Halloween 2020 Skin Competition

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Halloween Skin Competition
Survival 4
Halloween Skin Comp 1st Place.png
20.png Minda905's winning design for the competition
TypeSkin design competition
DateOctober 6th - October 30th, 2020
OrganizersEvents Team
WorldSurvival 4

"The time is here, to get your Spook on. This Halloween, we want You to give US a scare. Show us your most dastardly, spookiest, craziest skins you can design." 20.png OldManLP85, announcing the event

The Halloween 2020 Skin Competition was a skin design competition event held through October 2020 by the Events Team. It was announced on the 6th of October, 2020 and concluded when entries were closed on October 30th later that month; results were announced a few days later where 20.png Minda905 took the grand prize.


The competition was for the best designed skin by a member of the community. Skins had to be original works and players were encouraged to relate their designs to their existing skin. Entires were accepted via Discord and the Dogcraft.net twitter and were judged on "Originality, Comedic Reference, and [sic] Detail".


  • Grand prize: A Shulker Box filled with 1x Enchanted Golden Apple, 12x Ancient Debris, 3x Wither Skeleton Skulls, and Pumpkins
  • Second place prize: A Shulker Box filled with 1x Golden Apple, 8x Ancient Debris, 2x Wither Skeleton Skulls, and Pumpkin Pies
  • Third place prize: A Shulker Box filled with 1x Golden Apple, 4x Ancient Debris, 1x Wither Skeleton Skull and Pumpkin Seeds

All players who submitted a skin also received a commemorative halloween lantern head.


On the 3rd of November, four days after entries closed, the Events Team judged the winners and announced the results.

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