Survival 3

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Survival 3
Sur3 Spawn.png

The Spawn Basin of Survival 3

Server World
Type 1.13 Survival Multiplayer World
Created 20th October, 2018
Defunct 31st March, 2020
Seed 2858598667901779492
Chat ID [Sur]

Survival 3 was the third major Survival Multiplayer world on the Dogcraft server, succeeding the Survival 2 world. It was released on the 20th of October, 2018 and updated the server to version 1.13: The Update Aquatic. Alongside the release of the new world, all previous survival worlds were discontinued as a result of the update process. After over a year and 5 months, Survival 3 was discontinued on the 31st of March, 2020, to make way for Survival 4. Alongside this came a total reset of claim blocks and Dogcraft Dollars.

Announcement and Update

After the release of the major Minecraft 1.13 update in July 2018, speculation about the update of the server the newer version had been rife in the community. Although no information from staff was given, the common thought was that the current Survival 2 would be updated to 1.13, as it was much younger than the Survival 1 server when it was succeeded.

On the 15th of October, it was announced that all worlds except for Creative would be deleted and that a new survival world would be created on the 20th. Balances would be reset, but not claimblock amounts or farm passes and no world download was provided. Soon after, it was announced that Spawn for this new world had already been built and preview shots were shared across the week.

The announcement sent the community into a spin of shock, confusion and grief. Several players lashed out to begin with, and moderators had a tough task to contain panic. The edge was taken off the hard reset by enabling the use of the mod world downloader on the server to create files of existing builds, and the seed was released.

Over the week leading to the update, players gradually adjusted to the news and began to create plans for the new world. Some players found they didn't have the appetite for the server after these events, but many continued on.

Early Issues

The downtime while the server was updated and worlds switched was short, only around three hours. An opening livestream by ReNDoG was conducted on the 21ˢᵗ and introduced new players to the server. The average player count rose dramatically to around 60, for weeks, detrimental to ticks-per-second rate and general server performance. The End dimension was accidentally left open on launch, and players managed to collect elytra before it was closed. Plugins had issues. Teleport points using /home were disabled for a time due to bugs. The payment plugin gave random positive or negative amounts of Dogcraft Dollars every hour and balances needed to be reset after the issues were fixed.

Several measures were taken to improve server playability. The End was given a border at 12,500 blocks in each direction in order to limit file size, and server render distance was dropped to four chunks among other less obvious changes. Gradually, player numbers stabilised and these limitations were able to be relaxed.


The Survival 3 world did hit maturity after some initial issues. Many large projects begun and server life returned to it's past state. A main hallmark of the Survival 3 world was the emergence of even larger, stronger, and more pronounced social groups on the server. This was amplified by the large overall growth of the community, due to ReNDoG's increasing fanbase and several 'base tour booms'.

On the 24th of September 2019, the server was updated to Minecraft version 1.14 after incurring a loss of data, causing a rollback. The new update brought welcomed new features, though unfortunately without a world border increase due to hardware limitations.

Major Locations


Main Article: Spawn (Survival 3)

The center of the world was the Spawn Basin, built in creative prior to the world launch and in the middle of a large ocean. The Basin was known for many things - a hub for utilities such as custom villager trading, the Grand Map, nether and end portal, as well as Grand Central Station, and seasonal decoration and mini-events. A collection of builds around the basin for neutral server projects and displays of artwork among some houses created what could be loosely called a settlement.

The Home Tree

Main Article: Home Tree

Overview of The Home Tree

Founded by 18.png Dutchsoccer and 18.png Mc_Lelouch in the first days of Survival 3, The Home Tree became one of the biggest and longest running projects across any Survival world. Based around an extremely large custom tree filled with farms, the build expanded to include player plots and the Aborist City. The Home Tree was one of the earliest featured base tours by ReNDoG in Survival 3, and its core group grew one of the biggest communities throughout the world.


Main Article: Chronia

The Isle of Chronia was a widely successful large scale building project with a public component. It was founded by many of the former member of Hydropolis and began on the first day of the world on a mushroom island. It is one of the most impressive builds of the world, featuring fantasy and nordic elements.


Main Article: Ouranos City

Founded in the latter part of 2018 by perennial mayor 18.png William278 and 18.png misterblue28, Ouranos sought to return to a more community focused city. The official opening day event ('Ouranos Day') took place during April and the city developed into one of the more successful plot based cities of Dogcraft.


Main Article: Ragecorp

Ragecorp went through several business iterations in the concrete business before becoming a building collective in the latter half of Survival 3. Led by 18.png Ragecage295 and 18.png Princess223, they completed several large projects from their base at Ragecorp Tower. During these processes, Ragecorp amassed a large and very influential community that has become one of the biggest in Dogcraft history.


Main Article: Erebus

Erebus' Main Island

Started by two players of the mid-Survival 3 player wave, 18.png dmgdog and 18.png TrainerMoon and later joined by another, 18.png TxpMC, Erebus was the biggest mover of the last months during Survival 3. The city was located in the end and construction began in December 2019 before an opening in February, developing an affinity for using video as a marketing tool and becoming one of the biggest cities on Survival 3 in the process.

Getting Around

Each player can use /home to set a personal teleport point. In addition, /rtp takes the player to a random set of coordinates. There are several ways to move to specific public places in the world.


  • /spawn - Takes you to Spawn (this changes between the overworld and Nether)
  • /warp mall - Takes you to the Mall
  • /endfarm - Takes you to the enderman farm (while in the end)
  • /pigfarm - Takes you to the pigman farm (while in the end)

Many other warps were available to lead to an event area.

Survival Railway Network

Main Article: Survival Railway Network (Survival 3)

The Survival Railway Network (SRN) is a community-operated public transportation network. It uses a network of railways interluded by stations, centered around Grand Central Station in Spawn in order to connect major locations.

Nether Transport Network

Main Article: Nether Transport Network

The Nether Transport Network (NTN) is the nether-based counterpart to the Survival Railway Network, which uses the mechanic of boats placed on packed ice to get around quickly. Just like the SRN, the NTN could be accessed from a variety of locations across the server.


An announcement was made on the 14ᵗʰ of March 2020 announcing that the physical server location was moving on the 1ˢᵗ of April. This move to a new server and location would bring many benefits to the community, but it also would bring the closure of the Survival 3 world along with a total reset of player data. Prior to the reset, the current Survival 3 world was updated to Minecraft 1.15 for the remaining couple of weeks, and the overworld world border was expanded. During this transition period, the use of the mod World Downloader was allowed for players to download their bases into a single player world. Many downloads can be found on the World Downloads/Survival 3 page.

Map of Survival 3

Like Survival 2, there was a need for a map of the world for organisation due to the lack of a dynmap as was present during Survival 1. Hence, players gathered to work on the Grand Map, which was finally completed in January 2020.

Locator.svg Spawn in Survival 3


Location of Spawn on the Grand Map of Survival 3.

(Co-ordinates - X: 0, Z: 0)