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Not to be confused with Post Office buildings in-game

Mail is an in-game player messaging system on the Dogcraft Server that allows players to send messages to other users, even if they are not online. An original system of the server during the Survival 1 and Survival 3 era, the feature was retired following the move away from using the Essentials plugin and changes in the server network setup. The feature returned on Survival 5 in May 2023.

Mail Commands

To send a mail, use /mail send (player) (message) and it will appear in the user's unread items box. Once a player has acknowledged it by clicking on the message preview in their unread items box, or used /mail clear to mark all unread messages as read, it will be marked as read and only appear in the user's /mail list inbox. If a user has unread messages, a notification will be shown in chat informing the user of this on login.

  • /mail or /mail unread [page] — View a list of unread messages
  • /mail list [page] — View a list of received messages
  • /mail outbox [page] — View a list of the messages you've sent. You can also view the status of sent messages, including if the user has read it.
  • /mail send (player) (message) — Send a mail to a player
  • /mail read (id) — Read a mail and mark it as read
  • /mail clear — Mark all mail as read

Blocking users

If users are being a bother, you can block them. You should report messages that break the rules to a Server ChatMod/Moderator.

  • /mail block or /mail block list [page] — View a list of players you have blocked
  • /mail block add (player) — Block a player from sending you mail. You won't see their messages.
  • /mail block remove (player) — Unblock a player. You'll see the messages they've sent you again.