Halloween 2020

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Halloween 2020
Survival 4
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View of the Area
TypeSeasonal event
OrganizersEvents Team
WorldSurvival 4

Halloween 2020 was an event on the Dogcraft Server that took place on October 31st 2020.

In 2020, the Events Team decided to go full spook and embrace the new Soul Sand Valley biome as the home of the event. A bunch of new mechanics were able to be used, as 1.16 introduced the new and improved spooky nether.


Elytra Course

Players tested their prowess against the elytra course… the Hard mode where it is possible to complete the 10 rings with only 4 rockets, or the Easy mode, where gliding is the game.

Ghost Train

The ghost train took players from the start location of the event to the centre. It was the means of entering the event by meandering through existing activities, to show off what’s going on.

The train definitely does NOT exhibit a lot of jump scare tactics of activated rails, that power fireball dispensers, and changing track direction etc.

Spooky Haunted Maze

The maze consisted of multiple levels, including:

  1. Easy - plain walls
  2. Medium - cobwebs walls
  3. Hard - invisible walls
  4. Deadly - enter the wrong corridor and potentially enter a death trap of mobs etc.

Eventually, if you chose the correct path, you found your way out to the centre of the event again.

Strider Races

In a pre-constructed race down lava laneways, players navigated their striders through the course, up and over obstacles, and around tight corners.

The finish line looped around to the starting area, so striders could be stored for future races.

Players were able utilise a warped fungus on a stick.

The course took place in lava lake under the elytra course.

Soul Speed Races

Players were given the opportunity to buy special, limited edition soul speed 3 boots prior to the event. They took their marks and upon start had to run across the soul sand, it was an open course with no lanes, so picking the correct line was crucial, as players were forced to run around corners, over hurdles, and dodge the fireballs from ghasts and blazes.

The race was carpeted so that you can’t see where the soul soil is (the line). Also, various areas had honey blocks under the carpet(red) to slow players down. In long straights, there were (green) boost pads rather than the whole thing being soul soil.

Respawn Anchor PVP

Players were given the chance to fight each other with only a maximum of 4 lives each. In a PvP arena, suited to Nether Warriors, it’s the last player standing, who wins the game.

Death Cage Arena

Do you think you’re strong enough and smart enough to outwit our champion? Jump in the arena with our Piglin Brute… last man standing wins the game (Hint: Piglin Brute is invincible and invisible).

Players were given the chance to take their own armour and weapons in, but if they die, they have to retrieve their own gear.

Trick or Treat

In an underground suburbs, players were encouraged to collect as many different “candies” as possible. The first to collect all their candies, wins. Play as team vs team, or as individuals.

The catch is, players must avoid the hungry hungry hippos (ravagers) as they’ll want to catch them and steal their candies.

RYs Death Trap Trivia

Do you think you’re smart enough to defeat the mind of 20.png RY44? Come into his house and have a go.  Inside, players were faced with many choices… make the wrong one, and they were sent to the beginning, by way of hilarious death and respawn anchor. Make it to the end, and you will be champion.

The Haunted Mansion (Escape Room)

Are you smart enough to outwit 20.png R0bstar? Come and rest yourself against the escape room. Can you make it out alive?

More about this escape room can be read here!