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Saturday Nitro Live
Saturday Nitro Live logo.png
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Date3rd to 31st Aug. 2019 (SNL)
24 Nov. to 15 Dec. 2019 (NL:S2)
31 Jan. to 5 Feb. 2021 (NL:S3)
OrganizersEvents Team
20.png nossi_
20.png Gupta99999
20.png darparniox
Attendance35+ registrants

Nitro Live is a series of competitive Nitro UHC tournament events held on the Dogcraft Server. The first event, Saturday Nitro Live, was held in August 2019 and Nitro Live: Season 2 was held from November to December later the same year. In 2021, a third event, titled Nitro Live: Season 3 was held over about a week through the end of January and early February of that year.

The tournament was originally planned and organised by prominent Nitro UHC players 20.png nossi_ and 20.png William278, who was also a member of the Events Team. After five weeks, 20.png Gupta99999 was determined the winner after beating runner-up 20.png Xman404 in a final set. The second event was organised by William, Gupta and 20.png darparniox; the tournament was ultimately won by nossi. The third event, organised by 20.png OldManLP85 and 20.png RY44, featured a revised format and took place across one week. 20.png ThEquinox2, who came fifth in the original event won the third season, followed by William and 20.png xMakoto in second and third respectively.


The tournaments were comprised of four stages; Qualifiers, Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Finals.


In the qualifiers, players were split into groups based on their timezone. When registering, players could either choose to register on the 3rd or 10th of August 2019.

Across three games of Nitro UHC, players had to compete in their group to earn the most points in order to qualify for the Quarterfinals. One point was earned for killing a player before deathmatch, two points were awarded for coming in second place and three points were awarded for winning a game.


Players who qualified were divided into groups of three for the quarterfinals. The players had to compete in a game of Nitro UHC and the top two players from each game would advance to the Semifinals.


The remaining players were placed into a 1-on-1 game. The winner would advance to the finals, while the looser would be eliminated.


In the finals, all remaining players were forced to compete for points in three games of Nitro UHC, just like in the Quarterfinals. After the two games were up, the top two scorers were made to compete in a best-of-three championship set, where the winner of the set would be declared the world champion.


The idea of a Nitro UHC tournament was proposed several times by various players since the creation of the minigame on the server in late-2016. However, it was not realized until the 20th of July 2019, where prominent Nitro UHC players 20.png William278 and 20.png nossi_ discussed the formal possibility of hosting the tournament through the month of August, leading to the planning and development of the event.

SNL award ceremony on August 31, 2019, in the Sur3 Spawn Basin

The Nitro UHC matches were live streamed and commentated on to further draw excitement and a set of rules was put in place to ensure the games would be both exciting to watch and fair for the competitors. Various guests would join William278 to assist in refereeing and commentating, including participants whilst they were not playing. For Semifinals and Finals, ReNDoG took over streaming the event live to hundreds of viewers as the tournament came to a conclusion. A special video highlighting the best moments for the tournament and advertising the finals was also produced.

Following the success of the first tournament, the decision was made to made to made to made to hold a second season in winter that year, this time being planned by William and previous winner Gupta, with assistance from darparniox. Unlike the first season, not all of the second season's games were streamed, although ReNDoG still broadcast the finals. After several weeks, 20.png nossi_ prevailed as the winner.

A third tournament was announced and held in early 2021 and took place over a week, spanning from January 31st to February 5st of that year. The event, which was organised this time by events committee members 20.png RY44 and 20.png OldManLP85 had a few adjustments to the format from previous seasons. Notably, the qualifying heats and semifinals entirely used a point based system, with 5 points awarded for deathmatch kills, one point awarded for pre-deathmatch kills and points awarded to finishing positions in games (three points for first, two for second and one for third). Returning for Season 3 was the presence of fully live streamed games, with commentary and referee support from darparniox, 20.png TrainerMoon, 20.png Txp_ and 20.png dmgdog. At the end of the tournament, 20.png ThEquinox2, who came fifth in Saturday Nitro Live won the competition, beating out original organizer William and Makoto.


Saturday Nitro Live

Position Competitor Region Prizes Won
1st 20.png Gupta99999 North America $150 courtesy of ReNDoG

Ð361,000 + Ð75,000 (for getting the most kills)

Notch Apple

Commemorative sword & banner

Their player head (Awarded for killing the most player kills)

2nd 20.png Xman404 Australia & New Zealand $100 courtesy of ReNDoG


Commemorative sword & banner

3rd 20.png dmgdog Europe $75 courtesy of ReNDoG


Commemorative sword & banner

4th 20.png veve_qt Europe Ð11,000
5th 20.png ThEquinox2 North America

Note: Ð11,000 was given to every player who passed the qualifying rounds, divided evenly from a pool of player-donated money.

Nitro Live: Season 2

Position Competitor Region Prizes Won
1st 20.png nossi_ Europe Ð150,000

Commemorative sword & gold trophy banner

Statue displayed at the Christmas Event 2019.

2nd 20.png veve_qt Europe Ð100,000

Commemorative sword & silver trophy banner

Statue displayed at the Christmas Event 2019.

3rd 20.png NanoGalactic North America Ð50,000

Commemorative sword & bronze trophy banner

Statue displayed at the Christmas Event 2019.

4th 20.png dmgdog Europe -
5th 20.png legowar1508 North America -
=6th 20.png Xman404 Australia & New Zealand -
20.png Excaliber_FC North America -
7th 20.png Funkiest_Saturn North America -
=8th 20.png Pigeon_Confirmed North America -
20.png T3ry North America -
20.png Fraserxx8 Europe -
20.png Douwsky North America -

Nitro Live: Season 3

Position Competitor Region Prizes Won
1st 20.png ThEquinox2 America Netherite Axe, 3 x Blocks of Netherite, 2 x First Place Banners, 3 x First Place PVP Heads
2nd 20.png William278 UK Netherite Axe, 2 x Blocks of Netherite, 2 x Second Place Banners, 3 x Second Place PVP Heads
3rd 20.png xMakoto America Netherite Axe, 1 x Block of Netherite, 2 x Third Place Banners, 3 x Third Place PVP Heads

Note: A Participants PVP Head was also given out to all that participated.

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