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This guide will walk you through how to link your Minecraft account to a account, which you must do when you first join the Dogcraft Server in order to play.

This guide assumes you don't already have a account. If you have already registered an account, the process for linking is slightly different. Click here for a guide on how to link your pre-existing account.

Step 1: Log in and register

First, join the Dogcraft Server on Java using the IP address:

When you've logged in, you should see a message in chat appear informing you that your account isn't linked.

Unlinked player welcome message image
You'll see this message in chat when you log in for the first time.

Open chat and click on the white underlined link.

A message will appear asking you if you want to open the link. Click "Yes" to open it in your browser. This will send you to the registration page and automatically fill in the link code for you. You will then be asked to enter your date of birth to verify your age.

Step 2: Complete account setup

After completing Step 1, you just need to finish setup by providing an email and password. Alternatively, you are able to complete setup by signing in with a Discord account.

Finish setup with an email and password

To finish making your account, you must enter:

  • An email address that you can access
  • A secure password (must have one lowercase letter, one uppercase, one number and one symbol)

Then, click "Register" to proceed

Finish setup via Discord

If you choose to proceed using a Discord account, the website will redirect you to an authorisation page. You'll need to allow Dogcraft to access your Discord account.

You can add a password to make signing in quicker later on.

Step 3: Verify your email address

Now that you've made your account, you just need to verify the e-mail you provided. If you signed in with Discord, this is the e-mail associated with your Discord account.

Wait a minute or two, then check your inbox for the email. If it's not there, make sure you check your spam folder.

Once it's arrived, click the "Verify" button to verify your email.

Email verification success image
You'll see this page when you've successfully verified your email

Once you've verified your email, you should just need to wait a few minutes for your rank to update. Once it's updated, disconnect and reconnect and you should be able to place and break blocks in the wild. Enjoy your time on the Dogcraft server!


If you haven't received a verification email

  • Check your spam, junk and trash folders
  • If you created your account using the account creator, please check to ensure you have entered the correct e-mail address. If you entered the wrong address or wish to change it, you can change your email by clicking the account settings button () in the top right to take you to your settings page. You can now simply type a new email in the "E-mail" box, then click the save button next to it. A new e-mail will be sent to the new address to verify it. Note that if you ever change your email address in settings, you will need to re-verify it.
  • "Yahoo! Mail" accounts have been reported in the past to take a long time to receive the verification email. If you are using a "Yahoo! Mail" account and do not wish to wait for your verification email to arrive, you can switch to using a different account for verification. (detailed in the point above)
  • If you created your account using Discord, please check if your Discord account has a verified email associated with it. To add an email, navigate to the "Settings" --> "My Account" page. If you see an amber-yellow box asking you to verify your account, you have not verified it yet. You can check this link for a walkthrough on how to do this.

Other issues

  • If you are playing on Java Edition and are unable to click on the blue link in the chat window, please check that your Web Links are on in your Minecraft Options menu. You can change this by going to Options... --> Chat Settings... --> Web Links: ON.
  • Make sure you have entered your Date of Birth correctly and in the right format. You must be at least age 13 to play on Dogcraft as per the Rules.
  • If you have verified your account email and you are still seeing the Account Verification popup, please try logging out of your Dogcraft account and then back in again.
  • Still need help? Please feel free to ask a [Mod], [ChatMod] or [Helper] in-game or on the Discord server who will be happy to assist you.

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