Halloween 2021

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Halloween 2021
Survival 4 Husky

Date27th October 2021
ActivitiesSee below
OrganizersEvents Team
WorldSurvival 4 (Husky)

Halloween 2021 was an event on the Dogcraft Server that took place towards the end of October 2021.

The Event

Starting out in a giant orange pumpking, the player was able to explore the beautifully decorated area and get spooked by all the exciting activities.


  • Skeleton Horse Racing: Grab a skellie horse and race your friends through a variety of obstacles.
  • Mazes: Willow, the Witch of the Wood needs your help to pursue some Froglins, who have made off with powerful talismans and escaped through the ritual room.
  • Death by Trivia:

    "The aim of the game is simple. Answer correctly and advance to the next question. Answer incorrectly and there is only one way out."

  • Boat Races: More than an ordinary boat race, this interactive experience will test your daring as you delve deep into the wonders that await.
  • Dropper Towers: Do you dare brave the Dropper?
  • Otherworld Game: In this story based adventure you will need to solve puzzles and find secrets through exploration!
  • Music Quiz: Feel like testing your musical knowledge in a spooky setting? Look no further! In the basement of Phantom Manor you'll find this Spooky Halloween Music Quiz.



For a glimpse into the event, check the teaser trailer at Dogcraft Halloween 2021: A Preview