Survival 4 Send-off

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Survival 4 Send-off
Survival 4
Tribute area fireworks.png
Players watch the firework and music show
Date12th March 2022, 6pm UTC
Attendancearound 50
WorldSurvival 4

Survival 4 Send-off was the final event of the Survival 4 era, and took place on the 12th of March 2022, two days before the demise of Husky and Beagle. It was organised by the Events Team and took included a specially built area at /phome Tribute-to-DC where players could place signs with their favourite memories of the worlds.


The start and completion of the event were centered around a combined fireworks and music display, created by 20.png eybwam and 20.png Minda905, respectively. The show ran for approximately three minutes and featured an original composition of Minda's. One show marked the official start of the event and the other the end of it. Other activites included:

  • Pre-event parkour and maze at 20.png legowar1508's
  • Base tour with 20.png Cloudiegamer15
  • Base tour with 20.png GG553
  • Base tour with 20.png Dr_Steam11100
  • Base tour with 20.png Luuna89 and 20.png CanadianSteampk
  • Base tour with 20.png N1cM4tth3w63
  • Base tour with 20.png ZBK42
  • Head hunt at Northold Hollows with 20.png eybwam
  • City of Gaia tour with 20.png DragonFire441
  • Post-event wither fight at Takeshi
  • Post-event Base tour with 20.png ArrowsTheHunter (who missed his earlier time slot)