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For roles on the Dogcraft Discord server, see Dogcraft Discord § Roles

Ranks on the Dogcraft server are tags appended before usernames used to identify patreons of ReNDoG, staff members and other groups of players. Each has a different color for visibility. Ranks that make up the official staff team are: [EnderGod], [HeadMod], [Admin], [Mod] and [ChatMod]. Other ranks point to other significant server roles, such as donators (Patreons/[VIPs]), [Events] organizers and [Helper]s.


The [EnderGod] rank is blue. It is held by: Renthedog (ReNDoG), the server owner, and Renthecat, Ironboundred's alternate account used for testing purposes.

The EnderGod rank on the server.


The [HeadMod] rank is light green, representing Server Head Moderators.

The Headmod rank on the server.


The [Admin] rank is dark purple, representing Server Administrators.

The Admin rank on the server.


The [Mod] rank is dark red and stands for Moderator, representing Server Moderators.

The Mod rank on the server.


The [ChatMod] rank is light red, representing Chat Moderators.

The Chatmod rank on the server.


The [Events] rank is gold. It is held by members of the Cyberdog Events Committee, a branch of the staff team responsible for planning and organising public events for the server. In effect, though, only 18.png RY44 has this rank on display as the other events members have higher ranks.

The Events rank on the server.


Main article: Helper

The [Helper] tag is a mix of light blue with a light red tag name and is held by 3 people at a time who are appointed by the Server Head Moderators, based on staff suggestions, to assist players with server functions such as commands, linking and answering questions. However, helpers are not officially members of the Dogcraft staff team and do not have any additional powers or privileges. Helpers are only appointed for one month before 3 new people are appointed.

The Helper rank on the server.


The [VIP] rank is orange/yellow or gold in color. It is held by only a few people, who supported ReNDoG with donations before he used Patreon for this. The rank can not be acquired by others anymore.

The VIP rank on the server.


The [Pioneer] rank is light blue. It is held by a small group of people and was given out in two waves.

First Wave

The first wave of people to receive the rank were beta-testers for the server in the time the server was whitelisted and being tested, between the 28th of September to the 14th of November, 2015.

Second Wave

The second wave of people to receive the rank were given it on the 2nd of August, 2019, who were given the rank for assistance in testing the server update to Minecraft 1.14: Village & Pillage. Testing was done for this version as the server changed its setup to rely on a different proxy service. Players involved in this 1.14 testing in their capacity of Staff Members were not granted the Pioneer rank.

The Pioneer rank on the server.

Patreon Ranks

Several Patreons ranks can be obtained - [IronPatreon], [GoldPatreon], [EmeraldPatreon], and [DiamondPatreon]. They are held by those who actively support ReNDoG through donations on his Patreon page. The level of Patreon support is mirrored in by a players server rank.

Former Ranks


The [Staff] rank was first created after former head moderator j0n_r4ng resigned from his position. For a while he was the only one to hold the rank, until all non-server staff (who were discord moderators, discord admins, and the patreon headmod, since at that time, a website staffteam was almost nonexistent) and former headmods were granted it in late 2018. The rank was later disolved entierly with the separation of the server and discord teams in late December 2019. The [Staff] rank was light blue, and was not a moderatorial role on the server.

The Staff rank on the server.


Prior to Survival 4, all Patreons were represented by the [Patreon] rank, regardless of their Patreon level.

The old Patreon rank on the server.

Swedish Potato

The [Swedish Potato] rank is held exclusively by fellow Hermitcraft YouTuber and streamer, Iskall85. The rank was confirmed to exist by Administrator [18.png SummerFlower1234 ], though few players can recall actually seeing it as Iskall last logged onto the server for mini-games a long time ago. According to SummerFlower, the rank tag is light blue like the [Staff] and [Pioneer] tags and simply says "Swedish Potato". The rank is likely purely cosmetic. As of Survival 4, moderator tools have found that this rank no longer exists.

The Swedish Potato rank, recreated on the server.