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šŸ”” New Build Event! #

From Friday, June 7th till Sunday, July 7th

Hey Cyberdogs!

For the month of June, TigerNL and Montenator are bringing you an exciting new building competition on Dogcraft! It's the return of the Battle of the Spawns event we last held in Survival 4! The aim of the event is for players to create a stunning build in the Spawn Towns on either Sheltie, Retriever or both! Not only will there be prizes for the winners, it also makes the player built spawn area much more developed and interesting to be in. This competition is open to all Dogcraft players and we would encourage you to participate!

ā–«ļøHow do i participate?

Step 1: Sign up today with the link below!

Step 2: Claim a maximum area of 25 x 25 in spawn town. You can change the shape but your plot can't be larger then 625 blocks.

Step 3: Sign-up will close on the 7th of June, and you can start working on your build immediately!

Sheltie and Retriever will each have their own top 3

1st place: Event themed head + A tour of your build in the next CDNN episode!
2nd place: Event themed head
3rd place: Event themed head

All participants: You will receive a event themed banner as a thank you for contributing to the development of spawn town!

When the competition ends, a group of people will be selected to judge the builds! They will award points and choose their top 3 of each world.

What if I already own a plot in spawn town? - That's okay, all plots can participate, both old and new!
Can I claim a plot before the 7th? - Sure, feel free to claim a spot in advance, we actually encourage this if you want to grab a nice spot.
Am I allowed to team up with a friend? - Yes, but the limit of 25 x 25 per plot participating still applies.

This ring-a-ding-ping was brought to you by MoleMart: Your trusted partner in all your building adventures!
2 weeks ago
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Survival 5

Survival 5 was the fifth iteration of Survival Multiplayer worlds on the Dogcraft Server. It succeeded Survival 4 and brought with it the update to Minecraft 1.18: Caves & Cliffs: Part II. Launched on March 18, 2022, the season spanned four parallel worlds (an increase of two from the previous season) ā€” Shepherd, Akita, Labrador and Corgi. A few months into the season, the server economy was reset and new systems were put in place for Dogcraft Dollars and Player Homes; a fifth Mall world launched alongside this.

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