T-G Treasure Run

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T-G Treasure Run
Survival 4
T-G Treasure Run group photo.png
Attendees and organizers at the event podium
Date22nd January 2022, 8pm UTC
OrganizersTakeshi and Gaia management teams
Attendance10 - 15 players
WorldSurvival 4

T-G Treasure Run was an event on the Husky world of Survival 4, organized and held jointly between the cities of Takeshi and Gaia. The event was conceptualized as a way of having players explore both cities in a fun way while also celebrating the cities in the face of the oncoming closure of the Survival 4 world.

Event Course

To complete the T-G Treasure Run course, players had to travel from Takeshi to Gaia while completing a treasure hunt in each city. Lining up at the start line at Takeshi's forum amphitheatre, players raced to find 5 of the 10 lime shulker boxes hidden around the city and retrieve a signed book token from each. Once they had acquired five tokens, they ran back to the start line booth to verify and receive their Takeshi completion token. Completion token in hand, players hopped on their nearby (optionally skeleton) horse and navigated to Gaia via the Road and Horse Network. Upon arriving at the horse stables on Ark Island in Gaia, players once again scurried to find 5 of the 10 hidden token boxes. When they had, they headed back to Ark Island to hand over their tokens and complete the event.

Example of the treasure boxes to be found

Event Day

Between 10 and 15 players gathered before the event in Takeshi with a handful bringing their own horse to compete with. Fireworks were set off and players began the race heading in all directions. 20.png almightyanna took an early lead, completing the Takeshi hunt in a slick five-minute time, closely followed by 20.png eybwam at the six-minute mark and 20.png Montenator at nine minutes. The journey to Gaia proved challenging for some who were unfamiliar with the roads. After around 15 minutes of hunting in Gaia, 20.png eybwam emerged victorious, returning all five Gaia tokens and a Takeshi completion token at around the 30-minute mark. In second was 20.png almightyanna, followed by 20.png Minda905 in third place. 20.png strawberrysham had the distinction of being the first (and only) player to complete the event while riding a pig.

The top three finishers won various memorabilia items from Takeshi and Gaia, such as: a murderous anvil from a Gaia court case, a block from Gaia Castle, a custom Takeshian sword, and calendar map art. Various city or horse themed spots prizes were given to all participants.