Spawn Build Competition 2019

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Spawn Build Competition 2019
Survival 3

Date8th July 2019 - 8th August 2019
Organizers20.png Domino_1 & Events Team
WorldSurvival 3

To bring some more life into Spawn City (Survival 3), 20.png Domino_1 and the Events Team decided to put forward a challenge to all Cyberdogs. The aim was to bring in new builds and players, expand Spawn City and make it more lively overall. Moreover, the purpose of the contest was to provide a welcoming spawn city with diverse builds, while still being tied together in structure and function and feel like a real city.

The Spawn Build Competition 2019 ran from the 8th July 2019 to 8th August 2019, but all builds then were completed before that were also eligible to enter. During the month of the competition, around 10 new buildings were constructed around spawn. Extra points were awarded for how well a build incorporated water, as the Spawn Basin was situated in an ocean.

Rules and Categories

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  • All builds must be in a 25x25 space, or in other rectangular shapes that boil down to the same amount of claim blocks. E.g., 32x19 or 41x15.
  • Any builds wishing to participate must be marked with the Spawn Build Challenge banner, which can be acquired at x:-72 y:63 z:98 from a chest shop for 膼50.
  • Be respectful to other players! Before claiming directly next to someone else, talk with them, see what they are planning, and how you can arrange it in a way that benefits both parties!


  • Most Creative Builds: This category awards builds for their looks, and the creative design choices they use.
  • Most Unique Builds: This category awards the builds with unique ideas behind them, and the execution of those ideas. An example would be a Ship-home or a tree, but any unique ideas count!
  • Fitting Together: This category awards a group of builds for fitting well with each other. Like in a real city, where buildings do not stand alone, but are surrounded by other buildings, this category鈥檚 award will go to 1 group of builders, who worked together to make a group of builds, that fit well together. This does not necessarily have to mean just houses!


The original plan for the prizes was to give out a shulkerbox containing various goodies (possibly beacons, among other things) and DCD.
In addition to that, 20.png marbou9 also contributed extra DCD to be distributed to the winners.


Most Creative Build

Builder Coordinates Image
20.png endorwitch x85 z129 SBC Endorwitch1.png
Thralc (now known as 20.png kiwiscott) & 20.png TheWhiteTiger x39 z202 SBC ThralcTiger.png
20.png Galeanami x5 z-114 SBC GaleanamiInterior.png

Most Unique Build

Builder Coordinates Image
20.png Mareel x84 z -30 SBC Mareel.png
20.png starr274 x-55 z-82 SBC Starr.png
20.png CeresAmongStars x91 z194 SBC CeresAmongStars1.png

Fitting Together

Builder Coordinates Image
20.png Cookies58, 20.png Galeanami & 20.png starr274 x-26 z-115 SBC ThirdCat.png