Race around the World

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Race around the world
Organizers The Events Team
Activities Exploration

The Race around the world was an event that took place throughout the month of May 2020.

The Event

Conceptualised by RY44, players started in a desert temple, approximately 15,000 blocks from spawn, and were encouraged to race to spawn, collecting things along the way.

At two hours in to the race, it became apparent that things were moving much slower than anticipated. So players were encouraged to stop collecting items, and head to spawn.

Spectators were able to watch from the CDNN YouTube account as well, Whilst William278 flew around watching the racers...

Youtube Icon.png Watch the Stream

The Announcement

📰 Dogcraft Events News

Hey @everyone - two pieces of news for you today!

Firstly, we present to you our new event.. Race around the World: Race around the world is a point to point race where players starting with no gear will compete for a grand prize while travelling through checkpoints and collecting a list of designated items along the way. The event will be taking place on Sunday 17th May at 2PM BST and is expected to last approximately 2 hours.

1st prize: 75k dcd

2nd prize: 50k dcd

3rd prize: 25k dcd

The Winners

1st Place receiving a grand prize of 75k were are Fraserxx8 and Mark98Scholten

2nd place receiving 50k dcd was C8pd2d01

3rd place receiving 25k dcd was dmgdog


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