North-Western Tulip Alliance

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North-Western Tulip Alliance
NWTA Banner
Leader20.png Mr_Quasi
Members20.png marbou9 20.png Gawin_Grimm 20.png RcrazyPT 20.png Taqukaq77 20.png Arkhangellsk 20.png heatjr

The North-Western Tulip Alliance (NWTA) was a group of players with bases in the most North-Western corner of Survival 3. It was formed by 20.png Mr_Quasi on the second day of Survival 3 being open, and the current group of 7 players was formed in the 2 weeks after that. The group did not accept requests to join. The group's symbol was an orange tulip, represented in the name and by a banner.


Mr_Quasi created the group on the 21st of October 2018, inviting 20.png marbou9 right away as they were sharing a base on Survival 3. Mr_Quasi had also invited a few friends from Survival 2 to live in relative proximity, to avoid getting into claiming trouble with unknown neighbors later on. 20.png Gawin_Grimm and 20.png RcrazyPT joined the next day. On the 25th of October, 20.png Taqukaq77 and 20.png Arkhangellsk joined the group. These 6 started a few projects, and a week later on the 2nd of November, returning player 20.png heatjr was invited to join the Discord and base in the area. Since then, the group remained closed.


  • Mr_Quasi and marbou9 shared a base in the large ocean, right between two islands. It was made up of 3 large circle shaped platforms, each lower than the previous. From the lowest circle, bubblevators went into their main underground base. It featured a guardian farm on the east side of the base. Out from the base to the east and the west were 2 small islands, on equal distance from the shared base. These two islands were personal projects of Mr_Quasi (west) and marbou9 (east).
    The underground section of Quasi & Marbou's base.
  • Gawin_Grimm had his base on a large forest island in the large ocean, east of Mr_Quasi and marbou9. It consisted of several buildings, most notably a recreation of the Twin Towers.
    Gawin_Grimm's base.
  • Taqukaq77 lived on the coast of the mainland, northeast of Gawin_Grimm. Like Gawin_Grimm, his base was split up in multiple smaller buildings.
    Taqukaq77's base.
  • RcrazyPT also based on the coast of the mainland. His main building was surrounded by multiple farms, and the base featured a small harbor.
    RcrazyPT's base.
  • Arkhangellsk was based in the most North-Western corner of the world, quite literally up against both world borders. His base was referred to as Ark City, featuring many recreations of real life architectural feats, as well as self-designed buildings and a few buildings made by his friends.
    Ark City, the base of Arkhangellsk.
  • Heatjr started a small cozy village in a snow plains, south of Mr_Quasi and marbou9. It was called Snore and has its own banner.
    Snore, heatjr's village base.


Nether Farms

NWTA's Double Blaze Farm.

The first project executed by the NWTA involved the nether fortress that was present in the NWTA area in the nether. It featured a rare double blaze spawner, transformed into an efficient farm by Mr_Quasi. In the beginning of Survival 3, there were no public XP farms available yet, and as blazes drop double the XP compared to for example zombies or skeletons, a double blaze farm is one of the best possible spawner-based XP farms, which supplied the NWTA with enchantments as well as plenty of fuel and mobheads.

After the double blaze farm, a project to transform another section of the fortress into a wither skeleton farm was started. This involved all members of the NWTA, using TangoTek's design. It was being used to collect wither skeleton skulls for the entire duration of the world.

Trade Island

NWTA's Trade Island.

In the early days of Survival 3, the Mall wasn't built yet and the chest shop plugin was not available yet, leaving the economy to be mostly diamond-based. There was a temporary Trade Hall run by a few players with small plots to sell wares, but theft occurred on a semi-regular basis as there was no protection on chests, so not everyone risked selling their wares there. The members of the NWTA decided to band together and have a small communal area for theirselves, where they could build nice looking shops for each other to buy items from. When the Mall eventually opened, these shops lost their original purpose, but they still remain in the area.

This communal area of the NWTA since transcended its original purpose, with the square being decorated for various holidays such as Easter or Christmas, the members leaving each other presents, a grand map of the NWTA area in the style of the Grand Survival Map project, and the main station of the Inter-NWTA Railway.