Christmas 2018

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Christmas 2018
Survival 3
Christmas 2018 Overview.png
Overview of the area
Organizers20.png marbou9
WorldSurvival 3
Teleport/warp xmas2018

Christmas 2018 was opened to the public on 16th of december 2018. It was accessible via /warp xmas2018.

The Event

Christmas 2018 would mark the first large scale event on the Survival 3 server and was led by 20.png marbou9.
The event was situated in a large terraformed snowy tundra, and incorporated the ice spikes already present in the area. It featured a tree by a frozen lake, Santa’s Workshop, Santa’s sleigh flying above the area and a cozy winter village.
Players were able to leave present for others under a tree which were made accessible on Christmas Day. In addition to player given presents, players were also able to send a letter to “Santa” asking for something. These gifts were left under the tree as well.


  • Grinch Head Hunt: The Grinch has stolen all the christmas pudding and its up to the player to help the elves get them back. Upon completion the player was rewarded with a custom head.
  • Spleef: The Spleef arena featured two arenas with two floors each, one made out of snow, and one made out of leaves. Tools and blocks were supplied by staff.
  • Ice Boat Race: Surrounding the entire event area was a massive ice boat race track with a length of roughly 2.2 km that up to six players could race each other on for several minutes. At its widest the track covered a length of 599 blocks east to west and a width of 528 blocks north to south.