NTN Tower Contest Sur5

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The NTN Tower Contest Sur5 was an event held by the NTN and DCT on Survival 5 of the Dogcraft Server.

NTN Tower Contest
Survival 5
NTN Tower Contest Award Ceremony stage.png
The Award Ceremony stage at the NTN Donation Center
TypeBuild Competition
DateJune-July 2023
OrganizersNTN and DCT
WorldSurvival 5
Teleport/phome NTN Donation Center

HIIIII this is very much work in progress! Come back later <3

The Contest

The Towers

1st places

Akita 1st place: 20.png Artic_2446
Akita NE
Akita NE | Exterior
Akita NE | Interior
Akita NE | Details

Corgi 1st place: 20.png call_me_blank
Corgi SW
"Tall Dutch Boy"
Corgi SW | Exterior
Corgi SW | Interior
Corgi SW | Details

Labrador 1st place: 20.png GloriaLey
Labrador NW
"Most Detailed"
Lab NW | Exterior
Lab NW | Interior
Lab NW | Details

Shepherd 1st place: 20.png OhNoItsKat
Shepherd NE
"Ultimate Cottagecore Tower"
Shep NE | Exterior
Shep NE | Interior
Shep NE | Details

2nd places

Akita 2nd place: 20.png SarahPantera100
Akita W
Akita W | Exterior
Akita W | Interior

Corgi 2nd place: 20.png Summerflower1234,

20.png EtaThetaZeta

Corgi S
"Most Likely to be President"
Corgi S | Exterior
Corgi S | Details

Labrador 2nd place: 20.png herqc
Lab SE
"Most Straightforward"
Lab SE | Exterior
Lab SE | Interior

Shepherd 2nd place: 20.png Mareel
Shep N
"Best Structural Lore"
Shep N | Exterior
Shep N | Interior

3rd places

Akita 3rd place: 20.png ThatRoger1
Akita E
"Best Environmental Lore"
Akita E | Exterior
Akita E | Interior

Corgi 3rd place: 20.png Chickzie
Corgi SE
"Best Swirly Bits"
Corgi SE | Exterior
Corgi SE | Details

Labrador 3rd place: 20.png ItsDaCreeper
Lab NE
"Ice Ice Baby"
Lab NE | Exterior
Lab NE | Interior

Shepherd 3rd place: 20.png Orphelia4
Shep S
"Coziest Vibes"
Shep S | Exterior
Shep S | Interior

Caption Awards


Akita N: 20.png bucherwurm31
"Totally Random Colors"
Akita N | Exterior
Akita N | Interior

Akita SE: 20.png eybwam,20.png strawberrysham,
20.png zacattack2097
"Little Miss Disqualified"
Akita SE | Exterior
Akita SE | Interior

Akita SW: 20.png NecroVecro
"Most Likely to Kill an NTN Manager"
Akita SW | Exterior

Akita NW: 20.png GrumpySalt
"Layers Like an Onion"
Akita NW | Exterior
Akita NW | Interior


Corgi NE: 20.png JayPorker
"Most Open Concept"
Corgi NE | Exterior

Corgi E: 20.png Andalarew
"Dwayne the Rock Johnson"
Corgi E | Foundation

Corgi NW: 20.png CactusBrothers
"Girlbossed too Close to the Sun"
Corgi NW | Exterior
Corgi NW | Details


Lab N: 20.png XPModder
"Silliest Paddock"
Lab N | Exterior
Lab N | Exterior

Lab S: 20.png Kar204
"Best Sims Crystal"
Lab S | Exterior
Lab S | Details

Lab SW: 20.png Dudelmaster
"Deadliest Tower"
Lab SW | Exterior
Lab SW | Details


Shep SE: 20.png _Shako
"Most Crafting Tables"
Shep SE | Exterior
Shep SE | Interior

Shep SW: 20.png Dyl78_, 20.png Sambrad06
"Most Unconventional Theme"
Shep SW | Exterior

Shep NW: 20.png chriizsich
"Dragons in Love"
Shep NW | Exterior
Shep NW | Details


Towers not included in Contest

Labrador E: 20.png GloriaLey
Tower was constructed before the Contest
Lab E | Exterior
Lab E | Interior
Lab E | Details

The Judging

The Award Ceremony