Akkara City Opening Day

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Akkara City Opening Day
Survival 2
Akkara Opening day Itineary.png
Itinerary for the day
TypeOne time, limited time event
Date28th April, 2018, 3PM BST - 3AM BST
Activities12; ran every hour.
OrganizersCyberdog Events Committee, Akkara City Council
AttendanceOver 75 players
WorldSurvival 2

The Akkara City Opening Day was an event held on the 28th of April, 2018 to commemorate the opening of Akkara City. The event was announced one month prior, on the 28th of March and a week later an itinerary was released. There would be 12 hours of events, occurring once an hour for a full-day of events.


The event was planned in the month between the completion of the terraforming for the city and it's opening. As a result, a lot of work was put into finishing the city that month and paths, plots, pricing and infrastructure was all put in place during that month.

During this time, the mayors of Akkara worked with the Cyberdog Events Committee to make final preparations for the event. One day before the event, it was confirmed that ReNDoG would make a guest appearance during the day.


The official opening of the city was led by William278 and Akkara City was officially opened by the mayor to the public at 3PM BST on the 28th of April, 2018 from the city's station. The itinerary was adjusted at 11PM to accommodate for a live tour of the city with Ren and a tour was completed on stream that night. By the end of the ceremonies, Akkara had sold over 20 plots and development of the city went underway.


  • 3PM BST - Opening Ceremoy
  • 4PM BST - Statue building competition begins
  • 5PM BST - Hide & Seek minigame
  • 6PM BST - Elytra race (rescheduled to accomodate with following event)
    • From Spawn, to Havana, to Akkara.
  • 7PM~ BST - Touring ReNDoG around Akkara.
    • Replaced Mobarena game.
  • 8PM~ BST - Nitro UHC games
  • 10PM BST - Treasure Hunt
  • 11PM BST - Boat Race
  • 12AM BST - Dragon fights
  • 1AM BST - Sky Spleef
  • 2AM - Closing ceremony