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"Hello, and welcome to your latest installment from the CDNN news desk!" 20.png OldManLP85

The CyberDog News Network (CDNN) is a video series uploaded to the Dogcraft YouTube Channel and is produced by members of the Dogcraft Events Team to update Cyberdogs on events, occurrences and the latest news on the Dogcraft Server.


The original series run began in January 2017, with the formation of the new Events Team. 20.png Abigai1 and 20.png Dreadnought led the production of episodes, which would detail upcoming events and recap on past ones. The format was that of a news show, with various hosts and panelists appearing in a studio built on the Creative world. This ran in monthly installments for six months until June 2017, after which no new episodes were produced, due to the extensive production times involved in making new episodes.

The series would be picked up again following the reforming of the team and in February 2020 the first new episode would air, presented by 20.png William278, 20.png OldManLP85 and 20.png RY44. Videos cover a wider range of topics and include player-organised events as well as other updates around the server, such as build team activities. A new studio was also built, this time on the Survival 3 world, underneath the events team HQ. Following the closure of the Survival 3 world, yet another new studio was built in the Survival 4 Camp Husky spawn area.

In October 2022, over a year after the last CDNN video, 20.png Txp_ announced the return of the so popular news broadcasts. Aiming to release a video at the end of each month with the latest news and updates from the server, and encouraging players to submit their own news topics. After the New Years 2022 show, a first pilot video was release covering the full show. Soon after one of the skyscrapers in Leon was made available for a new CDNN studio, making it the first studio of Survival 5

Other Vidoes

Alongside CDNN updates, the Dogcraft Events channel has featured a few other special features too, such as a trailer for the since-delayed Dogcraft Olympics, the final of Saturday Nitro Live, a tutorial on how to use the World Downloader mod to make world downloads when the Survival 3 world was closing and the usage of the mod was allowed as well as various live streams from the server, during live stream days. Finally, the channel hosted a "Thank you, marbou9!" video, known as "Project Bovine". The video was made by 20.png dmgdog in collaboration with the events team and members of the community to thank 20.png marbou9 for his service as a [HeadMod] when he retired.


Original Run (2017)

Episode # Episode Name Featuring Link
001 Ninja Saboteur Strikes Again! Video: 20.png GentlemanGnu
Voice Talent: 20.png MaddenChan, 20.png Abigai1, 20.png Renthedog
Wardrobe: 20.png Summerflower1234, 20.png MaddenChan, 20.png EllenNL
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002 Snow Day Celebrates RenSkall Video: 20.png GentlemanGnu
Voice Talent: 20.png Summerflower1234
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003 Exclusive Cyberdog Prizes at Snowday -
The Late Show with Wolfriek Osraige
Video Credit: 20.png Dreeadnaught
Voice Talent: Wolfriek Osraige, 20.png Abigai1,
Wardrobe: 20.png Abigai1, 20.png Warzone2053
Artwork by: 20.png glowlee
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004 CyberDogs to Play Snow Spleef on Video: 20.png GentlemanGnu
Players: Kiterou, The_Goldminer, 20.png ramokhan, 20.png Dubbzi
Camera: 20.png Mattigins, 20.png GentlemanGnu, 20.png Abigai1,
20.png SummerFlower1234, The_Goldminer
Voice Talent: Warzone, 20.png Abigai1, 20.png SummerFlower1234
Wardrobe: 20.png Abigai1
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005 Diorite Destroyed! (Snowday reCap)
-- The CDNN Morning Show
Video: 20.png Dreeadnaught
Wardrobe & Voice talent: AlexCat, 20.png Brianetta, ChaseVox,
20.png EllenNL, 20.png SummerFlower1234, Moustache, & 20.png JarrydG_ZA.
Artwork: 20.png Abigai1
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006 Cyberdog News: Festival of Flight ReCap Video Crew: 20.png Abigai1, 20.png Dreeadnought, 20.png Navi_Heylisten
Voice-over: Dr.Frankenklien, 20.png Abigai1
Editing: 20.png Abigai1
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007 CDNN Special Report PVP Event Cameras: 20.png Dreeadnought & 20.png Brianetta
Editing & Script: 20.png Stardog202 & 20.png Abigai1
Producer: 20.png Abigai1
Youtube Icon.png Watch
008 It's BEACHY: CDNN Morning News for June 10, 2017 News Team: 20.png Puph17, 20.png Darknobuddy, Commander_Wolf,
Official Samerott, 20.png Acesso, JamesDrew & ImperialAce
Cameras: 20.png Abigai1 & JamesDrew
Editing & Script: 20.png Abigai1
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OldMan and RY44 era (2020-22)

Episode # Episode Name Featuring Link
001 CDNN Update: Dogcraft Server News for February Hosts: 20.png William278, 20.png OldManLP85 & 20.png RY44
Guests: 20.png dmgdog & 20.png marbou9
Editor, Camera: 20.png William278
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002 CDNN Update: March News, Erebus Recap & A special
Hosts: 20.png William278, 20.png OldManLP85 & 20.png RY44
Editor, Camera: 20.png William278
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003 CDNN Update: Survival 4 World & New Camp "Beagle"
- April 2020
Hosts: 20.png William278, 20.png OldManLP85 & 20.png RY44
Guests: 20.png Summerflower1234, 20.png Dutchsoccer
Guest Voice-Over: 20.png DragonFire441
Editor, Camera: 20.png William278
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004 CDNN Update: May Events, Dogcraft Towns Update &
Emote Competition Results
Hosts: 20.png William278, 20.png OldManLP85 & 20.png RY44
Editor, Camera: 20.png William278
Town Submissions: Gaia, Lotus, Takeshi, Calafort Úr & Alina
Youtube Icon.png Watch
005 CDNN June Update: Recent events and shenanigans Hosts: 20.png OldmanLP85, 20.png William278 & 20.png Ry44
Script & Editing: OldmanLP85.
Filming: William278
Youtube Icon.png Watch
006 CDNN Update: July Events, News & Updates from
the Server!
Hosts: 20.png OldmanLP85, 20.png William278 & 20.png Ry44
Script: RY44
Filming & Editing: William278
Guest: 20.png L1GHTN1NG_STR1KE
Youtube Icon.png Watch
007 August 2020 CDNN Uplate Hosts: 20.png OldManLP85 & 20.png RY44
Script, Edit, Camera: OldManLP85
Guests: 20.png ElliotTheRedd, 20.png Montenator, 20.png StenLLuk, 20.png Marbou9, and many more
Youtube Icon.png Watch
008 CDNN Update October Events, News & Updates Hosts: 20.png OldManLP85 & 20.png RY44
Script, Edit, Camera: OldManLP85
Guests: 20.png Princess223, and many more
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009 CDNN Presents DC Court - Blue vs dmg Judge: 20.png Broga_, Plaintiff: 20.png Blueartistic813_ & Defendant: 20.png Dmgdog
Edit & Camera: 20.png OldManLP85
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010 March CDNN Update Hosts: 20.png OldManLP85 & 20.png RY44
Camera & Editing: OldManLP85
Guests: 20.png ThatRoger
Featured Tunnels: 20.png TheGoldenBudgie, 20.png Splittingadams, ThatRoger
Guest Voice-Over: 20.png Trainermoon, 20.png StenLLuk
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Current Run (2023-present)

Episode # Episode Name Featuring Link
01 January 2023 CDNN update Host, Camera & Editing: 20.png Txp_
Guests: 20.png L1GHTN1NG_STR1KE, 20.png Montenator, 20.png XPModder, and many more
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02 February 2023 CDNN update Host & Editing: 20.png Txp_
Camera: 20.png Montenator & Txp
Script: 20.png Ze_tais Montenator & Txp
Guests: 20.png TheWhiteTigerNL, 20.png Dutchsoccer, 20.png EtaThetaZeta, and many more
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