Survival 5 Anniversary Album Contest

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It's time for the Survival 5 Anniversary Album Contest!

On the weekend starting March 18th, Survival 5 celebrates it's first anniversary online!

To celebrate, we're putting together an album of the best photos you've taken over the past year from the Akita, Corgi, Labrador and Shepherd worlds!

The best submission will be added as a new website background—and we'll be featuring your submissions on our official Twitter account!

You can submit a maximum of 10 screenshots, which you can do using the upload box a little lower in the page.

Have more than 10 screenshots? Pick your best 10, and feel free to upload the rest of them to the wiki!

The contest ends on April 1st, 2023, at 23:59 UTC.

Competition FAQs

Survival Cog.svgCan I include images from older or other worlds?
For this contest, we're specifically building an album of the best photos from Survival 5—we ask that you only submit photos from Akita, Corgi, Labrador and Shepherd.
Features Cog.svgWhat format do the images need to be in?
Images should ideally have a resolution of 1920x1080 (16:9). Feel free to crop and resize the image after you've taken them! Please be sure to rename your images before uploading them (don't just leave them named with the timestamp, please!)
Rules Cog.svgCan I submit screenshots of someone else's build?
You can, yes—but all images submitted must be your own (you must have taken it). You can submit images you've already taken, too (though please don't upload duplicate files to the Wiki—choose an image you haven't uploaded yet!)
History Cog.svgCan I use shaders when taking my pictures?
Yes, please feel free! On the flipside, you don't have to use shaders to have a pretty image.
Guides Cog.svgHow do I upload the images?
Through the Wiki! Sign into your account and use the submission area below to upload a screenshot. It's important that you give screenshots you upload a descriptive name, and don't just leave it as a timestamp.

Submit Screenshots

Please submit your screenshots using the box below. You can only submit a maximum of 10; further screenshots will not be considered for the contest.
You can leave the description box as it is below; it will be auto-filled with your details and tagged as an entry into this contest.

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