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Heads can be gathered as a drop chance from mobs, or from purchase in the mall. All heads are part of a custom plugin written for Dogcraft by 20c3f5b6-fe4b-422b-b932-9c48462dd786?size=20.png Ironboundred, helped by c369c1dd-f285-43bb-b268-08a8c7876aa5?size=20.png marbou9. Mob Heads are often hunted down to build up a collection, but they're also often used decoratively in builds.

Mob Heads

The table below lists all heads that can drop from certain mobs, the rate at which they drop and a link to the source of the head on, which was used to generate the skins of the heads. Rates with a denoted * are subject to confirmation.

  • Drop chance is increased[Sur4 only] by using the Looting enchantment.
  • When multiple heads can drop from the same type of mob (e.g. pig), the plugin randomly chooses one of them.
  • Not listed in the table are the vanilla mob heads: Creeper, Ender Dragon, Skeleton, Wither Skeleton and Zombie.

Event Heads

The following table lists heads that were acquirable through events.

Survival 4 Heads

Image Head Event Method Link
c73637fefe5773e6eff419b3f996bcdd_XS.jpg Picnic Basket Race around the World Participating
917638fa45eaccf3685ebf382e83df95_XS.jpg Piggybank Mall Head Hunt Finding all of the easy difficulty heads
74324a40fec4ba55bd80654adadfb95e_XS.jpg Minecraft Earth Shop Mall Head Hunt Finding all of the hard difficulty heads
600eb6612b31632f6c618c9c012d873d_XS.jpg Beach Ball Summer 2020 Purchase
3eb4cce254660a6fc06c9159876ef2c2_XS.jpg Coconut Drink Summer 2020 Purchase
de2df791682f079f8397226a3ff38bc7_XS.jpg Seagull Summer 2020 Purchase
f4711162bce03e123dcf026b34e3f028_XS.jpg Surfer Van Summer 2020 Purchase
42942fdda1af62360b47cd91629c41ba_XS.jpg Park Ranger Car Summer 2020 Purchase
67494d9fb833f19a8b4d612ba6cf039d_XS.jpg Pile of Logs Summer 2020 Purchase
97ae9caf2362be0171b4e729ee70673d_XS.jpg Penguin Summer 2020 (this head to represent the Southern Hemisphere Winter) Purchase
28075211d6824084961c071e8b76c06b_XS.jpg Hot Chocolate Summer 2020 (this head to represent the Southern Hemisphere Winter) Purchase
d3787968271aadf66b69e2f7e02571e2_XS.jpg Globe 1.16 Nether Scavenger Hunt Participating
e0f193ed636366cb4590fae476317c97_XS.jpg Lantern 1.16 Nether Scavenger Hunt One of two possible heads awarded for participating
f2cd7a562018e0981c702fbf0ea555d6_XS.jpg Lantern 1.16 Nether Scavenger Hunt One of two possible heads awarded for participating
490bdf630577f90ce93a70506350b7ba_XS.jpg Discord Head 5 year Anniversary Trivia Quiz Participating
e9133bd2aef6c8c7e56ebf2cf4ced2ce_XS.jpg Rendog Plushie 5 year Anniversary Purchase
1bf5bffc89b20167a945aebdf5779d82_XS.jpg Halloween Lantern Halloween 2020 Participating in the Halloween Skin Competition
cba2911ca1c40028fa90545f6470ee1a_XS.jpg Owl Halloween 2020 Head Merchant
a959fbf86e3248196d588d780d2cd621_XS.jpg Tombstone Halloween 2020 Head Merchant
17be090eb7e98c7a69857e8778f027c0_XS.jpg Skull Halloween 2020 Head Merchant
615a1839b7b075c7cfb71ddcb7c9d985_XS.jpg Jack-o-Lantern Halloween 2020 Head Merchant
0c4cb5113fb88a4860e55fc6ac45b16d_XS.jpg Candle Halloween 2020 Head Merchant
99d1b096729a137d6f32292b6d1f499d_XS.jpg Cupcake Halloween 2020 Head Merchant
157164f65769e9564d305d270d537a63_XS.jpg Carved Pumpkin Halloween 2020 Head Merchant
27e7bd57eb75c30b31187bc1ee6beaed_XS.jpg Cauldron Halloween 2020 Head Merchant
069653a3727c153db454429b65bade56_XS.jpg Trick or Treat basket Halloween 2020 Completing event minigames
27e9bf7b47aaec6394c0630bcddcfacf_XS.jpg Grimdog Plushie Halloween 2020 Prize for winning the head hunt
d6a85ae2cd54d3fae9b2c73eb10e448f_XS.jpg Santa’s Bag Christmas 2020 Events Shop
249dd9632b4dec49c990291b6796e646_XS.jpg Plate of Cookies Christmas 2020 Events Shop
915d3fe943e59875c38e5403a37ec5ad_XS.jpg Frosty the Snowman Books Christmas 2020 Events Shop
0660dd1f96a298fd980fc45df90a93d8_XS.jpg Christmas Pine Christmas 2020 Events Shop
fa912fd2729d0adc2c3ec6ee6bf8873c_XS.jpg Mini Christmas Tree Christmas 2020 Events Shop
78a38d90a5f5af5857b8e93fa4dd5a84_XS.jpg Candle (White) Christmas 2020 Events Shop
1069e988a27095e057495fd08f516fc4_XS.jpg Holiday Ham Christmas 2020 Events Shop
5045d31d4bcce03d9de4f05976219417_XS.jpg Snowglobe Christmas 2020 Events Shop
1c50d52dbe9254e500a5390a4a3fecb7_XS.jpg Christmas Ball Ornament (Red) Christmas 2020 Events Shop
1a0ade594615258bb3adf62b1e1130bb_XS.jpg Christmas Ball Ornament (Green) Christmas 2020 Events Shop
abfb44e72d7b22e13ea4db3f569919cf_XS.jpg Christmas Ball Ornament (Purple) Christmas 2020 Events Shop
c5949b98a954ba20a6a6d17790280cde_XS.jpg Christmas Ball Ornament (Cyan) Christmas 2020 Events Shop
c895727ab81272b2fb428ae3f7b8ef8b_XS.jpg Present (Cyan) Christmas 2020 Events Shop
1408b8740e7e3d9005e41081f87024b3_XS.jpg Present (Purple) Christmas 2020 Events Shop
82cf2926d0c14d74406d04877fe8d6e8_XS.jpg Present (Green) Christmas 2020 Events Shop
9b1adb45b953b7472c99dec511652a8a_XS.jpg Present (Red) Christmas 2020 Events Shop
d032459107791f4c5102b958d316a7dd_XS.jpg Mouse Christmas 2020 Prize from winning the head hunt
e2bf3b11df0b872112757f1c2fee6e32_XS.jpg Cheese Christmas 2020 Prize for winning the head hunt
a30d529abe9a6c47a8a9457553e7cb7e_XS.jpg Nutcracker Christmas 2020 Prize for finishing the desk game
52949c51c8af277a3b4e3da5022d90ab_XS.jpg Astronaut Plushie New Years 2021 Events Shop
88655e67be4c9b67db1e1569bdaaa045_XS.jpg Books Wiki Reflections 2020 Participation
617cb9daf2768e1bb74fdcdabef9ee8a_XS.jpg Birdhouse (Magenta) Wiki Reflections 2020 Creating a base article
2d6379e7a889130dd221b0af679f4623_XS.jpg Diamond Block Sword Nitro: Season 3 Awarded to the first place getter
40179e71a3dd2fdecf90d0cbf283d569_XS.jpg Gold Block Sword Nitro: Season 3 Awarded to the second place getter
9b2acb91cb50caa859b674ce5d58c78f_XS.jpg Copper Block Sword Nitro: Season 3 Awarded to the third place getter
6cdd991305948c37d55c8b51621e71c9_XS.jpg Lapis Block Sword Nitro: Season 3 Participation in the tournament
fddd111afb0a60698bfa9eaf4c5b5c24_XS.jpg Netherite Block Sword Nitro: Season 3 Given to the referees of the tournament
Head emerald ring.png
Emerald Ring Valentines 2021 Purchase Custom design by 20.png TrainerMoon
Head emerald necklace.png
Emerald Necklace Valentines 2021 Purchase Custom design by 20.png TrainerMoon
Head emerald earrings.png
Emerald Earrings Valentines 2021 Purchase Custom design by 20.png TrainerMoon
Head emerald bracelet.png
Emerald Bracelet Valentines 2021 Purchase Custom design by 20.png TrainerMoon
Head diamond ring.png
Diamond Ring Valentines 2021 Purchase Custom design by 20.png TrainerMoon
Head diamond necklace.png
Diamond Necklace Valentines 2021 Purchase Custom design by 20.png TrainerMoon
Head diamond earrings.png
Diamond Earrings Valentines 2021 Purchase Custom design by 20.png TrainerMoon
Head diamond bracelet.png
Diamond Bracelet Valentines 2021 Purchase Custom design by 20.png TrainerMoon
23d3727d9865a225dd13b499b071165f_XS.jpg Bouquet Valentines 2021 Purchase
88d9a0cb55d81b8a3601ff79f8d5c68d_XS.jpg Hearts Valentines 2021 Purchase
d44069b6ec3bfa81a9e63a3daed08040_XS.jpg Chocolate Box (mixed, purple) Valentines 2021 Purchase
fe02a53f10b9af9b4d27d70c348734b3_XS.jpg Valentine Candle (pink, lit) Valentines 2021 Purchase
8d2556302372c06c1b54f9bffe89133d_XS.jpg Chocolate Box (pink) Valentines 2021 Purchase
4ad4d10a59dfc538497cea0ddff022eb_XS.jpg Chocolate Box (mixed, blue) Valentines 2021 Purchase
90e876a76a94573a56b8b36e679e7889_XS.jpg Rose Valentines 2021 Purchase
70eaec6b6ea455223877dc285c39a2d5_XS.jpg Valentine Basket Valentines 2021 Purchase
44d7a340b7159d93b433241271699cc4_XS.jpg Valentine Bear Valentines 2021 Purchase
d650523f2d1538ce60f7629616089cf2_XS.jpg Chocolate (blue) Valentines 2021 Purchase
a85f8e570c8282751b6ce269043ad1a6_XS.jpg Valentine Bear Valentines 2021 Participating in the armour stand hunt
912d0ac9fd0a60ca9fdd3c33fcfb0522_XS.jpg Valentine Villager Valentines 2021 Participating in the head hunt
cbeaab3d39a9d793b65e095221b1803c_XS.jpg Cactus Flower Bouquet Valentines 2021 Participating in the head hunt
8ad59cdaecb0d4dc14022e6be22c7dd4_XS.jpg Leprechaun St. Patrick's 2021 Participating in the festive Beagle mob fight
cccfbb275984cc9742ef0e1732a82181_XS.jpg Irish Hat St. Patrick's 2021 Participating in the festive Husky mob fight
a955a3de9afa2794fbaf8cc2473586cb_XS.jpg Easter Basket Easter 2021 Completing the hedge maze mini-game
d433202dd708ff711a72952d0a2b333a_XS.jpg Opened Chocolate Easter Egg Easter 2021 Completing the chocolate factory mini-game
d8ff5a78cb7243497ee4360cffab94e8_XS.jpg Easter Egg Surprise Easter 2021 Completing the Easter head hunt
7dac4002d2eaa02ebdb8a88d564f591d_XS.jpg The Tale of Peter Rabbit Easter 2021 Purchase
24d4406eeb115ed777a522a2c174e80f_XS.jpg Chicken Easter 2021 Purchase
9d84864c0c9cb6f1eaf543da3dcc8191_XS.jpg Easter Egg Easter 2021 Purchase
9b942c8b3b0e818f2b9f830bc8ebd648_XS.jpg Easter Egg Easter 2021 Purchase
08820e248bd3faee5142cb1429194ceb_XS.jpg Easter Lillies Easter 2021 Purchase
651cd4f26235cde93bbe0c8230f5dedb_XS.jpg Lantern 1 Year Anniversary Base Tours One of two possible heads awarded for having your base toured
fbd28b52a9184e0e1320815a0e0d6201_XS.jpg Lantern Mini Block Design competition, 1 Year Anniversary Base Tours Participating in the competition or, one of two possible heads awarded for having your base toured
8007e3e80cde5eb6f0002eeca569b382_XS.jpg Rainbow Car Pride Month 2021 Purchase
428ddc1c8e53816ec04be34f89637ea4_XS.jpg Rainbow Candle Pride Month 2021 Purchase
273386bcc09f631389c644f359b23e42_XS.jpg Rainbow Shulker Pride Month 2021 Purchase
75395202a3225621a8c5a688921fb283_XS.jpg Rainbow Paint Bucket Pride Month 2021 Purchase
Pride Ren Pride Month 2021 Purchase
f227ea44a84eccfcee2778f64126ab81_XS.jpg Pride Flag Pride Month 2021 Purchase
ebc7aa4edce5ed962fd7acc1e584d856_XS.jpg Rubik's Cube Pride Month 2021 Purchase
a87078beb37c37cc5be56301263879ef_XS.jpg Rainbow Cake Pride Month 2021 Purchase
1d74984588d9effd2a11e9255005a86c_XS.jpg Rainbow Cube Pride Month 2021 Purchase
f5ddf7bd97d01d87f4a7985398aea709_XS.jpg Urn Halloween 2021 Purchase
f8009d35ec66694fa538aba938683c9d_XS.jpg Frankenstein's Monster Halloween 2021 Purchase
292622165e02da58dae9b0058e6c4311_XS.jpg Colorful Skull Halloween 2021 Purchase
18325a37bf525b9d88d51a3441669c72_XS.jpg Crow Halloween 2021 Purchase
35f01e44953f9ac7172d0e70bfc76ec3_XS.jpg Vampire Halloween 2021 Purchase
31d056b7a668d052ce81de69c4a46262_XS.jpg Satanic Books Halloween 2021 Purchase
0572c7dd85155060712f181181dcf6fc_XS.jpg Golden Skull Halloween 2021 Completing the Boat Race Mountain
e93f2ec964e48dcad346491636450fb8_XS.jpg Gold Chest Halloween 2021 Completing the Boat Race Mountain
da3bded44ef947220afc82f2519ad3df_XS.jpg Pumpkin Note Halloween 2021 Completing the Music Game
7188e2c6d09aff93c43eea8cc4894fb7_XS.jpg Frog Plushie Halloween 2021 Completing the Music Game
23404e5732967a9543fc69ed85024d0b_XS.jpg Trick or Treat Basket Halloween 2021 Completing the Head Hunt

Survival 3 event heads (no longer aquireable)

Mall Heads

These heads are available for purchase from the Molemart building in the Mall for a minimum of 1000 Dogcraft Dollars. Many of these first passed through the Warm Gossip shop, and a selection can only be purchased there. The Holiday shop was introduced further into the world, with it's own collection of heads.

Blocks based on real life

Blocks based on minecraft blocks and items

Holiday Shop Blocks

Staff Heads

This section is about Staff Heads that can drop from the wolf mob on Dogcraft. The color of the wolf's collar affects what Staff Head might drop. Because the plugin uses the UUID system to drop heads, a different head will drop if a Staff Member changes their skin, resulting in many available heads on the server, in the past and in the future. For that reason they will not all be listed here individually. The droprate for all Staff Heads from wolves is 5%. Like with Mob Heads, if multiple heads could drop from the same mob type, the plugin picks one at random. The below table details what drops from what color of collar.

Miscellaneous Heads

NPC Heads

NPC Heads are no longer obtainable and are considered a legacy of the Survival 1 and Survival 2 worlds. For the duration of those worlds, NPCs were purchasable through the webshop. Available NPCs were those of the Hermits (250,000 DCD) and Headmods/Admins of Dogcraft (100,000 DCD). Players were able to place one of these anywhere in the world after purchase. Another available purchase was the Golden NPC (100,000 DCD), which allowed NPC owners to place up to 10 at the same time.

However, the plugin was considered to be very straining on the server, and when the plugin did not update to 1.13.2 in a timely manner, the decision to remove NPCs from Dogcraft was an easy one as a new world started. It must however be noted that, before Mojang updated their EULA several years ago, it was possible to purchase DCD for real life money, and as such some older players had spent real life money on NPCs. To compensate players that spent a lot of DCD on NPCs, the decision was made to grant one head of each purchased NPC to the players that owned them, and 10 of each purchased NPC to players that had also bought the Golden NPC. This is how the heads of former Headmods/Admins, as well as most Hermits, made their way into Survival 3 and the collections of the most avid head collectors. Of course, NPCs of popular Hermits like Iskall85 or Xisumavoid were more commonly purchased than heads of smaller Hermits like Biffa2002 or ZedaphPlays, causing a difference in value between individual heads. On average, NPC Heads are valued at roughly 100,000 to 200,000 DCD.

Event Prizes

As mentioned in Event Heads, there are some heads that were given out to players as prizes for events. However, as there's usually only 1 or 2 copies of those heads in existence, most head collectors don't bother with them. Examples of such head prizes are winners of Build Battles or (Saturday) Nitro Live.


  • Survival 1 and 2 featured some heads that were based on player names outside Dogcraft, sometimes unintentionally causing a change in the heads, such as the polar bear head getting a Christmas hat.
  • The largest collection of Mob Heads on Survival 3 was in hands of 20.png RY44, followed by the collection of c369c1dd-f285-43bb-b268-08a8c7876aa5?size=20.png marbou9 and 20.png Mr_Quasi, 20.png Cookies58_ in third place.
  • For Christmas 2018, Rendog hired an artist from to design five custom Christmas heads for Dogcraft. These were brought out with the Seasonal Merchant, and feature a red "RD" on the bottom. Two of these heads were available once more through the Seasonal Merchant for Christmas 2019.
  • Before the 1.14.4 update, Staff Heads were not as widespread as they are now. Only the heads of Headmods and Admins were available, at a 1% droprate from the Wither and Ender Dragon respectively. For only the first few days of Survival 3, the Wither dropped the head of former Headmod 20.png Ectobeast, who stepped down at the start of that world.
  • The Events HQ in Survival 3 Spawn was based off the Event Head given out to celebrate the formation of the new Events Team. If you look at the building and the head closely, you'll notice that the colors match exactly.
  • Hermitcraft Youtuber 20.png GoodTimeWithScar was not available as NPC on the webshop, because the plugin wasn't designed to handle names of that length.
  • The Illusioner, Zombie Horse and Killer Bunny mobs are all Minecraft mobs, but none of them can be found in Survival Mode. However, the plugin has been prepared with the appropriate head drops, should they ever make their way into the survival game. The Zombie Horse head was also a prize for completing the extremely difficult bonus level of the parkour in the Halloween Event 2019.

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