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The website, wiki, public server & Patreon server will be down for maintenance while we prepare Survival 6.


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Hey Cyberdogs!

Your favourite Head Mods here with the announcement you have long awaited for!!

We are here to tell you that Survival 5 is going down on Dec. 9, 2023
This week will be your last time to get your downloads, screenshots and final builds completed… Or, blow them up if you want! Just be sure to wait until after Monday/Tuesday if you’re planning a nuclear option (as that’s when the final Server backups will be taken!)

On Dec. 16, 2023 Survival 6 will open to the general public.

During Dec 9-16 the Public server, Patreon server, website, and wiki will be down.

Get your Christmas skins ready, because we will also be having a smaller than usual Christmas event in the new world, where you can give gifts to your friends.

You all voted and the new world names are in! We hope you will have fun building, mining, crafting, and exploring on Retriever and Sheltie!!!

Please remember Survival 6 will also bring changes to the Server rules. One of the biggest changes will be the minimum age requirement. You must be 18 or older to play on Dogcraft.

We will be posting more announcements in the coming days and weeks with more information that you will need to know.

This ring-ding-a-ping is brought to you by Santa’s Workshop, where childhood toys come to life!
@princess22344 minutes ago
📸 Hey @Dogcraft ! To help make the wait for Survival 6 a bit easier, we are releasing what will be the final episode of the CDNN for this season! Join us one last time as we go over all the developments that have occurred in the last 2 months, before we pack up and journey to a new world! 🗺️

🎞️ We want to take one last opportunity to say thank you for the support the community has shown the CDNN since it returned at the start of the year, to everyone that has contributed to the CDNN this last year we all really appreciate you! Hopefully there will be many more CDNN episodes to come in Survival 6! ❤️

Without further ado, enjoy this months episode! https://youtu.be/qeVlUr15uBQ
@montenator1 week ago
Greetings Cyberdogs,

As you know we have announced that Sur6 will be here by now and for that we are sorry. We had hoped that it would be done and ready by the previous dates we gave. Also that there will be some changes coming with the new age requirement.

Due to this, it has required more time in testing and making sure that Sur6 is a safe and fun place to play.

We ask that you please be patient with us while we are testing and making sure that everything is working properly and will be an easy transition for the players.

We would like you to know, while the waiting is tough, we believe the waiting will be worth it! We are working to make the new experience super smooth and easy!

We have some really great things coming with Sur6 and we hope you will enjoy them too!

Here's a sneak peek!
@princess2232 weeks ago
🐾 Greetings Cyberdogs!!🐾

Survival 6 has been a much anticipated event for both players and staff. Unfortunately, the adoption process for our new dogs has been going a bit slower than initially thought. It appears as if the adoption of our new servers will not occur on or before Oct 15th. Please keep an eye on the announcement channel for more updates!

Since we are going to be adopting some new doggos we are stuck at a crossroads. We need your help to narrow down our list of dog breeds. We are calling on all cyberdogs to let us know which of these breeds you want to see as our Sur6 dogs. Polls will only be open for a short time, get those responses in immediately for them to count! Once you’ve done that, why not let us know why! Share a story or even a picture of those four legged companions that inspired your choice. Everyone loves to see a good dog photo.


All prospective survival 6 players should keep an eye on announcements. There is a possibility that the admin will require a select few cyberdogs for testing purposes.

This ring-a-ding ping is brought to you by Cyber-bytes™, the perfect treat for your puppy with new natural flavors including gold, carrot, potato, steak, beet and wheat.
@princess2231 month ago
@Dogcraft Hey all 🙂

Today we're opening up applications for new [Staff Members](https://dogcraft.net/wiki/Staff_Team) on both the Discord and Minecraft server. You can apply for one, or both of the following roles:

* Discord Mod - on the Discord Server. You'll work to keep conversations on our Discord safe and fun for all members of the community.
* Server ChatMod - on the Dogcraft Server. You'll work in-game to help players find their feet on the server, ensuring chat is kept clean and happy, with a route to progressing on to become a full Moderator.

Volunteering as a staff member is a great way to gain some great hands-on experience working in a team. You'll pick up valuable communication and teamworking skills working with an awesome group of players. You must be 18 years or older to apply for staff, and we ask that staff members are active participants in our community, motivated and committed to making sure every player they interact with logs out for the day with a smile on their face!

We're at the end of the season, so traffic on our server and Discord is quite low at the minute. Accordingly, our plan is to keep applications open over the next month or so and review them in early November. In other words, if you apply, don't expect to hear back immediately -- but we really appreciate your interest and patience as we transition to Survival 6!

:dclogo: [Click here to fill in the application form](https://forms.gle/2VC3kKwrVAKSnQv76)

Thank you!
@william2781 month ago
Hi everyone :)
@xpmodder has been appointed as a fourth Wiki Admin. That's all!
Thanks to everyone who has partaken in the Reflections of the Dogs event, and to those who have uploaded world downloads. This event will run until the start of Survival 6 :wikiplug:
@darparniox2 months ago
Choo Choo!
🎉 In august the CRN and SRN held their first ever Station Building Competition and now the stations have been judged, the scores tallied and we are happy to finally announce the winners!

🧭 Since we have 4 worlds on Survival 5, we have decided to award special prizes to the 4 best stations, so here are our 4 winners:

1️⃣ On the first place: Elasmotherium1 with Pardus Paladin Station on Labrador!
2️⃣ On the second place: Orphelia with Time Station on Shepherd!
3️⃣ On the third place we have a tie between SarahPantera100 with Sunbeam Station on Akita and the team of MikaPanda and TrainerMoon with Train Station on Corgi!
4️⃣ And on the fourth place: NecroVecro with Wild Ruins on Corgi!

🎁 Congratulations to all the winners! All winners and participants can pick up their prizes in the DCT Building at Shepherd Spawn!
To receive your DCD prize-money please contact Ze_Tais!

🥳 Finally we want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the participants!
You all built amazing stations and helped us grow the rail networks on all 4 worlds!

🚂 Since the building time for the competition ended, many of the stations were connected to the respective rail network, so take a look at the network maps and visit them!
Grab a minecart and enjoy the journey!

This message was brought to you by the teams of the CRN and the SRN: May the rails lead you to new horizons and new adventures!
@xpmodder2 months ago

Sur 5 is now an endangered species, and will be going extinct in the coming weeks. We're breaking into the seed vault to ensure its survival in perpetuity (blended with your single player world downloads).

🌱 Akita: 1906045715084035152
🌱 Corgi: -2796282483199565963
🌱 Labrador: -4820251604723536655
🌱 Shepherd: 2061879647305842158

We encourage you to use this information with your world download to blend your builds into their natural environment in single player. Don't forget that all Dogcraft rules remain in effect: with great power comes great responsibility. Lets not ruin it for the next player.

This ring-a-ding-ping is brought to you in part by: The Dogcraft Horticultural Society, Gigacorp Seed Bank, and players like you.
@princess2232 months ago
Dogcraft Wiki Event: Survival 5: Reflections of the Dogs

@Dogcraft We need YOUR HELP updating the Dogcraft Wiki in preparation for Survival 6!

Here’s what we’re looking for…

Write about Survival 5!
Cyberdogs are challenged to make edits and articles about their Survival 5 stuff! Anyone who makes an article or at least one substantial edit to an article about a base, town, build, project or group article will receive a trophy for that world!
- Reflection of a Corgi Trophy
- Reflection of a Shepherd Trophy
- Reflection of an Akita Trophy
- Reflection of a Labrador Trophy
🏆 That’s four trophies up for grabs if you make substantial edits or article about something on every world!

The sands (and tense) of time!
It’s now time to update Survival 5 articles to make them past tense.

- The three cyberdogs who make the most edits to update the tenses of Survival 5 articles to be in the past (by tagging your edit with the “Made Past Tense” tag when editing) will receive a “Dog Who Leapt Through Time” trophy!

(NEW) We want your World Downloads!
We want em! All your stuff on Survival 5, download it and upload it! The video tutorial will teach you how if your not sure.

- The five cyberdogs who submit the most world downloads(*) will receive a special “Survival 5 World Dogloader” trophy!

(*)Duplicate downloads of areas don’t count! Nor do multiple smaller downloads of sections of the same area 😉

We look forward to seeing what you write about on the Dogcraft Wiki!
@william2782 months ago

🐾 Its finally time to open the biggest minigame area on server 5 officially.
Yes, you read it right, Puppy Park is getting its own big opening event.

When: The event will take place on the 9th of september from <t:1694264400:t> to <t:1694286000:t>.
Where: Puppy Park reachable by using /phome Puppy Park, the CRN station and the NTN cactus stop.
What: There will be multiple tournaments throughout the day all free to participate for anyone intrested.

<t:1694264400:t> to <t:1694268000:t> : Puppy Park opening and Ice Boat Racing Tournament
<t:1694268000:t> to <t:1694271600:t> : Free play
<t:1694271600:t> to <t:1694275200:t> : Spleef tournament in a traditional 3v3
<t:1694275200:t> to <t:1694278800:t> : Break time
<t:1694278800:t> to <t:1694282400:t> : PvP tournament
<t:1694282400:t> to <t:1694286000:t> : Free play
<t:1694286000:t> : Fireworks

🎡 Playing the other games in the park is ofcourse allowed during the big events. During Free play our managers will be assisting you if there are question with the rules of a certain game.

There will also be a quizbook with question from the smaller games around the park to encourage you to have played the majority of the games at Puppy Park. Having all questions right will get you some memorabilia.

This message is brought to you by the Puppy Park management:
@xpmodder2 months ago
Hey @Dogcraft!

It's now time to download your Survival 5 builds! World Downloads are officially now permitted on the Dogcraft Server, and you can begin downloading straight away.

The CDNN have put together detailed instructions to show you how you can preserve your builds with a special tool. Instructions are available in video form and on the wiki:

Video Guide: https://youtu.be/ht3tkSHXrg4
Written Guide: https://dogcraft.net/wiki/Guide:How_to_download_your_builds_-_Survival_5
When launching the game, be sure to use the mojang Minecraft Launcher 🙂

Did I mention the wiki? Each season, we collate as many downloads as possible on the Wiki for digital archive and preservation! That way, Cyberdogs of the future can explore your memories and gain inspiration for the builds of tomorrow! So, submit your builds using the link below:

Submit World Downloads: https://forms.gle/2Jb2meLK9GoYNwsq7

Feel free to get in touch with fellow players and members of staff if you need a hand wrapping your head around this stuff.

This message was brought to you by the National Bark-chives~! WOOF! 🐾
@william2783 months ago
@Dogcraft 🎞️ Hey there Cyberdogs! We hope you are all excited about the news of Survival 6 coming very soon! Join us at the CDNN as we cover teasers for the new world, take a look at an awesome gaming district on the server, cover the latest updates of the server transport networks and much much more... including a special visit from Ren himself!!! 😮

🎥 Get your favourite snack and get comfy, it's showtime!!!🎥

🐦 Remember you can also stay up to date with all the latest news over on the Dogcraft Twitter page too!
@montenator3 months ago
Greeting Cyberdogs!!:dclogo:

This announcement is to give you all a small update! As many of you know, Rendog:renface: posted here saying that Sur 6 (next survival world) is coming with a big change. In order to play on the server you will have to be 18 years of age or older.

We have been working hard getting Sur 6 ready! We don’t have a time and date set in stone. However, we are looking to move to Sur 6 sometime between October 1 - 15th, 2023. As we get closer, we will know more and be able to set a date.

Here is what we know:
1. Some rules will be changing (mainly the minimum age now being 18+) but a few others too. The new set of rules will be posted before Sur 6 launches.
2. Sur 6 comes with 1.20! Yay! Who’s excited for Cherry trees and Sniffers?!!?
3. We are planning for 2 worlds again! (Wonder what dog breed names will be used?!?!)
These worlds will function the same as they do now (Inventories, Chat etc.). Each world will have its own spawn! The DCT has been working around the clock to bring them to life, so please be sure to thank them for their hard work!

4. You will be able to make downloads of your base before we close Sur 5. More information will be posted soon about how to do this and when!

5. The Nether will be open on day one so the adventurers can get going to far distance lands.

6. The End will remain closed for the start of the world. We have to wake the dragon, and that can take some time. It must be done in a slow and extremely careful manner. So please be patient about going to the End. We will post more information about the End opening once we have a date set for you.

This ring-a-ding ping was brought to you by: Princess’s Painting Party. Do we paint the roses red, white or pink!?! Off with their heads! 🖌️ 🌹 👑
@princess2233 months ago
The SRN Team is excited to announce a mega opening on the Akita world on <t:1693681200:F>!! The Akita SRN will be seeing the addition of 4 new stations on the Akita West Line 🔴 which are, Mount Ravenhold, Moon Heights, Milk Mafia HQ, and Rolling Rail!! 🤍 and a new station on the Akita East Line! 🟢 which is called, Buddy Holly Station!! 🤍 Finally, we will open the Southeast section of the Akita Ring Line, which includes 5 new stations! 💚, These are Bookmark Station, Lakeworks Station, Fire Forge Station, Oztezarian Station, and Southeast Station!!

During the opening , we will be re-visiting the first two stations on Akita South Line! South Station, and Electric Grove! Then we will head through the SE inner ring line and ending up at east 2, Reservoir Station, then to go to Buddy Holly! We will also be visiting a few branch-lines on the way! After that, we are going to head to Spawn, then ride all of the Akita West stations!!

We hope you can join us for what will be the largest SRN Opening of Survival 5! Hope to see you there! 🚆

@montenator3 months ago
Hey Cyberdogs

Please note a new scam is being distributed among Minecraft users.

This comes in the form of a phishing email asking you to migrate your Minecraft account. The email looks like it's from Mojang Studios, but the email is from (noreply@Mojang.Team) instead of the official @mojang.com.

Though the message contains links to the Official Minecraft Website, the "Migrate Now" button will take you to a phishing site.

Stay safe 🙂
@william2783 months ago
Hey @Dogcraft ,
This is the CDNN here to bring you the latest news from the Dogcraft server!

✨ This month we had a special interview with Discord Headmod William278 about the recent announcement from Rendog.
Additionally we have a premier of a short film and take a look at the submissions for the brand new 'Screenshot of the month' segment!

🎞️ So grab a snack and get comfy to watch this months episode from the Cyberdog News Network!

🐦 And dont forget to also follow us on twitter to keep up to date with the newest updates!

This message was brought to you by the Film Award Trophy. It's not food, Monty!
@xpmodder4 months ago
A massive thank you to the almost 40 people that showed up to the NTN Tower Contest Award Ceremony on Sunday! You all made this an unforgettable experience ❤️
🏆 For those who couldn’t be there, here are our top 3 towers per world! Below you will also find a recording of the ceremony!

:Akita: Akita
1st place: Artic_2446
2nd place: SarahPantera100
3rd place: ThatRoger1

:Corgi: Corgi
1st place: call_me_blank
2nd place: SummerFlower1234
3rd place: Chickzie

:labrador: Labrador
1st place: GloriaLey
2nd place: herqc
3rd place: ItsDaCreeper

:Shepherd: Shepherd
1st place: OhNoItsKat
2nd place: Mareel
3rd place: Orphelia4

If you participated in the contest and haven't picked up your prize yet, it’s waiting for you in the DCT building at Shepherd spawn!
Note: Even if your tower didn't make it in the top 3 you still get something 👀

Recording of the ceremony:
@thewhitetiger4 months ago
# Well hello there 👀

The past month, a total of 28 people have been hard at work building and fine-tuning their tower for the
NTN Tower build competition

The judges went over all of the builds and had some tough decisions to make but the results are in!
We invite you to.. THE AWARD CEREMONY!! 🥳 🥳
YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT Get your fancy outfit ready for the red carpet!

Join us on <t:1690135200:F> in #General👊 and in-game at /phome Corgi NTN Hub
Will we see you there?

This message was brought to you by the shining stars of the NTN
We dig.. and we dig.. why don't you join us? It's super fun, just ask mrkalaspuff 😌
@thewhitetiger4 months ago
Get ready to chugga and choo 'cause


The SRN and CRN proudly premiers this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to win by making a station!

Sign Up and save your spot.

📝 Sign Up
Please complete the Google Form below to enter. You will be contacted about your assigned location in the days leading up to the competition.

⚒️ Build Particulars
A functional station that meets the requirements found in the Sign Up form.

🏆 Prizes
A special banner for all entrants!
A special miniblock for all winners!
- 1st Prize gets 50,000 Dcds, 128 iron blocks, and 48 diamond blocks
- 2nd Prize gets 30,000 Dcds, 64 iron blocks, and 32 diamond blocks
- 3rd Prize gets 20,000 Dcds, 64 iron blocks, and 16 diamond blocks
- 4th Prize gets 10,000 Dcds, 64 iron blocks, and 8 diamond blocks

🗓️ Important Dates
17th – 24th July: Sign-up
28th July: Building starts
25th August : Building stops
26th August : Judging commences

This announcement chime is brought to you by the Trolly Problem—Poor Adam!
@xpmodder4 months ago

Due to increasing International safety, legal and logistical concerns, I have decided that from next Season onwards, Dogcraft.net will be open to 18+ year old players only.

Our server will still maintain its core ethos of FAMILY FRIENDLY FIRST, with an emphasis on it being a safe place for players to enjoy a quiet Minecraft life within our diverse and ever expanding Community.

I am still figuring out how we will manage this age restriction, and will update you accordingly as soon as we have a finalised system in place.

The start date of the next Season (1.20 update) is not confirmed, and I will let you know as soon as we have decided on a date in the future.

Our Discord server will remain open to all Rendog and Dogcraft fans 13+ years old and over.

This has been an incredibly difficult decision for me to make, and I am so very sorry to have to say good bye to so many of you on the Dogcraft server. Please rest assured however, that this important decision has been made with safety for my Community and fans as a priority.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a SPECIAL THANK YOU to all of our Under 18 players who have made our server their home over these past years. I hope you come away from Dogcraft with many good times and special memories, and we would all be DELIGHTED to see you back on the server again when you turn 18, in however many years that may be!

@rendog4 months ago