Capture The Flag

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Capture The Flag
Survival 5
2023-02-25 19.32.50.png
Players in Leon's Opera House after the event.
TypeTeam combat
Date25th February, 2023, 6:00PM UTC
Organizers20.png eybwam & 20.png Domino_1
Attendance25 players (inc. spectators)
WorldSurvival 5

" Leon is hosting a new Capture The Flag minigame next Saturday, on the 25th of February at 6PM GMT! 馃毄" @Dogcraftnet

Capture The Flag was a player-organised team based combat event held in Leon on the Survival 5 Shepherd world of the Dogcraft Server, organised primarily by 20.png eybwam and 20.png Domino_1. The event took place on February 25th, 2023, at 6:00pm GMT. After two rounds, the Blue Team won the event.


The event was a "Capture The Flag" PvP event, in which players were split up into two teams; red and blue. The two teams were allocated a spawn house in buildings the other side of Leon's City Center. Near each team's spawn were three flag-beacon terminals designed by 20.png EddyTeach & 20.png Domino_1, from which the enemy team were tasked with capturing the flag from and taking it back to one of their own terminals. The team to capture all three of the enemy team's flags—or who had captured the most after 10 minutes—was determined the winner of that round. A tie of three rounds was played.


Players gathering in Leon's Central Station before the event

The event was announced in the Dogcraft Discord on February 20th—one week before—after which players could sign up right up until the event started. Before the event, both teams split off into voice calls to plan a strategy.

Although the first round of the event ended in somewhat confusion, due in part to confusion over the locked drops system making it difficult to pick up the "flag" (pumpkin) items from dead players, the second round proved a success and was entertaining for participants and spectators. One memorable moment included when the blue team successfully executed a flank of a caravan comprised 20.png William278, 20.png darparniox and 20.png Montenator, who were heading for the middle blue flag. The result of the offensive culminated in darparniox being chased by nearly every member on the blue team as he continued his mad dash deep into enemy territory, before being finally picked off.


The event was recorded for the Cyberdog News Network's February 2023 video (released March 8, 2023), although a number of other players also filmed their perspective.

Background SRN Opening by Montenator