Survival Railway Network

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Survival Railway Network

Banners representing the project.

Type Major Project
World(s) Survival 1
Survival 2
Survival 3
Survival 4
Project Leader(s) 20.png expedtadam
9692e815-58c1-45c0-a505-cad65c48ed89?size=20.png darparniox (formerly)
20.png Mr_Dawgie (formerly)
b9540394-45da-4064-89c2-28d636a4230b?size=20.png _edo (formerly)
Status Active

The Survival Railway Network (SRN) is a player-run organisation with the goal to construct and maintain a network of railways and ice tracks across the Survival Multiplayer worlds of the Dogcraft server.

Since its founding in 2016, the organisation has successfully constructed networks across the original Survival world as well as the the Survival 2 and Survival 3 worlds and now is focusing on construction in the current Survival 4 worlds.

Links to each individual network are below:

  • SRN (Survival 1)
  • SRN (Survival 2)
  • SRN (Survival 3)
  • SRN (Survival 4)
  • NTN (Survival 1, 2, & 3)


The original Survival Railway Network on the Survival world was was the concept of _edo. Along with Mr_Dawgie, another prominent builder in the worlds' Spawn City at the time, he built Spawn Station and this served as the starting point for an expansive network that spanned the world.

Shortly after the establishment of the new railway network, a companion project to the SRN known as the NTN, or Nether Transport Network, began to establish a communal means of rapid transit on the server through the use of boat-on-ice tracks in the Nether.

Since this early time, the organisation has generally continued to grow in size and productivity. It is one of the earliest community projects and organisations, and is the longest running, to a point that it is now a significant and well-known feature in the overall Dogcraft community.

Further detailed historical information is published in each individual network article.


A map of the Survival 2 network, showing the structure of the railways and tracks.

The SRN has constructed three networks of railway and nether tunnel in all major Survival worlds. The networks are widely considered by players to be one of the most impressive feats on the server and between them span many thousands of blocks.

Each SRN and NTN network has been structured cardinally; in a 'plus shape', with four lines expanding outward from a central station. From the stations, additional branch lines built by base owners carry players directly to player bases.


East Station on the Survival 3 network.

The Survival Railway Network is conducted by expedtadam, with the help of various managers. On Husky, the enduring Line Manager structure has been used, although South Line is currently vacant. Each Line Manager is responsible for the construction and maintenance of their railway lines, NTN links, as well as taking on the duty of managing each station build. Throughout the majority of the Survival 4 period on Beagle, the network has been constructed in a laissez-faire fashion with loose management, but now resembles the more rigid structure of Husky and previous worlds.

For Husky:

  • North: 20.png expedtadam (Conductor)
  • East: 20.png Slomo_1994
  • South: ‘’Vacant, contact expedtadam as Conductor’’
  • West: 2d78dff8-e6f6-4d89-bd58-37f5354949b3?size=20.png Skelleton123

For Beagle:

  • North: 9692e815-58c1-45c0-a505-cad65c48ed89?size=20.png darparniox
  • East: 9692e815-58c1-45c0-a505-cad65c48ed89?size=20.png darparniox
  • South: e49d53a6-e3f2-4ae1-a5d3-f08258d0da0c?size=20.png Montenator
  • West: 85a3c2cb-d575-4b6c-a1d4-5f7805fa0ee9?size=20.png eybwam

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