Spawn (Survival 3)

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Spawn (Survival 3)
Spawn survival 3.jpg

Spawn as of Survival 3 opening

World Survival 3
Builder(s) 20.png Aeghu
20.png Brianetta
20.png darparniox
20.png marbou9
20.png Mrs_Diss
20.png Skelleton123
20.png Wildfirev
20.png _edo
Location X=0
Dimension Overworld

Spawn on the Survival 3 world was the point of origin for all players joining the world. Player spawn-point was inside of the Spawn Basin at x:0, z:0. From this block, the world extended 20 thousand blocks in each direction. Every player could teleport to spawn by using the /spawn command.

Location & Style

The start of the Survival 3 world coincided with the Minecraft 1.13 Aquatic update. Therefore the spawn location was in the middle of an ocean and the buildings at spawn were based on an aquatic theme.

Spawn was in an 'oval' shaped artificial basin that was drained from all water and opened the bottom of the ocean to the sky above. The spawn basin was surrounded by glass, curved walls that kept the surrounding ocean water at bay.

Features & Design

The spawn basin featured a central public square on which the Grand Map was placed. The SRN's prominent Grand Central Station was in the northeastern corner of the basin, from which rail tracks departed in all four cardinal directions. Adjacent were the Nether Transport Network hub and the server end portal. Also included were a large tower for a panoramic view and to use for elytra take off, a floating market where players could buy essentials and server farm cards, and also a phantom shelter with lots of beds. On water level, a continuous dock surrounded the edge of the spawn basin. From there, players could depart spawn in all directions with free boats offered by boat dispensers.

The spawn basin had many underwater roads departing in different directions.

Seasonal Decor

See also: Events

The Spawn Basin was often decorated by staff to mark the coming of new seasons or worldwide events.

Halloween (2018)

The first decoration of Spawn was for Halloween and was purely cosmetic. Several large pumpkins were built on the basin floor, cobwebs added, as well as large spider web above the main area.

Christmas (2018)

In December, Christmas decor was made, including a tree and sleigh in the air above the basin. This was the first instance of player heads with custom themed textures becoming available by trading with NPCs at spawn. In this case, all nine were Christmas themed and included Gingerbread Man, Rudolph, Mistletoe, Christmas Pine, two Santa variants - 'Santa' and 'Santa Claus', and three different coloured gift boxes. A hopper collection system was set up on the floor, where players could ask Santa for gifts, which were given out at the Christmas Event of 2018.

Valentines' (2019)

Valentine's day decor was put up in February. The custom head merchant villagers made a return, selling four Valentine's themed heads - Rose, Heart, Valentine Bear and Valentine Cake. A quickshop selling a Valentine's day banner was also present.

St. Patrick's (2019)

In March, St. Patrick's was signified by another round of decoration. In addition to the usual cosmetic additions, such as a green top hat on the elytra tower, 15 leprechauns were hidden around Spawn and stand handing out book and quills was placed on the floor. If players could locate and record all 15, they would be rewarded by receiving a leprechaun head.

Easter (2019)

Decorations for Easter and northern hemispherical Spring were made in April. Six new heads were made available from merchants - four different coloured Easter eggs, the Easter bunny, and a baby chick.

Meet the Events Team (2019)

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On Sunday the 2nd of June, a special head hunt was held in the Spawn Basin to introduce players to the new Events Team. Twelve armor stands were hidden around the area; four sets of three armor stands wearing the heads of each of the committee members; William278, RY44, Gummibear87 and OldmanLP85. Players had to identify the items each armor stand was holding and write this down in a book. If the player got the items correct, they would be awarded with an exclusive Rubik's Cube head.

Halloween (2019)

Survival 3 Spawn Halloween 2019.png

For Halloween in 2019, a creepy spider complete with webbing was added to the spawn basin, giving it a spooky makeover. The spider stood on the Grand Map while its web was slung between Grand Central Station and the elytra takeoff towers. In addition, for the Halloween season, special heads were made available for trade in exchange for creepy items.

Christmas (2019)

Christmas spawn basin 2019.jpg

This Christmas, our resident decorator enlisted the help of various build team members to transform the Elytra Tower into a Fantastic Christmas Tree. To go with the tree, there were decorations including a giant Santa hat, candy canes, and even some Nutcrackers, standing guard over the SRN tracks.

Again, the head merchant, pulled himself out of retirement to sell some more interesting heads, including a snowglobe, a snowman, and even the return of the Santa plushie.

Santa’s mailbox also made a return this year, allowing players to post their Christmas Wishes, in hopes that Mr Claus and his helpers, may leave them a present under the tree at this years Christmas event.

Building Activity

Regulations for building around Spawn were changed from Survival 2's plot system, to a less rigid version. It was set out that anyone could create one 25x25 (or equivalent size) claim around the Spawn Basin area, with no cost.

Spawn Build Challenge Banner, which any build wishing to enter the competition had to have displayed

To begin with, building activity at Spawn was modest, with a handful builds further out from the basin in the East and South being completed before the end of 2019. For the first five months of the year, virtually no outside building activity was present. In May 2019, SRN HQ was created near the basin North wall, and roads built in the Southern waters. Soon after, the Events Team HQ (20.png RY44) in June and Post Office (20.png _edo) and Map Art Gallery (20.png Cookies58_) in July were prominent and public buildings created in Spawn. Also in July, 20.png Domino_1, in accordance with the Events Team, organised a building competition at Spawn with the idea of encouraging a more 'town-like' feel to the area. The competition was reasonably successful and around 10 buildings were created for the competition. Through the rest of 2019, building activity remained at a steady level, with the Wiki HQ (20.png darparniox), Library (_edo, Domino1, and 20.png Mareel) , Staff HQ (20.png marbou9), Diorite building (20.png Mr_Quasi), and Banner Gallery (20.png expedtadam) appearing as prominent builds over the middle of the year. This was among various other builds and the construction of infrastructure improvements during this time. At the end of 2019, the SUP movement placed several unicorn statues around the spawn area.

By the closure of Survival 3 in March 2020, the completed buildings had progressed to a point at which Spawn could be considered a moderate unstructured settlement. The general public feeling was that it could have progressed further, but for the high barrier to entry that building in the water creates.