NTN Tower Build Contest 2021

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NTN Tower Build Contest 2021
Survival 4

WorldSurvival 4

NTN Tower Build Contest 2021 was a building competition that took place on both of the Survival 4 worlds on the Dogcraft Server throughout September 2021.

The Event

The Events Team and NTN officer 20.png TrainerMoon brought the challenge to players to create towers to accompany the NTN portals on the overworld side. The builds were required to be no bigger than 25x25 blocks wide, and 50 blocks tall. Building took place throughout the month of September and judging was done by 20.png OldManLP85, 20.png FangsofAmber, 20.png TrainerMoon, and special guest judge 20.png Renthedog.


  • 20.png Aiyn84 - Beagle 30k North
  • 20.png endorwitch - Beagle 30k North-West
  • 20.png eybwam - Beagle 15k North
  • 20.png Firelenze - Beagle 15k South
  • 20.png Garch - Beagle 15k North-East
  • 20.png mrkalaspuff - Beagle 30k South-East
  • 20.png Siena123 - Beagle 30k West
  • 20.png SummerFlower1234 , 20.png Minda905 , 20.png PerskyPuff - Beagle 30k North-East
  • 20.png _Shako - Husky 30k South
  • 20.png Dyl68_ - Husky 15k South-East
  • 20.png EddyTeach , 20.png Fuzzyfire33 - Husky 15k South
  • 20.png IhopEnchiladas - Husky 30k West
  • 20.png Le_Gambit - Husky 30k East
  • 20.png Mareel - Husky 15k North-East
  • 20.png StenLLuk - Husky 15k South-West
  • 20.png Wandering_Zebra - Husky 15k North-West
  • 20.png Ze_Tais - Husky 15k West



  • First Place: 20.png Mareel - 15k North-East
  • Second Place: 20.png Wandering_Zebra - 15k North-West
  • Third Place: 20.png Ze_Tais - 15k West


  • First Place: 20.png SummerFlower1234 , 20.png Minda905 , and 20.png PerskyPuff - 30k North-East
  • Second Place: 20.png Aiyn84 - 30k North
  • Third Place: 20.png Garch - 15k North-East

Ren's Choice

  • 20.png Aiyn84 - Beagle 30k North

Honorable Mention

  • 20.png eybwam - Beagle 15k North


Below are the Tower Build Contest entries.