Mall (Survival 5)

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Survival 5 Mall
Survival 5
Mall Spawn.png
WorldSurvival 5
Builder(s)Dogcraft Creative Team

The Mall is a staff created and sanctioned commercial district. They have been created in every Survival world on the server, including Survival 5. The Survival 5 Mall utilizes the Shop plugin to facilitate a marketplace for Minecraft items. The plugin allows for transactions using either Dogcraft Dollars, the server currency, or item bartering. More information on how to set up shops can be found here.


Like in previous survival worlds, a player run commercial district was established, with the main currency being diamonds, as during that time the server economy was being overhauled.

The Survival 5 Mall features open air plots with pre built shop fronts. The shops are placed along straight roads travelling all four cardinal directions starting from spawn. The 4 main roads are connected via perpendicular running roads about 240 blocks off spawn. All roads are colour coded to easify navigation.

On the 20th June 2022, it was announced that the Mall was now available, alongside the reinstation of DCD as the server currency. Like Survival 4, the Survival 5 Mall is on its very own world which is accessible via the command /mall. A total of 280 shops are available with each plot being 15x15 with no heightlimit. The spaces between shops feature four lakes with four distinct themes.