May Mayhem

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May Mayhem
Survival 4
May Mayhem Sword Duel.png
Players engaging in battle
TypePvP Tournament
Date24th May, 2020, 2PM UTC
Organizers20.png UnspeakableAl
20.png Doblocks
20.png ProTuberDC
Attendance19 participants
WorldSurvival 4

"Are you ready for the first PVP event of Survival 4?" 20.png William278, announcing the event

May Mayhem was a player-organised PvP tournament style event held on the 24th of May, 2020. The event was structured as an elimination tournament, in which players partook in a series of one versus one PvP games. Challengers were provided with a standard kit of equipment which they had to use in battle and were restricted from using any other items. May Mayhem was organised by 20.png UnspeakableAl, 20.png Doblocks and ProTuberDC (now known as 20.png Idk_Fam), with Events Team member William278 streaming and coordinating the event live.

The Event

The event was well received when announced, garnering a good number of registrants. In all, 21 players signed up for the event, with 19 showing up on the day. Battles were efficiently held and the fast pace of the event helped keep players interested throughout. For the event, a special area was built containing six arenas as well as a special sky island arena for the final set and third place "bronze" match. All games aside from the finals, which were a best of three, were single knockout.


An overhead shot showcasing the seven arenas
  • Iskallium Ravine - A rocky arena featuring a central ravine, the bottom of which was lined with lime glass to imitate Iskallium. If players were knocked or fell into the ravine, they automatically lost.
  • The Dojo - An arena replicating part of ReNDoG's Japanese-style "Tomato Yoshi-sensei" Dojo base from Hermitcraft Season 6.
  • Desert - An oval-shaped sandy arena featuring sandstone structures providing cover from arrow fire.
  • Airfield - A muddy, flat arena representing an airfield. The arena featured an airplane at one end.
  • End City - An arena replicating the base building of an end city. Chorus flowers littered the surroundings.
  • Forest - A forested arena featuring large coniferous trees and tall grass.
  • Sky Island - The final arena, only used for the finals and third place "bronze" match. It was comprised of a single floating island with a tree and pond.

Results & Prizes

Players celebrating the end of the event
  • 1st Place: 20.png legowar1508 - 50,000 DCD + Fully powered iron beacon
  • 2nd Place: 20.png Montenator - 20,000 DCD
  • 3rd Place: 20.png marbou9 - 10,000 DCD

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