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Let me take you on a journey… but this time on sur 5 😛
You are sailing through the NTN, and you come across one of the many hubs. You see a portal, you go through it, whats on the other side? Nothing!!
Well, the NTN needs YOU to help fix that! – a tower build needs to be constructed at each overworld site!!

Build requirements
A tower build to house the overworld mini - hub portals.
Maximum Area: 25 x 25
Height: Minimum 50 blocks.

Sign Up
Head to the Google Form and enter your details.

Prizes (per world)
🔺 All participants will get a event themed banner!
🔺 1st Prize: Will get a event themed head, 10000 dcd, 4 stacks of gold blocks AND 4 netherite ingots
🔺 2nd Prize: Will get 7500 dcd, 3 stacks of gold blocks AND 3 netherite ingots
🔺 3rd Prize: Will get 5000 dcd, 2 stacks of gold blocks AND 2 netherite ingots

Event dates
🔺 28th May – 3rd June: Sign-up!
🔺 10th June – 8th July: Portals allocated and building starts!
🔺 8th July: Judging Commence

Can I join forces with a friend?

How will I know where to build?
An NTN world manager will contact you telling you where to build.

Remember entry deadline is 3rd June so be quick if you want to take part!
this ring-a-ding-ping was brought to you by netherrack, once you mine the rack there’s no going back! Just ask MrK 👀

Photo: Aiyn84's Dark Corrupted Tower, Ren's choice during the previous tower competition
@TheWhiteTiger🌷🦄🐯#37243 days ago
things are now done enjoy @Dogcraft
@Iron#69131 week ago
@Dogcraft its time for something that shall not be named 😉 , but no one say what or else 😛 :1hour:
@Iron#69131 week ago
Hey folks, just a quick one -- there's now a /mail command on the server, making its return for the first time since early Survival 3. This is great for getting in touch with players who aren't online.

• To send a mail, use /mail send (player) (message). Note the user needs to have logged in since this update for it to work!
• You can check your mailbox for unread messages using /mail.
• You can see what you've sent, and if they've been read yet using /mail outbox.
• And you can see all your received mail using /mail list.

ℹ️ More details on the wiki: -- and remember, chat rules apply to mail, too!

That's all! Happy mailing. 📬
@William#52042 weeks ago
After a long wait it's today that we share with you all... the results of the Easter 2023 Build battle!

First of all, I would like to thank the following people for being a judge!
You've put so much care into judging all of the builds which I think is the most difficult task a person can have
- Triccy7
- Beouwolfe
- PerskyPuff
- Ze_tais
- Nomiium
and last but not least.. Rendog himself

Now we get to the fun stuff.. a big congratulations to the following people!
You can collect your prizes at the DCT building on Shepherd

General vote
1st... Mr.Manatee (plot 8)
Prize: Special event themed head & Easter 2023 winner banner

2nd... Elasmotherium (plot 10)
Prize: Special event themed head & Easter 2023 winner banner

3rd... SarahPanthera100 (plot 5)
Prize: Special event themed head & Easter 2023 winner banner

:renface: Ren's choice
Juscorps & GroundSniper10 (plot 11)
Prize: Ren's head & Easter 2023 winner banner

🐰 Ren's best bunny award
Mr.Manatee (plot 8)
Prize: Something very very shiny 👀

Brought to you by, the @Creative Team
@TheWhiteTiger🌷🦄🐯#37243 weeks ago
:wikiplug: Hey everybody, it's time for this month's featured wiki article

May's Featured Article
🪐 This months featured wiki article is Hydropolis

This gem of Survival 2 is unfortunately marred by its opening being so close to the worlds closure, but that takes nothing away from it's fantastic sci-fi city architecture.

📕 Read more:
@William#52044 weeks ago
@Dogcraft The Cyberdog News Network is back after 2 months with a jam-packed episode!

🍿 Grab your snacks because in this 28 minute (!) long episode we will bring you up to speed on everything that happened over the past months on

This time, it also features a special interview with TrainerMoon and CollieColie from the NTN, as well as updates from the SRN and CRN!

Do you have something exciting to share for next time? Be sure to head to the description of the video to learn more, for now, enjoy the video!

🎞️ Watch the CDNN March & April update here:
Also follow us on Twitter for the latest updates:

This message was brought to you by You! Because without all of you, the CDNN wouldn’t exist, so thank you!
@Txp#39494 weeks ago
Upcoming Community Event:
🚂 @Dogcraft The Corgi East region will have 2 stations opening this weekend! Threebridge Station built by @Xambaka#1617 and Puppy Park station built by @H_Di_Chemici#2633.

A big thank you to all the people who helped me building the line connecting the two stations and Templar. Without these people it would have taken me many more hours and would probably not be done today.
• @Hungry_Wolf

This isn't all for the networks on corgi because the RHN will be opening it's first 3 shelters and a road connecting the three as well. This road built by @Orphelia4, @Xambaka#1617 and @H_Di_Chemici#2633 connects: Threebridge, Site 0 Port and Puppy Park.

The 2 stations and 3 shelters will be opened at <t:1682186400:F> with a ride from Templar → Puppy Park → Threebridge Union Station → RHN Shelter Hillburg → RHN Shelter Threebridge → Puppy Park Shelter. This will take place in the #Colonel🤟 voice chat in the main discord. In-game we will meet at Templar Station on Corgi.

But wait—there's more! The Ice Boat Track at Puppy Park is done as well 🥳 . There will be a tournament organised right after the opening.

This tournament will take place at <t:1682190000:F> and has a maximum capacity of 32 players participating. To participate at this tournament place your name in the lectern at the Phome: /phome Puppy Park: Ice Boat Track. Every single race 8 people will take 5 laps around the track, the fastest 4 will go to the next round. This will continue until the finale were the first 3 people will receive prizes. Participating players will receive a banner.

Practicing is allowed and advised if you want to win. See you there or be a square!

@William#52041 month ago
@Dogcraft :husky: :husky: :husky: :husky: :husky: :husky: :husky:
@Iron#69131 month ago
@Dogcraft 🤔 🤔 🤔
@Iron#69131 month ago
Good morning, noon or night @everyone.

Going live today are a number of changes to our server. These are:

1) The reorganisation of channels and categories
2) The addition of links to community discords
3) The creation of a new Dogcraft category.

Some channels have moved categories and #modded-minecraft has been archived for now due to lack of use.

The new Dogcraft category will contain the Minecraft server specific channels and will be gated behind the Dogcraft role. If you want to see the category, you’ll need to give yourself the roll in our role menu.

Most significantly, we have created a new channel. #community-discords. This is for the promotion of Dogcraft server related discords. Links will be posted by staff and any discord wanting such a link must complete the form, where all of the requirements can be found. It is important to note that this does not mean our rules around links are changing. Links are permitted only in that channel and the rules remain the same elsewhere.

Additionally, we have created the #community-projects channel as a means to discuss ongoing community projects in the main discord server.

If you have any questions about these changes, please ask a Discord Mod or a Discord Head Mod.

The Discord Head Moderators
@googly2002#45831 month ago
🐤 Happy Easter @Dogcraft! 🐣

The Easter Bunny 🐇 has been hard at work these past few weeks, stop by the burrow and see what's hopping. 🐰

The burrow is connected to both the Labrador NTN South (0, 100, 438) and CRN South Line (starting at -91, 105, 1931), With a line opening at <t:1680976800:f> starting from the CRN HQ (/phome CRN HQ) in the Colonel vc. 🛤️ (the burrow is approx. at -66, 72, 3447)

Be sure to do the Egg Hunt 🥚, try the Parkour, play the Minigame 🥕, fly the Elytra Course, visit the Build Battle, and maybe find a few extra Easter Eggs along the way.

Speaking of Easter Eggs, there's a good selection of eggs and mini-blocks for sale in the mall at the Event Building.

This ring a ding ping is brought to you by: Egg Shell Station, we had to crack more than a few to get this far.
@EtaThetaZeta#86711 month ago
:wikiplug: Hey everybody, it's time for this month's featured wiki article! We haven't forgotten to do one for the past 2 months, what are you talking about?

April's Featured Article
🌌 Allow me to introduce you to Site 0 - Operation End (pictured!)—Orphelia4's Survival 5 base on Corgi6, telling an unfortunate story of mysterious dimensions...

🏆 This page won Best Base Article at this year's Reflections event, give it a read!

📕 Read more:
@domino#33551 month ago
Upcoming Community Event:
In celebration of the Survival 3 world being re-released on the server for a limited time, the SRN Team want to invite YOU on a nostalgic tour of the Survival Railway Network on Survival 3 (! We will take a tour around many main line and branch line stations, and will be joined by some of the builders too!

If you want to attend, meet at the Spawn Basin ( in the throwback world on the Dogcraft server on <t:1680717600:F>! (A reminder that the throwback world can be accessed using the /server throwback command).

Hope to see you all there! 🚂

@William#52041 month ago
@Dogcraft could it be? /server throwback
@Iron#69132 months ago
@Dogcraft The Lobby of old has decided to go back to sleep for now, Maybe something else will wake up from deep sleep....
@Iron#69132 months ago
@Dogcraft Hey Cyberdogs!

This Saturday, the 25th of March, look forward to The Connected Seas Colation's Port Openings and Award Ceremony taking place all across Dogcraft!

Openings on:
• Shepherd (Bedford Port, Port Expo-Arkparis, Prism Castle Port, SRN Kirwick Port) at 09:00 UTC
• Labrador (Coral Sand Heights, Coruscant Space Port, Creeperville Port, Dry River Port, Labrador Spawn Port) at 12:00 UTC
• Corgi (Eventide, Marsh Mechanics Harbor, Qo'Nos, SIte 0 Port, Templar) at 15:00 UTC
• Akita (Port of Peninsula Bay, Port of Pillager Puff) at 18:00 UTC

After that is the Awards Ceremony hosted by L1GHTN1NG_STR1KE & Montenator, featuring judges AwesomTom21, eybwam, FangsOfAmber, _Shako and TheWhiteTigerNL, taking place at 21:00 UTC. Players are to meet at Flowercliffe Port for the Awards Ceremony (reachable by boat from Akita South Station). The event will be broadcast live on the CDNN.

Come join us here on Discord, or watch the live coverage by the CDNN! See you then!
@Princess223#05812 months ago
@William#52042 months ago
@Dogcraft Dogcraft is now on Instagram! :dclogo:

❤️ Come give us a follow -->

We'll be posting more pictures and updates from the Dogcraft Server & community—delivered straight to your feed!
@William#52042 months ago
🎉 Survival 5 is 1 year old!🎉

And to celebrate this, the CDNN is giving you the opportunity to share your favourite moments so far!
Send us a clip of around 5-10 seconds where you talk about, or show your favourite event, build, memory or something else. It’s all up to you!

🗓️ Submit it before march 25th, and we will compile it into one big video.

Check out this link for more information:
@Txp#39492 months ago