Meadows Station

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Meadows Station

View of the station and stairway leading up to it

World Survival 3
Network Survival Railway Network (Survival 3)
Line East Line
Location X=6128
Builder(s) 20.png William278
Opened 20th August, 2019
Station Stats
N° of Main Lines 2
N° of Branch Lines 0

Meadows Station was the fourth station of the East line of the Survival 3 SRN and followed on from Cool Cove Station. Meadows station was located in the center of a large plains biome surrounded by forests.


Meadows Station was very earthy in tone with lots of browns and greens. The build featured a roof-top garden with trees and vegetation. The main room contained the east rails and SRN Map and the balcony to the side contained the area map, NTN portal, and 2 locations for future Branch Lines.

East Line

Branch Line Connections

  • None

St. Patrick's Day Event

The last server event to be held on the Survival 3 world was St. Patrick's Golden Maze, built near the station by the Events Team. A rainbow glass path led to the event site a short walk from the station.

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