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Staff Team

Type Staff Team
Purpose Management, Moderation & Administration
Leader 18.png Renthedog
Members See List of Staff Members

For a list of staff, see List of Staff Members is lead by a Staff Team who carry out the management, moderation and administration of the community in order to enforce the rules and curate the community. Members of the staff team have particular roles and can be recognised by a rank on the server, discord or website. The team is overseen by ReNDoG himself, who appoints Head Moderators to lead the branches of the team; of which it is split into three; Server, Discord and Website. In addition, a select number of staff members are appointed as Server Reps, who assist with internal communication.


The server staff team is the largest, both in the number of roles and members. Staff roles on the server include:

  • Head Moderators - Head Moderators are responsible for managing the server moderators and chat moderators, appointing new ones and making decisions about how the server should be run.
  • Administrators - Administrators are responsible for developing and configuring the server and its plugins as needed, to reduce lag and update it when necessary.
  • Moderators - Moderators are responsible for upholding all server rules and policies, catching rule-breakers and punishing them.
  • Chat Moderators - Chat Moderators are responsible for upholding server chat rules and policies and reporting instances of rule-breaking to the server moderators. The role is used as a "training" role for potential full moderators to learn how to moderate.


The discord staff team helps moderate and organise the Dogcraft discord server. Discord staff roles include:

  • Head Moderators - Discord Head Moderators are responsible for managing the discord server and appointing moderators while making decisions about how the server should be organised.
  • Administrators - Discord Administrators organise and manage the discord on a technical level as needed.
  • Moderators - Discord moderators are responsible for moderating the discord server channels as per the discord rules.


  • Administrators - Website administrators are responsible for developing the website and wiki, including updating them as necessary and ensuring they are functional.
  • Wiki Administrators - Wiki administrators are responsible for the management and curation of the Dogcraft Wiki and fixing vandalism.