: Mall Overhaul
    • After the cleanup of unused plots, and to also celebrate the opening of Molemart, the only place to shop for ALL you head needs, the Events Team organised a competition for players to renovate their shop plots, in hopes of gaining some free publicity and advertising in the days leading up to the Christmas Purchasing Rush.
  • Christmas 2020 (December 2020)
    • Main article: Christmas 2020
    • Honey I blew up Christmas... oh wait... don't worry its just that I shrunk the player. Players were treated to a magical exeperience as they warped into an ordinary house, but once the walked outside, they were in an ornament on the mantlepiece. The entire event was created to make the player feel the size of an ant.
    • Activities include: The Head Hunt, An A-maz-ing desk, Ice-boat Race Track, and Presents :D
  • Christmas Stream Day 2020 (December 2020)
  • New Year's Eve 2020 (December 2020)
    • Main Article: New Years 2020
    • NYE was held in outer space. Players were given the opportunity to listen in to the exciting custom 2020 soundtrack, as they were awed with a synchronised firework display
  • Armour Stand Competition (January 2021)
    • Players were tasked with designing their very own “posed” Armour stand. The top 5 would be introduced onto the server for purchasing.
  • Race around the World 2.0 (January 2021)
    • Racers lined up to take part in what would be an epic journey. Following maps to take them from one checkpoint to the next, and finally entering the Nether, to follow a lodestone to the finish line.
    • Winners
      • First Place: 20.png dmgdog
      • Second Place: 20.png Philip98999
      • Third Place: 20.png swamppenguin
  • Nitro Live 3.0 (January/February 2021)
    • Main Article: Nitro Live 3.0
    • Nitro Live: Season 3 saw players battle it out for points, ending in a 1 v 1 PvP of William278 and ThEquinox.
    • The Winners were:
      • First: 20.png ThEquinox2
      • Second: 20.png William278
      • Third: 20.png xMakoto
  • The Day of the Invasion (March 2021)
    • TreemanForever brings back the fan favourite Pillager fight, making players fight mobs, and themselves.
  • The Raid on Vernal Manor (March 2021)
    • Main Article: Raid on Vernal Manor
    • ThEquinox2 invited many players to take on her base... Ultimately there was only one team that reigned supreme, gathering the most artefacts, and taking on the VEX herself.
  • Easter 2021 (April 2021)
    • Main Article: Easter 2021
    • Many egg shenanigans were had at /phome easter2021.
    • Activities included: Head Hunt, Easter Maze, Farmyard Scavenger Hunt and more.
  • The OMEGA Tournament Of DOOM™️ (April 2021)
    • In this PVP tournament, players started out in teams but ultimately had to fight for their sole survival. Every participant received a prize at the end.
  • Base Tours 2021 (April 2021)
    • For the 1 year anniversary of Survival 4, players were encouraged to show of their hard work. A total of 12 bases were toured and can be seen on the 1 Year Anniversary Stream.
  • Battle of the Spawns (May 2021)
    • Main Article: Battle of the Spawns
    • Players were incentivized to claim a plot at spawn and make it truly theirs. Winners for both worlds were chosen:
      • Husky: First Place: 20.png Snuginthesun, Second Place: 20.png Minda905, Third Place: 20.png Qeais
      • Beagle: First Place: 20.png EddyTeach, Second Place: 20.png ashapink, Third Place: 20.png eybwam
  • NTN Tower Build Contest (September 2021)
    • Main Article: NTN Tower Build Contest 2021
    • Players were given the task to build a tower on the overworld side of the NTN portals
      • Husky: First Place: 20.png Mareel, Second Place: 20.png Wandering_Zebra, Third Place: 20.png Ze_Tais
      • Beagle: First Place: 20.png SummerFlower1234, 20.png Minda905, and 20.png PerskyPuff, Second Place: 20.png Aiyn84, Third Place: 20.png Garch
  • Halloween 2021 (October 2021)
    • Main Article: Halloween 2021
    • Halloween of 2021 was spookily celebrated by the cyber werewolf’s, as they participated in hauntingly difficult drop towers, Skeleton Horse races, mazes and Trivia, Adventure maps and Music quizzes, and a boat race.
    • The event was live-streamed by ReNDoG on twitch, and can be viewed in person at Survival 4 /phome Halloween2021
  • Screenshot Competition 2021 (November 2021)
    • Players were encouraged to submit screenshots within 3 categories, and the winning submissions would be featured on the Website and Wiki. All submissions can still be viewed at Screenshot Competition.
    • Winners:
  • Christmas 2021 (December 2021)
    • Main Article: Christmas 2021
    • Activities for 2021's annual event included dripleaf spleef and parkour, as well as an advent calendar with new items to purchase in the days leading up to Christmas. Present gifting also made it's usual return.
    • The Holiday Build Battle was run in conjunction with the event, with players and teams tackling the 'Christmas Around the World' theme. The solo category was won by 20.png Luuna89 and the team's category won by Team Chaos Trio (20.png eybwam, 20.png strawberrysham, and 20.png zacattack2097).
  • New Year's Eve 2021 (December 2021)
    • 2022 was brought in across multiple timezones by fireworks displays.
  • T-G Treasure Run (January 2022)
    • Main Article: T-G Treasure Run
    • Players set off in Takeshi to find 5 treasures hidden around the city. With the completion token in hand, they rode to Gaia by horse to do the same there and complete the challenge. Old and new players were able to explore and enjoy both cities this way. Winners received various Gaia and Takeshi memorabilia.
    • Winners: First Place: 20.png eybwam. Second Place: 20.png almightyanna. Third Place: 20.png Minda905
  • Survival 4 Send-off (March 2022)
    • Main Article: Survival 4 Send-off
    • A pleasant fireworks and music show by 20.png eybwam and 20.png Minda905 opened and closed a two hour bevy of final base tours, head hunts, parkour, and wither fights to farewall Survival 4. Players could place signs with their favourite memories of the worlds at /phome Tribute-to-DC.

Events on Survival 5

(Current iteration)

Shortly before the launch of Survival 5, the Events Team and Build Team were merged into the Dogcraft Creative Team.

  • Survival 5 End Openings (April 2022)
    • Four separate end openings (one for each world) were held over the course of the 16th April 2022
    • Players were asked to not bring endgame gear to the fights and let everyone get a swing at the dragon
    • Each opening came with its own memorabilia, like a custom head and shield, and one named armor piece per opening, which made a full set by the end.
  • Polar Palooza (August 2022)
    • Minigame event by the Dogcraft Creative Team
    • Iceboat Racing and a Head Hunt were hosted on Shepherd
    • Spleef, Dripleaf Run and Drop Maze were hosted on Corgi
  • Rendog Base Touring (August 2022)
    • When the Survival 5 server was up for 5 months, The server hosted a build competitions at the players own base
    • The grand price for this event is that 20.png Renthedog himself would tour the base and make a video of him touring said base
    • Eventually 6 players/groups were selected and the video was promptly uploaded in 2 parts, One in October and one in December
    • Winners: 20.png Minda905, 20.png Arkhangellsk, 20.png NeoFiore, 20.png Duckyz, 20.png SarahPantera100, 20.png DudelMaster and Leon
  • Transport Triathlon (October 2022)
    • Main Article: Transport Triathlon
    • This triathlon utilised 4 different transport network, This being the Nether Transport Network (NTN), Connected Seas Coalition (CSC), .Path Network Group (.PNG), and Survival Railway Network (SRN)
    • Players were tasked to complete said race by using all these networks, Meaning using boats, horses, rails and the nether tunnels.
    • Players were required to pick up a unique token from marshals placed around the route. The tokens corresponded to the network whose leg of the route they had just completed, four in total
    • Winners: First Place: 20.png Wanderer_06. Second place: 20.png AwesomeTom21. Third place: 20.png HatterSkye
  • Fall Leon Love (October 2022)
    • This was an event held in the settlement of Leon where there were 3 activities centered around Halloween
    • There was a screenshot competition where players had to go around Leon to try and capture the best image
    • You could partake in a Pumpkin Patch Scavenger hunt, You had to find 20 pumpkins hidden around to win a prize
    • The dragon was slain a lot to aqcuire the Dragon Egg for the participants
  • Halloween Harvest Fair (October 2022)
    • This event was held on Halloween of 2022 and featured many activities such as a parkour course, a headhunt quest and a big maze
    • It also featured a buildbattle with the theme Harvest. Players were given a plot and were tasked to make the best Harvest themed build
    • Winners: First place: 20.png AmbyArtist, Tied second place: 20.png Albtraumeule and 20.png FRAS3R, Third place: 20.png SarahPantera100
  • Christmas Event 2022 (December 2022)
    • This event, hosted by 20.png GracessNella was the 2022 dogcraft Christmas event.
    • The area features a southern hemisphere Chirstmas with barbeque's christmas decoration and much more
    • Players could write wishlists to Santa by going to the Christmas Building in the Mall
    • On Christmas day players were allowed to go to the public home and open their presents
    • Players were also able to send gifts to other players
  • NYE Leon (December 2022-January 2023)
    • On New Years Eve there were 3 amazing firework shows in Leon
    • The firework show was 20 minutes in length and featured music and an impressive firework display made by 20.png eybwam and the other residents of Leon
    • It also featured the staff members thanking the community and wishing them a good 2023
    • The show ended by a message from 20.png Renthedog thanking everyone