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Survival 4 Husky
Pinksville 1 cover image.png
WorldSurvival 4 (Husky)
FoundedFebruary 2021
Mayor(s)20.png _Skyhook 20.png ChargedBluey
Contributors20.png _Skyhook 20.png ChargedBluey 20.png MintNinja3372 20.png Mr_Unusual_37 20.png MRP179 20.png Ewan1011 20.png _Brin 20.png sosigRam 20.png Dyl68_ 20.png Miacik 20.png MrKalaspuff 20.png eybwam 20.png pinkdude586 20.png philip98999
LocationX= -3676
Y= 64
Z= 3342
South line NTN

Pinksville is a community project founded by 20.png _Skyhook and 20.png ChargedBluey during February 2021 on the Husky world of Survival 4. It was a project built to celebrate Valentines Day with themes of love and pink. What more could you want in February?


Group Screenshot with the members active at the time to celebrate the ending of the project.

Pinksville was created from a joke - people began changing their skin for valentines day, and the obvious theme of Pink arose. When the group of players first formed, it came off to many as a cult, however once all was clarified, more players began to join. Two players (20.png _Skyhook and 20.png ChargedBluey) formed a group and declared themselves as the founders/leaders. Talk of a hub arose as the group found an island far enough from others to build on.

One player went to creative and designed the first floor of the hub with a fully functional redstone door. The project was set in stone, Pinksville was born. From this point forward, many people began building houses around the island and a path began to sprawl to each corner. Buildings big and small began popping up with no clear goal in sight other than to have fun. The most notable of the buildings was the community storage room. However as February came to a close, so did Pinksville. On the 20th of February the project ended with the area being claimed. But not without a screenshot!


Background Valentine's Day Event 2024 by TheWhiteTigerNL