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Also known as the K-9, we are the official fan community for RenDog, and the home of his free Minecraft server.

Minecraft 1.13: The Update Aquatic

Our fan server is still running Minecraft 1.12.2, and you will not be able to connect using the newest version of Minecraft. We are in the process of updating, which is a lengthy process. It includes these tasks:
  • Monitoring the progress of the new Spigot Server, which we use for our server
  • Testing the plugins that we use with experimental builds of Spigot
  • Rewriting or modifying plugins that we have written, so that they work properly on 1.13
  • Replacing plugins that do not work and are unlikely to be updated
  • Assisting plugin developers with feedback and test results as we go
It's a long process, but steady progress is being made. Our admin is usually happy to talk about what we're doing, so feel free to ask in game or in our Discord. What we can't generally do is offer a timescale: The 1.13 update is much larger and more complex than any other update in the last five years.

Thanks for your patience. If your game updated itself, and you need help playing 1.12.2 again, our very own Kaz has written a guide for you.

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