Battle of the Spawns

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Battle of the Spawns
Survival 4 Beagle
Battle of the Spawns.png

TypeBuild Battle
DateMay 2021
OrganizersEvents Team
WorldSurvival 4 (Beagle)

The Battle of the Spawns is a building competition taking place on both of the Survival 4 worlds on the Dogcraft Server throughout May 2021.

The Announcement

Cyberdogs and Cyberpups... Its time for a good 'ol fashioned show-down!!!

Long have the Huskinites said "Husky is Better than Beagle",

Where the Beagonians say "Beagle is the Only Way".

Well, now is the time to put our DCDs where your build skills are.

For the Month of May We want You to build at spawn... But lets make it a:

Battle of the Spawns

What does this mean?
Just that... We want everyone to claim their own 25x25 plot of land (max) and build something uniquely you... Show us something that depicts your build style, whether its the style of your base, or how you prefer to build.

Judging will occur in June, starting June 1, so get Building today


  • Every Build: will get a Spawn Banner, AND the dog head of their World (Beagle or Husky)
  • First Place: Will get 50k DCD and 3 Netherite Blocks (per world)
  • Second Place: will get 20k DCD and 2 Netherite Blocks (per world)
  • Third Place: will get 10k DCD and 1 Netherite Blocks (per world)

Yes, that means there is 80k DCD up for grabs, per world (Total 160,000 DCDs)

At the end, the judges will determine, Once and for all...

Which is the BEST WORLD, between Husky and Beagle


  • What if I already own a spawn plot?
    • All plots can be entered... Whether they are New or Old... Hang a banner at the front and let us see your builds
  • Can we join forces and build a joint plot?
    • Spawn rules still apply... You can only have a maximum of 25x25 area, per builder. That being said, you *may* build with a friend, IF you stick to spawn rules.
  • What are spawn rules?
    • You are allowed to build closer to each other in the immediate surroundings of Spawn (~500-1000 blocks). Claims may only be a maximum size of about 25x25. Do not build large pillars near Spawn that only exist to activate your elytra from. Do not build (mob)farms near Spawn.
  • Can I build at both spawns?
    • Yes, If you align your self as both a Huskonite, and a Beagonian, then of course... you can have a plot on each world.
  • Sounds great... How do I sign up?
    • Place a book, with your name, world, and coordinates to your build, in the Events Hopper. THEN grab a banner, and fly it high on your build.
  • What will the judges be looking for?
    • The builds will be judged on uniqueness, creativity, and functionality. That being said, not major redstone contraptions at your build please. The judges will also be looking for how you integrate with your environment, be that nature, or your neighbours. You could even turn your build into a mini-game, full of Role Playing exercises :D

The Winners


First Place: 20.png Snuginthesun found at -244 91 -708

Second Place: 20.png Minda905 found at -423 82 -305

Third Place: 20.png Qeais found at 8 71 -385


First Place: 20.png EddyTeach found at -119 77 -555

Second Place: 20.png ashapink found at 73 64 -512

Third Place: 20.png eybwam found at -530 66 -815


Feel free to add some pictures of the event as it unfolds!

Background Takeshi by Edo