Easter 2021

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Easter 2021
Survival 4 Husky
Easter Overview.png
Overview of the Event area
OrganizersThe Events Team
WorldSurvival 4 (Husky)
Teleport/phome easter2021

"Through fields of green and dark forests too, the Easter Bunny hops, from me, to you..."

The Easter 2021 Event was opened to the public on the 3rd of April to celebrate Easter on the Dogcraft Server. The event was accessible via the /phome easter2021.

The Event

Imagine this...You emerge in a dark forest and follow a lit path through the trees. You find yourself in front of a rustic old house. Who could be living in there? Of course, it's none other than Peter Rabbit!

"Down the path and around a bend. Can you see? The Easter Bunny has made a new friend!"

In front of the house you find a fluffle of rabbits playing and...praying?

"Together they hop, they play and they pick up the eggs into baskets...Wait, a nick!"

Further down the path you find a camp of wild foxes. Those scoundrels!

"The Foxes are swarming. The Foxes are cruel. The Foxes are stealing the eggs. For they're cruel!"

Quickly following the winding path further through the trees, it eventually leads you through big carrot gates, into what seems to be a giant enclosure of some sorts!

"Quick, go inside...and get back the eggs or else no one will enjoy easter, without their yummy eggs."


  • Rabbit Ninja Warrior: The goal of the game was to race your friends in several micro-games, which had to be traversed with a rabbit.
  • Easter Maze: Brave souls who took on the arduous journey through the Easter hedge maze and collected all 11 tokens were rewarded with an egg basket head. This often took several hours!
  • Farmyard Scavenger Hunt: The evil bunny is hungry! You better find all the ingredients and cook it a meal!
  • Killer Bunny Death Pit: Who can survive the longest? Players could send in proof and prizes were available for the winner.
  • Dye Sheep Dye: 3-4 players went head to head in a sheep dying race. Whoever managed to keep the most sheep of their colour after 60 seconds, won.
  • Chocolate Fun Factory Escape: The player had to solve puzzles to get through several rooms and, eventually, out of the factory!
  • Skeleton Fishing: Two players went against each other, with the goal to fish skeletons into their respective areas and catch them with the eggs provided. Spoils could be kept so everyone was a winner!
  • And of course a Head Hunt. This time players were looking for Easter chicks.


Background Dragon Slayer - Retriever by Ironboundred