Build Battles

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Build Battles
Survival 3
TypeRecurring competition
Datefrom February 2019
to December 2021
OrganizersBuild Team
WorldSurvival 3

"With the new year, we have some exciting new events happening!" 20.png SummerFlower1234, announcing the first event

Build Battles were a recurring competition held by the Build Team on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server. Further Build Battles were held on Survival 4. The battles saw players given one month to build in line with a theme and pairing twist.


Whilst the theme was known to all during the sign up phase, the twist would only be revealed to builders on the first day of the competition. Plots sizes were pre-determined and usually ranged from 16x16 to 30x30, depending on the theme/twist. Players were also given a shulker box on their plot to assist in resource gathering. This was their own to keep.

Judging was done after the final build date. And usually comprised of 5 players, a mix of Master Builders from the Build Team, and other players as deemed appropriate. As part of the judging process, the general public were allowed to vote as well. And the vote that received the most player votes received the “Players Choice” prize. Another favoured prize is that of the “Guest Judge”, which is often chosen by ReNDoG himself. The winner of this prize received the Rendog Banner and his (20.png Renthedog's) player head.


  1. Read all rules before signing up
  2. All competitors will be randomly drawn from the pool of applications
  3. Plot sizes are predetermined - You must not overhang the stone border
  4. Themes are randomly generated, builds not pertaining to the theme will be disqualified. Each theme may have its own specific twist or rule for the build.
  5. All collection of materials and building must take place, in survival, within the time allowed.
  6. Competitors must collect the materials themselves or buy them from the mall.
  7. Solo builds means SOLO builds… Only you can place blocks in your plot… There will be a chance for Team builds in future battles
  8. No offensive looking builds are allowed. The builder who makes an offensive build will be disqualified (and warned according to the server rules)
  9. Griefing a competitor's build will lead to disqualification (and a warning according to the server rules)
  10. One Shulker will be given to help with the collection of materials. This will be the competitors to keep. Please do not rename them.
  11. Points will be awarded for ingenuity, difficulty, and overall cohesiveness to the theme.
  12. Judges decisions are FINAL. Disputes against them could lead to a ban from future Build Battles.
  13. If you have a beacon to help you build, please have a way to turn it off when you are not building.
  14. Have Fun! Build Well!

List of Build Battles

Survival 4

December 2021

Theme: Holidays around the World

Warp: Survival 4 /phome Xmas2021


First: 20.png Luuna89

Second: 20.png Ze_Tais

Third: 20.png Minda905


First: Team Chaos Trio - 20.png strawberrysham & 20.png eybwam & 20.png zacattack2097

Second: Team SnowflakeSissies - 20.png GTVeni55 & 20.png RButterfly85

Third: Team CK - 20.png chriizsich & 20.png Kar204

Survival 3

February 2019

Theme: Valentines

Twist: No Red Colours

Warp: Survival 3 /warp valentines

First: 20.png gocleau

Second: 20.png Fri3dnstuff

Third: 20.png daftbarbecue

Rens Choice: 20.png H0pestart3r

May 2019

Theme: Storybook

Twist: Plots are circular and builds must look good from all angles

Warp: Survival 3 /warp storybook

First: 20.png 77sparx & 20.png R0bstar

Second: 20.png dutchsoccer & 20.png EtaThetaZeta

Third: 20.png dragonfire441 & 20.png nossi345

Rens Choice: 20.png mrs_Diss & 20.png leetzilla

Players Choice: 20.png dutchsoccer & 20.png EtaThetaZeta

August 2019

Theme: Nightmare

Twist: must include as many hostile mobs as possible

Warp: Survival 3 /warp nightmare

First: 20.png helgarakel

Second: 20.png ategon

Third:20.png Minefox_qt

Rens Choice: 20.png Pigeon_confirmed

Players Choice: 20.png helgarakel

December 2019

Theme: Candy

Twist: Builds must be IN a snowglobe

Warp: Survival 3 /warp candy

First: 20.png Mollusslime

Second: 20.png Tankkiler123

Third: 20.png Andalarew

Rens Choice: 20.png Andalarew

Players Choice: 20.png MollusSlime

March 2020

Theme: Elven

Twist: Skyblock

Warp: Survival 3 /warp battle

First: 20.png Snazzyk101

Second: 20.png Fangsofamber

Third: 20.png NanoGalactic

Rens Choice: 20.png Snazzyk101