Easter 2019

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Easter 2019
Survival 3
Easter2019 Box.png
Date20th April 2019
Organizers20.png OldManLP85 & 20.png Gummibear87
WorldSurvival 3
Teleport/warp easter2019

Easter 2019 was an event held on the Dogcraft Server in April 2019. It was the last event led by members of the Staff team before the formation of the new Events Team.

The Event

Imagine a huge, colourful tulip field being overrun by rabbits and chickens. Painted eggs everywhere. So many games to play and areas to explore! Maybe you鈥檒l even be able to find some of the easter eggs the easter bunny lost!


  • Head Hunt: The easter bunny has misplaced some of the easter eggs! Help it find them and get a custom head as reward.
  • TNT Boat Maze: Do you dare to brave the maze, spiced up with random tnt drops?
  • Parkour: Would you be up to the job as an easter bunny? Find out on the Bunny Trainer 3000, only those truly trained in the art of bunny madness can hope to reach the end.
  • Spleef: In line with Dogcraft Spleef League standards, this last man standing game is sure to be fun.
  • Egg Decorating: Grab some fancy blocks, an unpainted egg and get decorating!
  • Rabbit Racing: Grab a carrot, jump in the lane and lead your rabbit to victory.