Area 52

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Area 52
Survival 3
2019-08-23 23.44.54.png
Area 52's domes visible underwater
WorldSurvival 3
Builder(s)20.png Scooberson
20.png SummerFlower1234
20.png Wildfirev
20.png Navi_heylisten
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Area 52 was the base of Scooberson, SummerFlower1234, Navi_heylisten and Wildfirev on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server.


Area 52 was a shared base of four players. Located under the sea, most of the rooms could be visible through various glass domes sticking out of the seafloor. The "Welcoming Area" was an island with a shipwreck where players could get a good look at the base from land. The base was centered around an end portal very close to spawn and had largely replaced the stronghold. The central hub room the portal was in had three floors each serving their own purposes.

Top Floor

The top floor consisted largely of bedrooms for the base members. Bedrooms were the one place in the base that did not stick to one particular design. The bedrooms served primarily as a place for personal belongings or collections. Of the four bedrooms, the most notable room belonged to SummerFlower1234 whose bedroom split out into more rooms which had various designs planned. Summer's room held a Turtle "Sanctuary" and a coveted alwaysin7 tardis.

The top floor also featured a shared head collection and map art gallery.

Middle Floor

The middle floor served as the technical base. This was where all of the major needs for survival were met. It featured a smelter, trade hall, storage, potions and eventually a library. This floor also held the official entryway to the base, which was accessible via a cave on the seafloor. This floor also connected to a wrap around balcony in the bases tree farm.

Bottom Floor

The bottom floor was the farming floor. Here all of the crop and animal farms could be found as well as access to the lower area of the tree farm. Tucked into the walls of the hub room were various mini farms and farm outputs such as a concrete maker, egg farm, cactus and composter. This floor also had the base nether portal, which was composed of several nether portals of various sizes overlapping.


The stronghold was located shortly after the launch of Survival 3 by Wildfirev who offered to share it with Scooberson after he recently expressed his desire to make a base built around an end portal as a personal challenge. Invitations to join the base were also extended to Navi_heylisten and SummerFlower1234. Initially while in the beginning stages of the base, the residents lived in a room of the stronghold. The central hub was the first room constructed. At the time, there were no plans to include domes in the base design, however plans changed after construction of this room's dome due to the satisfaction of the base residents with the first domes appearance.

During its infancy the base residents kept a log of the progress of the base, as well as using it for general messages to each other. There were three logs. The first log, which contained a majority of the base progress, was sadly lost to a glitch with item frames. The second log took its place and was completed early December 2019. A copy of this log could be found in the public library in spawn. The residents were on the third log when Survival 3 ended. However, due to how advanced the base had become, log entries had taken a less progress based record and more of a "mail box" based record.


Miscellaneous Fun Facts

  • Wildfirev's room was the last remaining part of the stronghold.
  • TrainerMoon stormed Area 52 before the date planned for Area 51's storming.
  • The Hub Room's dome was actually Scooberson's first ever attempt at making spheres and was constructed using no guides whatsoever.
  • The Tardis was actually alwaysin7's first underwater Tardis. As of December 2019 it also served a purpose...

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