New Years 2020

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New Year's 2020
Survival 4
NYE2020 overhead.png
Overhead shot of NYE Area
ActivitiesFireworks, memento acquisitions
OrganizersThe Events Team led by 20.png OldManLP85 and 20.png RY44
WorldSurvival 4
Teleport/phome NYE2020

"This year, New Years Eve went off with a bang..." 20.png OldManLP85

New Year's 2020 was an event on the Dogcraft Server that took place on the 31st December 2020, at midnight, held a few times at different time zones, to mark the passage of the new year from 2020 to 2021. The event was accessible via the /phome NYE2020 warp.

The Event

Players were invited to join the events team at a predetermined location in the End Dimension on Husky. Here, they were spawned into a habitat fir for only the finest of astronauts… yes, that's right. In 2020, the new year's event was themed on SPACE.

Wondering through the habitat, players were amazed to find things like an O2 Cell Generator, Sleeping Quarters, and even some space bread and water. Once out of the habitat, there was an immersive landscape to behold, including a real life rocket ship (as real as minecraft can get) and the 2021 countdown timer.

On the stroke of midnight, players were invited to join the events voice channel on discord, and listen in, as the sky came to life, to a custom soundtrack, edited by 20.png OldManLP85 along with the fireworks display, synced to that same soundtrack. The actual rockets were created by 20.png RY44


  • Fireworks watching
  • Memento purchasing
    • Celebratory Cake
    • Armour stand Pose
    • Specialised Firework Rocket, and
    • Astronaut Plushy (designed by 20.png TrainerMoon)


  • There were three shows put on,
    • One for Australian Midnight,
    • One for UK Midnight, and
    • One for Texas Midnight.
  • There was also a sneaky 4th show for Hawaiian Midnight too.
  • The first show was live-streamed on the CDNN YouTube channel.

Youtube Icon.png Watch the VOD here!