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Dogcraft Build Team
TypeStaff Team
PurposeConstruction of server Builds
Leader20.png SummerFlower1234

The Dogcraft Build Team was a compiled of a group of players, tasked with creating builds for the Dogcraft Server. These builds included server required builds, and any worlds, hubs, etc. for minigames. In March 2022, as part of a consolidation effort, the team was merged with the Events Team to form the Dogcraft Creative Team, led by 20.png SummerFlower1234.


The Dogcraft Build Team was originally a group of players from the staff team, tasked with creating farms on the Dogcraft server. In Survival 2, before the launch of said world, a new group was selected from the larger Dogcraft community. They were tasked with creating the Survival 2 Spawn area. This team, which would end up becoming build team that exists today, was led by at first 20.png SummerFlower1234 and 20.png Wildfirev. When the team became official, 20.png Wildfirev remained its leader. The Build Team was overseen by the Headmods, who at the time of its founding were 20.png j0n_r4ng and 20.png Rustbite who was also heavily involved in leadership decisions in the beginning. A separate Discord server was made for this team on the 1st of July 2017, by 20.png Rustbite.

Survival 1 and 2

This team, and its predecessors, would work on different projects, like various server malls, the official Pigman and Enderman farms, the Dogcraft Hub, and Minigame areas (Hide n Seek and Nitro UHC arenas, Bedwars maps, and the different associated lobbies). One of the biggest undertakings of the official build team, during Survival 2, was the complete terraforming of the central end island. The project, undertaken by a team lead by then master builder 20.png Mr_Quasi aimed remake the end island in an organic style. Big mushrooms were built to cover the end gateways, each by a different member of the team working on the project, and large custom trees were created around each of the end pillars by 20.png kimandjax. Additionally, the endstone ground was replaced by an organic dirt and podzol mix. The whole area was protected by the Worldguard plugin, to preserve the island, except for a ring around each pillar, enabling getting to the top during a dragon fight, and mining obsidian before one.

Survival 3

During the Survival 3 world, the build team had constructed various public use areas, such as the official server Mall, the Enderman farm, the Pigman farm, and partook in the construction of several event locations, among other things. Also during Survival 3, the build team began organizing themed Build Battles, roughly every three months. In the August of 2019, Wildfirev retired as the leader of the build team, 20.png OldmanLP85 taking over the position.

With the server update to Minecraft version 1.14.4 on the 24th of September, 2019, the construction of a completely new hub to replace the one active since 2017 was announced, created by 20.png OldmanLP85, with help from 20.png Mipronk, 20.png kimandjax, and 20.png RoseRedTiger in the last few months, the new Dogcraft jail, AzkaBan, was created but unfortunately never able to be used due to plugin restrictions.

Survival 4

In the last two weeks of Survival 3, the Build Team were made busy with producing the new spawn for Survival 4: Camp Dogcraft, later to be known as Camp Husky. Then, a couple of weeks later they were asked to build Camp Beagle, for the new Survival 4 second world.

They had also been busy creating the new server Mall, Enderman farm and Pigman farm. The server Jail, AzkaBan, was able to be brought over from Survival 3. In March 2022, prior to the launch of Survival 5, the team was merged with the Events Team to form the new Dogcraft Creative Team.

Notable builds

Build Team leadership

The leader of the build team along with the Master Builders oversaw build team projects. At the time of the team's merger with the Events Team, the leadership comprised:

  • 20.png SummerFlower1234: [HeadMod] / Leader of the Build Team
  • 20.png marbou9: Master Builder
  • 20.png TigerNL: Master Builder
  • 20.png Ironboundred: [Admin] / Master Builder
  • 20.png Scooberson: [HeadMod] / Master Builder

Previous leaders of the Build Team were 20.png OldManLP85, 20.png Wildfirev, 20.png SummerFlower1234, and 20.png Rustbite.

SummerFlower1234 was the first returning Build Team Leader, and was the first to hold such position for two non-consecutive terms.

Build Team Members

  • 20.png AmbyArtist
  • 20.png ArrowstheHunter
  • 20.png BelannaT
  • 20.png blueartistic813_
  • 20.png Chriizsich
  • 20.png Cookies58_
  • 20.png darparniox
  • 20.png DragonFire441
  • 20.png EtaThetaZeta
  • 20.png Excaliber_FC
  • 20.png expedtadam
  • 20.png FangsofAmber
  • 20.png Galeanami
  • 20.png iluvmath
  • 20.png iMadi99
  • 20.png ItsStyvey
  • 20.png JarrydG_ZA
  • 20.png LAK3RS
  • 20.png meetmycat
  • 20.png Mipronk
  • 20.png Mrs_Diss
  • 20.png Nomiium
  • 20.png Philip98999
  • 20.png RY44
  • 20.png sasha1nine7
  • 20.png Shootdead1993
  • 20.png Skelleton123
  • 20.png simply_simon_
  • 20.png SnazzyK101
  • 20.png ThatRoger
  • 20.png Waltert_
  • 20.png xandermuis
  • 20.png _gewoon_iemand_


The builders in the team were chosen from players on the server. The selection process includes an application to join the team, followed by an "interview build”. Traditionally the potential members were required to build something according to a theme and instructions. Recently, the build team began hiring members based on Build Battles entrants, as well as advertising through discord.