Christmas Stream Day 2020

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Christmas Stream Day 2020
Survival 4

TypeStream Day
Date19th December 2020, 11am GMT - 7am (the next day)
ActivitiesBuilding Sikukuu, Viewing the Christmas Event.
OrganizersThe DCSC
Attendanceaverage viewers 20-50
WorldSurvival 4

Christmas Stream Day 2020 was a community streaming event on the Dogcraft Server that took place on 19th December 2020.


Once upon a time, there was a young TrainerMoon, whose desire was only that, of seeing the DCSC grow to its full potential. So, on the 9th of December, put it to the group that,

“Would anyone be interested in a stream day this month? I feel like Saturday the 19th could be a good day for one.”

To which there was an astounding YEAH!!!

So they went forth, gathering people, from across the server, willing to take part in this, what would soon to be called “The beginning of Sikukuu”.

ElliotTheRedd was the next to put his hand up, and then the streamers flowed in.

With the Events Team now helping out too, a schedule was setup, and there was 21hrs of back to back streaming:

11am - 1pm: JarrydG_ZA

1pm - 3pm: LazyNine

3pm - 5pm: Montenator

5pm - 7pm: blueartistic813_

7pm - 9pm: TheEquinox2

9pm - 11pm: Marbou9

11pm - 2am: ElliotTheRedd

2am - 5am: Dyonamik

5am - 7am: JerryTheGiant

*Times are in GMT*

Unfortunately there were some last minute dropouts from TrainerMoon and MattPlayzMC, but the event went on and was a huge success.

One of the major activities that most of the streamers participated in, was the creation of a little winter village called Sikukuu, which is Swahili for “Holiday”.

In preparation for the day, Elliot the Redd sourced an area on the point of a snowy tundra, and created a central area, surrounded by an ice path, ready for the streamers to come and add to.

During the event, the public were invited to come and visit using /phome Sikukuu, and watch the streamers build (and get up to a few shenanigans too).

All in all, it was a perfect stream day, showing the public what this little community is proud to call, home.


Christmas Stream 2020 Announcement .jpg

Background Takeshi by Edo