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Welcome to the Dogcraft Wiki

We're dedicated to recording everything about ReNDoG's Dogcraft community and his official minecraft fan-server,!

We have 675 articles and 36,490 edits so far as well as 5,742 images and videos from the community.

Please join our goal of building a comprehensive source for information on all things Dogcraft!

Did you know…

  • ... that the Events Team have changed their name four times, being originally called the Cyberdog Celebrations Committee, then the Cyberdog Events Committee, Events Team before merging with the Build Team to become the Creative Team?
  • ... that the Dogcraft Server used to have Bedwars, Skywars, Parkour and Mob arena minigames?
  • ... that during periods where there was no server Dynmap, players took mapping into their own hands by creating the Great Survival Map (Survival 2) and later the Grand Map (Survival 3)?

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Featured Article

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Survival 5 was the fifth iteration of Survival Multiplayer worlds on the Dogcraft Server. It succeeded Survival 4 and brought with it the update to Minecraft 1.18: Caves & Cliffs: Part II. Launched on March 18, 2022, the season spanned four parallel worlds (an increase of two from the previous season) — Shepherd, Akita, Labrador and Corgi. A few months into the season, the server economy was reset and new systems were put in place for Dogcraft Dollars and Player Homes; a fifth Mall world launched alongside this.