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Gem Base Exterior S3.png

GEM Base exterior view

World Survival 3
Builder(s) 20.png ebi_furya

20.png googly2002 20.png misterblue28

Location X=-19200
Dimension Overworld
Status Defunct
Nether Western Southbound Border Tunnel

GEM was a player base on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server owned by (G)20.png googly2002 , (E)20.png ebi_furya, and (M)20.png misterblue28.

History of GEM

GEM started on Survival 2 when ebi_furya and misterblue28 discovered their bases were near one another. These two began working together on a joint nether hub, NTN connection, and other projects including an ice based golf course. googly2002 would soon join the server and base nearby, and from their names, the acronym GEM was created.

Together on Survival 2, this group created a rail network to connect their bases via the GEM Station. This station was planned to connect the group to the SRN far to the north at a work-in-progress "Eastern Junction Station". That station would be designed to resemble RenDog's Grand Central Station on the season VI Hermitcraft server. With the announcement of Survival 3, this project was unfortunately never completed.

Once Survival 3 was announced, these three players made the decision to continue playing together and share a base in the new world, so GEM lived on.

Survival 3 Base

googly2002 and misterblue28 joined the new world when it opened on October 20, 2018 and soon located an area of land that would become the new base. A starter house, dubbed the "Noob House," was built and a chunk of land was claimed for the new GEM base. ebi_furya would join later that day, earning him the nickname "Ebi Late to the Party Furya."

The newly claimed GEM Peninsula consisted of extreme hills in an oval shape going right up to a deep ocean. To the northwest was an iceberg biome, deep ocean to the west and northeast, a large forest to the east, and a flower forest to the south. The region was around 1000 blocks away from the western 1.13 world border.

The majority of the base had been carved into the mountain and connected by several long hallways. Bubble elevators were dug to bedrock for mining and a water pipe was installed to transport items to a surface storage system. Automatic farms, including pumpkin, melon, cactus, kelp, and sugarcane lined the hallways. Many manual farms were also available for cocoa, vines, 2-tall flowers, and an ice tray. Prior to 1.14, carrots and potatoes were also automatically farmed.

At the heart of the base was the Storeroom and Vaults. The large storeroom consisted of a large, main room for primary block storage and three side rooms for colored blocks, plants and food, and mob drops. The main building blocks were automatically sorted, but much of the storage was "old school" manual. Below the primary storage were the vaults where valuables and treasures were located. Each of the three in the group also had a personal Vault for their own private storage needs.

The main nether portal for the base brought you into the reception room with a welcome desk, fish tank, and tea/coffee. Just down the hall from reception was the boardroom with conference table, region map, and player made artwork.

To the east of the main mountain was a temple-type building made by Ebi, containing a pixel art image of his avatar on the floor as well as stairs leading into an underwater Atlantis-like complex. The main completed underwater chamber contained shopping stalls, houses, and a water mill surrounded by landscaping. Below this was the "Hall of Memories" chamber intended to contain keepsakes from the group's time in Survival 3. To the southeast was a 64 furnace smelting array fueled by kelp blocks. To the north was a chamber containing the Nether Portal and an Industrial District with iron farms, sugar cane, bamboo, chorus fruit, and nether wart. Before the end of Survival 3, a third large chamber had been drained and was beginning to be built up with a saloon and housing.

Survival 3 Base Download

The Survival 3 GEM Base can be found in the World Downloads or by using this link. This download file contains enough of the Spawn Basin and NTN Tunnel to get to the GEM Base. For more World Downloads of Survival 3, visit the World Downloads page.

Transport Links

The GEM base was located at approximately -19200x, 6200z. Easy access could be made via the NTN; from the hub, travel west to the 1.13 world border interchange. From there, travel south for 750 blocks and look for the GEM tunnel on the left.