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This page contains a List of Commands that are available for use on the Dogcraft Server. Although the in-game /help command provides a list with descriptions, the number of available commands can still be overwhelming.

This page contains all the commands you'll need to use while playing, broken down by section. To enter a command, press the "open command" key (defaults to [/]; forward slash), type the command and then press [Enter 鈴嶿.


Command Description
Account Linking
/dclink Displays information about the account linking process.
/linkstatus Displays whether or not you are linked to a account
Information Commands
/help View a list of all the server commands.
Player Teleportation and Homes Commands
/tpa <player> Send a request asking a player to let you teleport to them
/tpahere <player> Send a request asking a player to teleport to you
/back Teleports you to the place of your recent death, or returns you to where you were prior to a player-to-player teleport. This command does not work if you change servers between death/player-to-player teleport and using this command.
/home Teleports you to your respawn location, eg. last bed you slept in.
/homes Opens a GUI allowing you to view your homes.
/home <name> Teleports you to that home, after a short warmup.
/sethome Open a GUI to allow you to set a home.
/delhome <home> Allows you to delete a home.
Claims & Locks
/claim <radius> Claim a square around you, extending out <radius> blocks from your position.
Can also be done with a Golden Shovel.
/buyclaimblocks <amount> Purchases <amount> claim blocks. Each claim block costs 2DCD.
/extendclaim <number>
/expandclaim <number>
Expands your claim by <number> blocks in the direction you are facing.
Deletes the claim you are currently standing in.
/abandonallclaims Deletes all the claims you have made.
Sets your claiming mode to subdivision mode, where you can create claims within claims.
Useful for group bases as you can set trust permissions differently based on each subdivision and the main claim.
/restrictsubclaim Toggles permission inheritance from the main claim to the sub-divided claim.
This means members trusted in the parent claim won't be trusted by default in any sub claims.
/trust <player> Gives a player build-trust in the claim you are standing in. Stand outside your claim to set this in all of them.
/untrust <player> Revokes all trust a player has from the claim you are standing in. Stand outside your claim to revoke trust in all of them.
/trust all Grants the public build trust in the claim you are currently standing in. Stand outside your claim to set this in all of them.
/untrust all Revokes all trust the public has from the claim you are standing in. Stand outside your claim to revoke trust in all of them.
/containertrust <player/all> Grants permissions to access Inventories such as Chests, Dispensers, Furnaces, access to crops, animals, bed, permission to /sethome and buttons/levers,
/accesstrust <player/all> Grants permission to use doors, permission to /sethome, and interact with buttons and levers.
/permissiontrust <player/all> Grants the ability of the selected user to manage the trusted users.
/claimexplosions Toggles mob greifing and TNT explosions in the claim you are standing in.
/sl StickyLocks commands, for locking items such as doors, gates, chests, hoppers, droppers, dispensers, repeaters, anvils and more. To use sticky locks, hold a Golden Hoe.
/sl notify Disable the chat notification that appears when you place or interact with a lockable item.
/sl show Display the lock information for block currently selected.
/sl add <player/group> Allows that player or group access to the object.
/sl remove <player/group> Removes that player or group from the access list to the object.
/sl autolock Toggles automatic locking of all lockable blocks.
Player Settings Commands
/warns Displays your active warnings. Warnings are given if you break the server rules. If you reach three warnings, you will be issued a ban from the server. Which can be appealed.
/stats Your server statistics, such as time played, and more.
/pvp Toggles your PVP immunity on or off. Both players must have PVP on for it to work.
/loginfirework Toggle the firework launched when staff members and Patreon log in. (Requires [IronPatreon]+)
/bal Displays your current Dogcraft Dollars balance
/msg <player> <message>
Aliases: /whisper, /w & /tell
Send a private message to an online <player>.
/r <message> Replies to the last person who sent you a private message.
/helpop <message> Send a message to server staff. Use this to request help or assistance; only you can see messages you've sent. This command is meant only for situations where a staff member is required, but not responding to you.
/pay <player> <amount> Sends a certain amount of DCD to a player. Recipient does not have to be online to receive the money.
Warp Commands
/spawn Teleports you to spawn on your server (without changing your dimension). There is no spawn in Mall.
/servers Brings up a GUI to choose between the different server worlds.
/trapped Teleports you outside of the claim you're standing in, doesn't work if you are trusted in that claim.
Creative World Commands
/plot claim Claims a plot, whist standing over an unclaimed plot. Can only be used once.
/plot auto Claims the plot closest to you, if you haven鈥檛 claimed a plot previously.
/plot visit Teleports you to your own claim.
/plot trust <player> Gives another player building permissions on your plot.
/plot remove <player> Removes another player's building permissions on your plot.
/plot info Returns information about your plot status (e.g. other trusted players)
/plot clear Completely resets the plot to its state directly after being claimed, clears everything built or mined.
/plot help More info on all available commands.
/plotme flag set time <ticks> Sets the time of day in your plot in ticks, and freezes the passage of time.
/plotme flag set weather <option> Sets or clears the weather condition in your plot.
/plot toggle time Freezes or unfreezes the passage of time (leave the plot and re-enter after doing this).
/plot toggle titles Toggles the display of plot coordinates and ownership when entering plots.
/plot music Brings up a GUI to choose music for your plot.