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Hi all,

We're currently facing some security issues on the Dogcraft Discord concerning a targeted spam attack. Discord invites have been paused, and Direct Messages among server members who are not friends have been disabled for the next two hours.


EDIT - 21:45 BST, May 6 - Due to persisting spam, we have extended security actions
EDIT II - 17:05 BST, May 7 - We have enabled security actions indefinitely for the time being
EDIT III - 15:30 BST, May 9 - Security actions have ended, but we have raised the security level of this Discord to require a verified mobile number.
3 weeks ago
@Dogcraft 🎥

✨ Whats been going on this month on the server?!?! There's only one way to find out: ✨

This ring-a-ding-ping was brought to you by the CDNN repelling hostile takeovers since 2024
4 weeks ago
Hey folks,

We've noticed recently an uptick in hacked accounts on this Discord - so just a reminder:
  • Don't click on dodgy links or download suspicious attachments you get in DMs
  • Please report instances of spam like this to Discord Mods so we can take care of it quickly :-)
Thank you!
1 month ago
@Dogcraft Cyberdogs, you have mail.

Come one, come all to the Post Office at Sheltie spawn and get your mailbox.

To get a mailbox, right-click a sign to add your name and use wax to seal it. Use a golden hoe to lock the bottom barrel.

What a wonderful way to give friends presents, receive event prizes and much more!

Summer is delighted that she can FINALLY give out junk mail.

This ring-a-ding-ping is brought to you by Postman Pat and his black and white cat. 📬
1 month ago

Cyberdogs, it’s time to get your building materials, shopping shulkers and DCD ready. The mall is now open for business!

This mall is made in a very familiar theme with money, houses, hotels and Dogcraft! Wait? What?
Here you will find walls of money, the old west, and many modes of transportation!

This season’s mall was made by the DCT (Dogcraft Creative Team). There are:

128 Plots
17x17 plot size
8 Color districts

This season we bring you something new to the mall as well. Presenting the Community Chest
A special mall plot all ready for you to sell your goods. This mall plot will be shared by others. You may only have a max of 2 different items for sale. If you decide to use the Community Chest, you may not have a separate mall plot.

This Ring-a-Ding-Ping has been brought to you by The Dogcraft Bank: Let us hold your DCD so you don’t spend it all! 💸
1 month ago
Hey all,

Just a reminder to everyone that the Hermitcraft charity live stream with Gamer's Reach is live this evening! ❤️

Links to the channels are on, and schedule is attached below!

Thank you!!!
1 month ago
Hey folks!

This weekend on Saturday, April 6, 2024 at 8:00 PM the CDNN will be holding a public town hall forum for the Server HeadMods. This is a great opportunity for everyone to get to know the HMs and ask important questions about how the server is run. The town hall will be open to attend in person, and we're collecting questions that will be put forward to them.

If you'd like to submit a question, rename an item or a book and throw it into the hopper station right outside of the CDNN Headquarters at Retriever Spawn (accessible at /phome William278.CDNN_HQ). If you have any other questions, get in touch with @narsmedia who is organizing this 🙂
1 month ago

Easter is here! 🐇 #

Join us as we celebrate Easter and solve the mystery that's been keeping the town busy!

Hop on over to /warp Easter2024 to find out!

What can you expect?
🥚 Unravel the story of the missing bunny
🥚 Take part in the Festive Scavenger Hunt
🥚 Keep your eyes peeled for secrets 👀
🥚 Take a photo with the bunny statues and share your best picture in #pics2show

Don't miss out on all the Easter fun, be there!
1 month ago
Hey Cyberdogs!

You can now add Dogcraft as a "favorite server" on FindMCServerList starting today! :-) This helps us get shown on the list, gives you notifications about upcoming events on the site, and will bring forth other benefits in the future!

You can add us as a favorite here: (sign in with your Microsoft account and click the heart!)

Thanks! ❤️
2 months ago
Hey @Dogcraft

Coming to you live* from the Cyberdog server, please put your hands together for the CDNN!

** The CDNN is recorded infront of a live studio audience of producers
2 months ago
Hey @Dogcraft!

Thank you to everyone who applied for a staff position! We're super happy to announce 8 new appointments have been made between our Discord and Server staff teams, including 5 new members of staff to our team overall!

New Server ChatMods:

  • EpicTom21
  • Maddy_monster
  • Cosmic_Moonl1ight
  • Solarstarkat
## New Discord Mods:
  • saltyishere
  • 1998Laura
  • Owen
  • Montenator
If you applied for staff, thank you! Even if you didn't get accepted for a role, there'll be other opportunities in the future to look forward to. Regardless, we really appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for wanting to make our community an even more welcome place for Cyberdogs.
2 months ago
Hey all,

We would like to let you know of two additions to our list of Allowed Mods on the Dogcraft server that Ren and Iron have approved for use on Dogcraft:

You can now use these mods on the Dogcraft Server.

Details can be found on our Mods Policy page. Remember, you can only use mods listed on this page:

Thanks to everyone who sent in feedback / suggestions.
2 months ago
Hey all,

We have introduced #rendog-feed as the new place to receive notifications for live streams and (NEW) video uploads from Ren! We noticed the Live Stream notification system stopped working recently (whoops, sorry about that!) -- but we've taken the opportunity to improve our system.

* This replaces the existing stream notifications here in #announcements. *

You can now manage your notification preferences (whether you'd like to be pinged for videos and/or live-streams) in <id:customize>.

P.S. - Did you know Ren now has a VODs channel? Check it out:
2 months ago
Calling all builders

Its time for a build competition!

Thats right! The Sheltie East SRN and the DCT are bringing you a statue build competition!
Whether you're a seasoned builder or new to the craft, this is the perfect opportunity to express your creativity!

Next to the future third East SRN Station on Sheltie we have created some plots in a beautiful, icy cold, untouched landscape, that are just waiting to be filled with life! Your task is to build a statue of an animal of your own choice!

There are only a limited amount of plots so be sure to register today!

Important Dates
🔺Sign up: February 24th to March 2nd
🔺Building: March 4th to March 16th
🔺Judging: Starts March 17th

Build Requirements
🔺Type: Statue
🔺Theme: Animals
🔺Plot size: 16 x 16
🔺Max height: 30 blocks
🔺Do NOT place any light sources that melt ice or snow on the ground
🔺No teams or groups! Solo builds only!

Sign Up
Head to the sign-up form and enter your details!

🔺 1st place: Your own playerhead and 64 shulker shells
🔺 2nd place: 1 beacon with base
🔺 3rd place: 32 shulker shells
🔺 All participants will receive a event themed banner!

This ring-a-ding-ping was provided to you by the Roman Empire: we simply love our statues

Discord Event | FindMCServer

3 months ago
Hey @Dogcraft ,

🎉🎉The CDNN is back for another month!!🎉🎉
The CDNN has been hard at work covering all the awesome stuff that has happened over the last couple months.

From base tours to mysteries this is a jam packed episode of fun! 🧐 🎆 🏦

✨Enjoy! ✨

This ring-a-ding-ping was brought to you by the presenters! We're so glad they have clean clothes again!
3 months ago
Hey @Dogcraft,

Today we're opening up applications for new Staff Members on both the Discord and Minecraft server. You can apply for one, or both of the following roles:

  • Discord Mod - on the Discord Server. You'll work to keep conversations on our Discord safe and fun for all members of the community.
  • Server ChatMod - on the Dogcraft Server. You'll work in-game to help players find their feet on the server, ensuring chat is kept clean and happy, with a route to progressing on to become a full Moderator.
Volunteering as a staff member is a great way to gain some great hands-on experience working in a team. You'll pick up valuable communication and team-working skills working with an awesome group of players. You must be 18 years or older to apply for both Discord Mod or Server ChatMod, and we ask that staff members are active participants in our community, motivated and committed to making sure every player they interact with logs out for the day with a smile on their face!

What about the application round in October 2023? - Due to all the changes that were brought about by the end of Survival 5 and start of Survival 6, we unfortunately were unable to proceed with our planned hiring round due to the delay of the season launch. We apologise for this, and hope you understand the circumstances. If you applied previously and are still interested, you should apply again using this form.

🔨 Applications Form:

EDIT MARCH 9TH: Applications are now closed! Thank you.
3 months ago
[Community Event News]
Hey Cyberdogs, the RHN (Road and Horse Network) is hosting an event called RHN Race Across Spawn!

This event is a race across Retriever Spawn, where you find certain letters or word scattered across the beltway around Retriever’s Spawn on 4 different spots! Well technically 3, since you will get to know the first letters/word at the start of the race. It is happening on Saturday, March 2, 2024 at 5:00 PM.

How it works:

You will be given a book and quill and in said book and quill you will write down the letters/words that you find across the beltway, then the solution of what the letters/words combine to and then what time it took for you do a full circle around spawn + the time it took to solve the solution.

Prize pool:

1st place will get 500 dcd and a saddle. 2nd place will get 300 dcd and a saddle. 3rd place will get 100 dcd and a saddle. For those did not make top 3, will get some cookies for trying out the event. (Prize pool might change)

If you would like to enter the race, then please enter your MC username in this form and if you need a horse or not for the event.

Sign-up | Discord Event | FindMCServer

3 months ago
@Dogcraft Hey Cyberdogs!

💟 Valentine’s day may have come and gone irl. But not here in Dogcraft!
Grab your special someone and take a stroll through a romantic park.

Take a boat ride around dancing swans. 🦢
Find yourself in the love filled gardens. 🪻
Make sure to stop by the market to grab some yummy treats. 🍭
Stop by the photo booth to capture your special memories. 📷

And of course there are mini games to have fun and grab a prize! 💜
Go to streamtown and use /warp vday24 to get there!

This ring-a-ding-ping was brought to you by Dogcraft Jewellers: Diamonds are forever, but Netherite is for slightly longer!
3 months ago
Hey Cyberdogs!
Missed the Lunar New Year fireworks? Don't worry the CDNN is here! We sent XPModder and the CDNN helicopter to cover the display! We'd like to thank eybwam and TigerNL for all their hard work. Well done!

"A sensation" - The Hermiton Herald

"Best display since Leon 2023" - Independent

"Baby you're a firework" - Katy Perry

This Ring-a-ding-ping was brought to you by the CDNN - our helicopter is covered in soot!
3 months ago
💮 Happy Lunar New Year! 💮

@Dogcraft Continue the Weekend Fun 'cause eybwam and Tiger have a surprise in store for you!

🐉 Join us as we welcome the year of the dragon with a spectacular fireworks show this Sunday evening, with the first show at February 11, 2024 at 4:00 PM and a second show at February 11, 2024 at 10:00 PM! Bring your friends to enjoy a display of color and lights.

🎊 Don't miss this unforgettable event that promises to be a night to remember.

See you there! Event link ->
3 months ago
BackgroundTakeshi by Edo