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Regency of Leon
Survival 5 Shepherd
Leon Flyover.png
Leon Station.png
Clockwise from top: Leon's skyline from across the river, Leon Central Station in the city center, The clocktower in downtown Leon
WorldSurvival 5 (Shepherd)
FoundedMarch 18, 2022
Mayor(s)20.png ashapink, 20.png eybwam, 20.png strawberrysham, 20.png zacattack2097
LocationX= 6784
Y= 64
Z= 163

The Regency of Leon, or simply Leon, was a city located in the southern region on the Shepherd world of the Dogcraft Server. Under the curation of its City Planners 20.png strawberrysham, 20.png eybwam, 20.png ashapink, and 20.png zacattack2097, Leon grew substantially over the course of the season and became known as one of the most impressive city projects in Dogcraft's history. By the season's end, Leon served as a cultural hub for media, events, and building, and was widely regarded as the de-facto "capital" of the Survival 5 season.


Leon aims to be a diverse, integrated, and sustainable modern-day city project that creates unique experiences. Drawing heavy inspiration from real-life, the city will feature many opportunities for various styles of architecture set in three different zones around the city: Traditional European, Modern, and Industrial.



Conceived as the heart of the city, Downtown was designed to be an example of Leon's architectural vision: a melting pot of historic European and contemporary styles in a vibrant and curated streetscape. It is located on both sides of the river separating Leon and Saint-Pierre island. The Thalic Gallery, an amphitheater, is nested on its north side. Meanwhile, the resplendent Leon Grand Central on its west end separates it from Oldtown. Across the river at Saint-Pierre island, a set of sample buildings were constructed that reached skywards, providing a delicate visual backdrop, and paving the way for the modern district's eventual opening.

Old Town

Opened in the 3rd of June 2022, Oldtown is the district south, northwest, and west of Downtown. This area manifests traditional European architecture.


The seat of Leon's government opened its gates to foreign embassies on the 9th of October 2022. Located northwest of the city, an arterial avenue morphs into an elliptical road, adorned with an obelisk centerpiece of Leonidas, Leon's canonical founder. South of the avenue is the Embassy Row, a block of plots reserved for construction of consulate buildings from other settlements on Dogcraft. Across the road, government buildings will be constructed. These will include a bank, a fire and police station, among others planned.

Historically, Dogcraft's city halls were designed after distinct Neoclassical cues such as porticos and pediments, akin to the White House. This time around, Leon has opted for an Italian-/Mediterranean-style villa as its palace.


Saint-Pierre is the island east of mainland Leon. It hosts the other half of the downtown area. This island district is envisioned to be the benchmark and template for Dogcraft's future modern cities. It will manifest both contemporary and traditional architecture that uses holistic and sustainable designs through mixed-use, integrated, high-density style principles. This district opened on the 23rd of December 2022, during preparations for the New Years' Eve Event.


The gate into the city. A traveler's initial encounter with Leon starts here. Found in the southwest of Leon, this area is separated from Oldtown by a river. Westgate predates the heights of the heart of Leon; bolstering traditionally quaint yet architecturally striking constructions.


Leon was organized in a private Discord server. Like prior settlement projects, Leon's application process was crafted to further collaboration and, consequently, to oversee and ensure quality of builds. There are three ways to become a Leon citizen:

1. Buildings

- Firstly, an applicant must be able to construct and design, of their own or with help, a build in creative. The application is reviewed, modified according to feedback, and ultimately approved if it satisfies Leon's standards. This has to then be transferred to survival to get the role.

2. Interiors

- An applicant will satisfactorily furnish all floors of one empty building to Leon standards.

3. Ambient Builds

- Ambient builds are small, accessory details that are added to give life and human element to the city. These include vehicles, trees, set pieces, stalls, etc. The quantity, difficulty, and quality of these are then reviewed to the City Planners' satisfaction. Normally, an applicant would have to request to build at at least five approved versions of these.


Below is the roster of Leon's citizens.

Leon's Citizen Roster
# Player
1 20.png strawberrysham
2 20.png zacattack2097
3 20.png eybwam
4 20.png ashapink
5 20.png Trainermoon
6 20.png EddyTeach
7 20.png Ze_Tais
8 20.png Wanderer_06
9 20.png M_Sky3
10 20.png colliecolie
11 20.png AwesomeTom21
12 20.png Mika_Panda
13 20.png HatterSkye
14 20.png _edo
15 20.png Lendog1888
16 20.png Bigeater
17 20.png TigerNL
18 20.png Slomo_1994
19 20.png AdamB4255
20 20.png Montenator
21 20.png SummerFlower1234
22 20.png EtaThetaZeta
23 20.png kasvir
24 20.png Nomiium
25 20.png Txp_
26 20.png NecroVecro
27 20.png StenLluk
28 20.png Duckyz
29 20.png SarahPantera100
30 20.png MrManatee
31 20.png Cosm1c_Moonl1ght
32 20.png Princess223
33 20.png Kar204
34 20.png Elednor89
35 20.png Valaritas
36 20.png Acadra
37 20.png JVKermit

List updated 11st September 2023.

Key: - Builder

The city couldn't also have made it without the support of the community. The table below lists Leon's other contributors, usually non-citizens, who have assisted through labor, planning, or material means:

Leon's Contributors
# Player
1 20.png CajunNinja
2 20.png darparniox
3 20.png Ry44
4 20.png DragonFire441
5 20.png Domino_1
6 20.png UnspeakableAl
7 20.png mailboat06
8 20.png Le_Gambit
9 20.png mrkalaspuff
10 20.png N1cM4tth3w63
11 20.png lauratje19
12 20.png blueartistic813_
13 20.png MrsPierogi
14 20.png GracessNella
15 20.png ExcaliberFC
16 20.png RangaAlert
17 20.png solo_xo
18 20.png Danielsama07
19 20.png jmsvvr
20 20.png kfr291
21 20.png Ewan1011
22 20.png FangsofAmber
23 20.png Skelleton123
24 20.png ToBeFranky
25 20.png Arkhangellsk
26 20.png H_Di_Chemici
27 20.png Dutchsoccer
28 20.png Edhellan
29 20.png ItsDaCreeper
30 20.png LIVMOTION
31 20.png Dyl78_
32 20.png sambrad06
33 20.png Chriizsich
34 20.png Elasmotherium1
35 20.png VikingGaming1
36 20.png NeoFiore

List updated 11st September 2023.


Photo Tour

Base Tour

Leon was toured by 20.png ReNDoG in a base tour, uploaded on October 6, 2022.


Leon is one of several Regencies of Shepherd's Greater Eastern Lands. For the purposes of this article, a Regency is an area categorically controlled by one or more Regent/s. Leon's Regents are its City Planners. The immediate lands outside of Leon are part of the Regencies by invitation or agreement. All Regents are involved in inter-area infrastructure or lore.


Before Leon, there were several kingdoms all fighting for dominance over the region's resources.

This was the Immortal Feud. A war with no clear cause: Neither side could tell you why they hated one the other: they just did.

The son of a nobleman, now a soldier fighting through this chaos was Leonidas. (Son of the Lion) Who would become the namesake of the regions capital

One night in a dream, Leonidas is guided from the battlefield by a lady cloaked in moss.

Years later he returns to the battlefield exactly as he was, as though not a day had passed. In all that time the war had raged on, still without end.

Emerging from the ashes, now framed with new guidance Leonidas emerged, prepared to guide the people towards prosperity.

Leon his namesake city was born


Below is a table of Leon's symbols.

Leon's Symbols
Category Symbol Meaning and Representation
Flower Cornflower Despite its obvious color coordination with Leon's flag, the cornflower was a traditional symbol of Leon's people with traditional paintings of Leon including citizens dancing in crowns of cornflowers, flower beds stuffed to the brim with the flower of the people, and lattices built up against walls displaying the flower.
Colors Orange Leon's forward-looking ideals and creative, energizing spirit of its members. Orange provokes elation—this project is worth being excited about. This can also represent the classical parts of the city.
White The color represents the ironic rendering of Leon's obscene amount of materials and detail as effortless and elegantly simple.
Cyan Linked to the heavenward direction of its more modern district.
Object Crown The emblem of Leon, a crown represents the canonical absence of a prime leader among the group, hence the regents. It also represents the achievements and ambitions of Leon as both community and project.
Animal Lion Located within a savanna biome on the server, the lion serves as an example of Leon's dominance over the world


Halloween Fest

Three activities were centered around Halloween:

- Fall Screenshot Contest. A texture pack was made available to the public which changed the look of leaves to better reflect an autumn hue appropriate for the occasion.

- Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt. A pumpkin patch was put together by 20.png zacattack2097. Participants had to search for 20 pumpkin miniblocks to win a prize.

- Dragon Fights. Players fought the dragon for four weekends.

New Year's Eve 2022

Leon partnered with the DCT to ring in the New Year. The celebrations took place on the 31st of December 2022, held three times at different time zones, to mark the passage of the new year from 2022 to 2023. Players were invited to join a voice channel on Discord and listen in as the sky came to life to a pyro musical. Stalls were prepared to sell commemorative merchandise. Players were also encouraged to share their resolutions for the year ahead.

Capture the Flag

Leon partnered with the City of Caelon to host a Capture the Flag PvP minigame event on the 25th of Febraury 2023, at 6:00pm GMT. The event was recorded for the Cyberdog News Network's February 2023 video (released March 8, 2023).

Background Valentine's Day Event 2024 by TheWhiteTigerNL