Survival 4 End Openings

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Survival 4 End Openings
Survival 4
The first death of the Ender Dragon on the Husky world.
TypeEnd Opening
Date10th April 2020 (Husky)
19th April 2020 (Beagle), 2pm GMT (Husky)
7pm GMT (Beagle)
ActivitiesDragon Fight
OrganizersEvents Team
Attendance60-132 players
WorldSurvival 4

The Survival 4 End Openings were a series of events to commemorate the opening of the end dimensions of the two Survival 4 worlds; Husky and Beagle. The first opening, for the Husky end took, place on Friday the 10th April 2020, at 3pm BST. Both events were organised by the Events Committee. The husky opening was Hosted by 20.png William278, and filmed by 20.png OldManLP85, while the beagle launch was hosted by OldManLP85.

The Events


The event featured role-playing, led by William278 in which players had to gather three books, hidden around spawn, in order to unlock the end portal. Additionally, to make the fight more interesting players were only allowed to make use of special gear provided; a bow, arrows and leather chestplate. This helped extend the length of an otherwise short battle. Once players gathered all of the books and gave them to William, the portal was opened and players charged into battle.

Husky Opening Script

" I’d like to tell you a story. It was on a night, much like tonight, that three kids ventured forth, in search of something greater, something...pure… something…….unforgiving. It was said… that they somehow opened... a portal, and followed their hearts, but were never seen again.

We have summoned you here, to track down these kids, and bravely go where no one has gone before. But first… we need to open the portal. To do so, I need you to search the surrounding area for some “Ancient Tomes”, in order to “reopen” the portal.

I am looking for…

  • The Eye of Jeremiah
  • The Bow of Zion
  • And the Arrow of Purity

Once you have all these items, return to me, and we shall perform the ritual…

(It was here that the players all went off in search of the Ancient Tomes)

Well done, you have found all of the “Ancient Tomes”. Now stand back, as I perform the ritual!

Humma na humma na humma na

Hmm... It’s not working... I need you all to chant with me!

Humma na humma na humma na humma na


(Pull out eyes of Endor)

Ok, is everyone ready? Follow me.

(The Players then followed the host towards the portal)

We have arrived… once we go in, there is no turning back… I do not know what we will find, but we must survive it… Be on your guard, I sense there are terrible things afoot...

As we approach, I shall use this EYE OF ENDER to unlock the portal.

(Throw eye in)

Ok, on the count of three, everyone charge in…

1, 2, 3... "


The Beagle camp opening was held a little later in the day, than Camp Husky, this was to allow the people who missed out, due to time zones, to be able to participate. However this time, due to the newly imposed player cap, there was only a max of 60 players/moderators at the event.

Due to some (technical glitches) the event was delayed a little more, before 20.png SummerFlower1234 stepped in and hosted the event. After the speech was given, players ran off to find the end portal, hidden in the base of the “hot spring”, and jumped on in.

On the other side, they were met with many creatures, affectionately termed as “Scoob’s Battle Mobs”. These included:

  • Mega Sky Rat - Higher health, higher damage, giant
  • Mega Slime - Giant, higher damage, quickly overwhelms the underprepared
  • Battle Blaze - higher health
  • Silverfish Tank - higher damage, higher health, meant as a swarm mob
  • Battle Pigman - Knockback 10, totem of undying (0% drop), baby, higher health, annoying as hell
  • Annoying Vex - A vex, but higher health, meant solely to be a pest

There were many casualties.

Beagle Opening Script


Hear Ye hear Ye, Friends, campers, beagles… lend me your ears.

I come to bury the dragon, not to feed it.

The evil that Edna does, lives on everyday.

The good in us is oft interred with our diamond gear

So let us don our gold, and listen true,

For only the golden shovel will kill tonight. And,

If it be so, a grievous fault,

That the dragon does not fall tonight,

Let it be said, that we tried our best.

But on to the fight, with great abandon,

And mind you, your feet, don’t trip

There be beasts about with reckless abandon,

Lying, waiting, to protect their queen,

The dragon.

Now go, collect your gold, collect your prize… but remember…

O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts,

And men have lost their reason. Bear with me;

Whilst I prep the way, and together we shall Triumphant be.



  • The husky fight took 2 minutes and 34 seconds, from first Entering the End to the dragon being defeated
  • Before each event, the Dragon was pre-fought by a select group of staff and trusted players, prior to the event, so as to acquire the Dragon Egg and ward off theft.
  • At one point, the number of players attending the Husky fight was 132. 60 (the maximum capacity of the server) attended the Beagle opening.

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