Christmas 2021

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Christmas 2021
Survival 4 Husky
Christmas2021 Map.png
Ingame Map of the Event Area
OrganizersEvents Team
WorldSurvival 4 (Husky)
Teleport/phome Xmas2021

Christmas 2021 opened to the public on 13th December 2021 and was accessible via /phome Xmas2021.

The Event

In 2021, the Christmas event took place in a snowy winter village with a big spruce tree being the centerpiece. Connected via roads you could fine some cozy cottages, a toy factory, plots for the Holiday Build Battle, mounds of presents and many more nooks and crannies waiting to be explored!


  • Parkour: A fun journey through a simple home, a candy cane field, an icy tundra and a dripleaf river.
  • Dripleaf Spleef: Grab some snowballs, some friends and get spleefin’!
  • Workshop Scavenger Hunt: A naughty goblin has made a mess in the workshop, and you can help make things right. Find five hidden trinkets and bring them back where they belong!
  • Present Gifting: As usual, a space to leave gifts for fellow players was provided. These would be unlocked and openable on Christmas Day.
  • Holiday Build Battle: This would run simultaneously to the main event and conclude on the 26th December. This time around the theme was Christmas Around the World.
  • Advent Calendar: Each day, starting from the 13th December and ending on the 24th December, a new house with a slab shop would open up. These shops sold one-of-a-kind items, so it was recommended to check regularly to get the whole collection.
Advent Calendar Items
Day Item Description
1 Polar Bear Spawn Egg Cuddles the Bear (A Furry Companion for a Cold Winters Day)
2 Banner Snowy Peaks❆❆
3 Barrel Make your own Snowman Kit ☃
4 Custom Head Steve Christmas Plushie
5 Dyed Leather Armor Ugly Sweater (Sure to be a talking point at any Christmas Gathering)
6 Banner HoHoHo✉
7 Custom Head Alex Christmas Plushie
8 Pie Sweet Mince Pie (A Festive take on a Minecraft Classic)
9 Custom Head Mrs. Claus Plushie
10 Banner By Candlelight♥
11 Custom Head Santa Plushie
12 Firework Rockets Christmas Spectacular (A Festive Firework to bring a sparkle to any Festive Celebration)
Christmas2021 Calender.png