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Events Team
TypeStaff Team
PurposeEvent Planning and Organisation
Members20.png RY44, 20.png Nomiium, 20.png SummerFlower1234

The Dogcraft Events Team, formerly known as the Cyberdog Events Committee was a branch of the staff team on the Dogcraft Server responsible for the planning, coordination and execution of various events throughout the year. The team was formed of 20.png Nomiium, 20.png RY44, and 20.png SummerFlower1234, who worked to develop and promote official server events celebrating seasonal affairs such as Christmas and Easter and worked with players to help promote player run events. The team reported to the Head Moderators of the server directly and was supported by the Dogcraft Build Team.


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An overhead view of the Beach Day event hosted in June of 2017, on Survival 1.

The Cyberdog Events Committee was originally founded as the Cyberdog Celebrations Committee in late 2016 and was comprised of 20.png SummerFlower1234, 20.png GentlemanGnu and 20.png Abigai1 and were setup by the mod team with the responsibility of creating events. Administrator 20.png Mattigins would help them with this, giving them a plot of land on the Creative server and help guarding land. The team would continue producing events throughout the server In Survival 2, 20.png Bellababe247 would join the team and replace Abigai1 as a member. Additionally, 20.png Mipronk was made a 4th Committee Leader. Around this time, an official rank was added to make them distinct from other server members. Through this period, the team were given relative independence from the staff team, autonomously planning events for the server.

A Cyberdog News Network broadcast about the Festival of Flight event.

However, the team's independence would prove to be a critical flaw as their lack of cohesion led to the team falling apart. By the end of the Survival 2 world, most of the team members were inactive and many planned events fell behind schedule. The rise in successful player-run events such as the Akkara and Hydropolis opening ceremonies, as well as the popularity of cities like Havana kept players busy while the team was not able to run events. During the start of the Survival 3 world, events were run by the Mod Team, where a moderator from the team would be appointed to lead the planning of each individual event, an approach which worked well. This line of thinking would be brought forward when, on the 27th of May, 2019, a new and reformed events committee would be formed to fill the void, comprised of 20.png GummiBear87, 20.png OldManLP85, 20.png William278 and 20.png RY44. However, in January 2020, Gummi left the team, and on the 9th of August 2020, William also stepped down from his position of committee leader. After the departure of 20.png William278 from the events committee, 20.png Nomiium was made the third events committee leader. After a few years and numerous events, in January 2022, 20.png OldManLP85 stepped down from the role as well. 20.png SummerFlower1234 stepped into the role of Events Team Leader shortly after OldManLP85's retirement.

In March 2022, prior to the launch of Survival 5, the team was merged with the Build Team to form the new Dogcraft Creative Team.

News Channel

A CDNN broadcast featuring administrator Brianetta alongside event committee members.

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During Survival 1, the Events Committee also had access to the only permitted spectator account on the server, known as 20.png CDNN_Helicopter which was used for filming events videos on the server for the events committee YouTube Channel, which hosted a news show called the "CDNN", or CyberDog News Network; a parody of CNN. The channel uploaded news videos and recaps informing people on official events and giving brief recaps of previous events and were produced by committee members. Events were also promoted through the Dogcraft Twitter. In February 2020, the reformed team returned and began producing new installments.


Survival 2 Events Committee headquarters.

The Events Committee has had central buildings both in Survival 1 and 2, which they can operate and plan from. In Survival 1, the building was located in Lackria's central park, and had a white and purple pallet, making it easy to recognize in the city. The Survival 2 building was located in the Spawn area, close to the Brown District and in Survival 3, the headquarters was a large Rubik's Cube adjacent to Spawn. The buildings or survival 1 and 2 both contained warp-signs to past event locations as well as storage and meeting rooms for events officials. However in Survival 3 the sign warp plugin did not work, so signs were placed in the HQ, with the Warp written on them.

Survival 4 HQ, completed in July 2020, was styled off a Japanese building, complete with automatic storage donation hole, and access to its own nether portal, ready-made to host a swagger of events in both the over-world and the nether. It could be found on the Beagle Server, and was accessible from the public home: /phome Events_HQ

Events HQ -Survival 4


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