Marbou's Shopping List

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Marbou's Shopping List
Survival 3
Marbou's Shopping List Logo.png
Event logo; a shopping cart
TypeItem-gathering race
DateNovember 17th, 2019, 1PM UTC
Organizers20.png marbou9
20.png William278
Attendance12 contestants
30~ spectators
WorldSurvival 3

"Watch 12 contestants compete in a race against the clock to collect 25 specified blocks/items as quickly as possible!" 20.png William278, announcing the event

Marbou's Shopping List was a player-organised competitive event held on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server designed and planned by 20.png marbou9. The event was an item-gathering event in which players competed to be the first to complete a shopping list of 25 blocks by gathering them from a special 400x400 area of the world and correctly displaying them on a grid.

The Event

The event was held on Sunday, November 17th at 1PM UTC and was hosted by events team member 20.png William278 who also live streamed the event to the CDNN YouTube channel. 20.png marbou9 had previously planned the event on the Survival 2 world through suggesting it on the forums, however lack of player interest and time prevented it from coming into fruition. With the end of Marbou's tenure as HeadMod approaching, it was decided to make a push to go ahead with the event and so a suitable 400x400 area of terrain was prepared as well as a central area for item collection. The event was announced and sign ups were opened on the 13th of November, four days before the actual competition.

The grid that all contestants had to replicate.

Results & Prizes

  • 1st Place: 20.png Nathan402603 - Fully powered conduit + 100,000 DCD
  • 2nd Place: 20.png Excaliber_FC - Fully powered beacon + 50,000 DCD
  • 3rd Place: 20.png mperreault - Mending Trident + 25,000 DCD

All other participants in the event were paid 1,000 DCD per block filled in the grid.

Shopping List

Each player had their own empty 5x5 grid in which they had to fill by placing the blocks within it. Blocks had to match the exact orientation and configuration as in the example grid.

Block/item Notes
1 Coal block
2 Bone block Needed to be placed facing forward
3 Mossy stone brick
4 Dark oak fence
5 Hay bale Needed to be placed facing upright
6 Trapped chest Needed to be placed facing forward
7 Spruce leaves
8 Iron block
9 Iron trapdoor Needed to be placed on the top half of the block underneath the Dark oak fence.
10 Polished diorite
11 Red stained glass
12 Dandelion Needed to be planted in the Coarse dirt block below it.
13 Sticky piston Needed to be placed facing forward. To obtain, players needed slime balls from the swamp at night. However, due to spawning issues, the staff ended up spawning extra slime mobs at a specified time.
14 Cobblestone wall
15 Blast furnace Needed to be placed facing forward
16 Snow block
17 Coarse dirt
18 Birch sign Contestants also had to copy the sign's text:

This text needs
copying too!

Also, since the sign needs to be placed on something, players needed to place the Gold Pressure plate below it first.
19 Brick stair Needed to be placed facing upside down towards the sign.
20 Light blue wool
21 Chiseled sandstone
22 Jack O' Lantern Needed to be placed facing forward
23 Gold Pressure plate
24 Bookshelf Additional cows were spawned in by staff to allow players to gather the leather for it
25 Dispenser Needed to be placed facing forward


Background Valentine's Day Event 2024 by TheWhiteTigerNL