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Latest Announcement

Get ready to chugga and choo 'cause


The SRN and CRN proudly premiers this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to win by making a station!

Sign Up and save your spot.

πŸ“ Sign Up
Please complete the Google Form below to enter. You will be contacted about your assigned location in the days leading up to the competition.

βš’οΈ Build Particulars
A functional station that meets the requirements found in the Sign Up form.

πŸ† Prizes
A special banner for all entrants!
A special miniblock for all winners!
- 1st Prize gets 50,000 Dcds, 128 iron blocks, and 48 diamond blocks
- 2nd Prize gets 30,000 Dcds, 64 iron blocks, and 32 diamond blocks
- 3rd Prize gets 20,000 Dcds, 64 iron blocks, and 16 diamond blocks
- 4th Prize gets 10,000 Dcds, 64 iron blocks, and 8 diamond blocks

πŸ—“οΈ Important Dates
17th – 24th July: Sign-up
28th July: Building starts
25th August : Building stops
26th August : Judging commences

This announcement chime is brought to you by the Trolly Problemβ€”Poor Adam!
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