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Survival 3
2019-08-07 20.01.56.png
A view of the Calafort Town Keep
WorldSurvival 3
FoundedJuly 2019
Mayor(s)20.png Warhorse221
Contributors20.png L1GHTN1NG_STR1KE, 20.png Pigeon_Confirmed
LocationX= -7400
Z= -5215
TransportAvalanche Branch Line
West 700

Calafort was a medieval and medieval fantasy-themed cliffside town on the Survival 3 world on the Dogcraft Server. The settlement was established on top of a snow-capped mountain guarding a series of coves and bays but quickly expanded onto the plateau beneath it and the vast forests beyond. The ruling council, composed of the members of the Order of the Knights of Calafort, were responsible for the organisation of the town, with most alliances, events and ideas all passing through its members. With the end of the Survival 3 world in April 2020, the Order of Calafort sought to succeed the town with Calafort 脷r on Survival 4.


The highest peak of Calafort houses were series of buildings. The Gatehouse was the entrance to the city from the SRN Link and houses the community billboard, communal storage and Spleef Uniforms for the award winning Calafortian Spleef Team. A large meeting and dining complex was housed above to welcome distinguished guests and foreign dignitaries. The Gatehouse's large gate houses the names of the first, special patrons that helped the city grow from week one.

The Gatehouse was started as not to get Warhorse221, soon-to-be Knight Castellan, killed on his first night. The second Knight recruited, L1GHTN1NG_STR1KE, observed with possible laughter the founder's attempt to build a gate, whilst he laid the groundwork for his masterpiece, the Mage Tower. It was built on the highest point of Calafort and utilises lines of crushed obsidian held in concrete and runes of channeling and binding on the inner walls to draw magical energy from the ground and pool it at the tower's apex, allowing the Archmage-in-Residence to create great works of enchantment and sorcery. It was a landmark of Calafort ingenuity and inspires all who come near it. The Gatehouse was fully revamped in August/September of 2019 by Lightning to allow for substantial improvements like towers and new crenelations.


A variety of houses also adorn the Citadel, an armoured courtyard stretching around the Gatehouse that houses food stores, farms and stables to maintain the city during a siege. The third Knight of Calafort, Pigeon_Confirmed, built his delightful cottage right beside the Gatehouse, sadly Pigeon had to remove his cottage due to gatehouse renovations.. Its floral arrangements were a welcoming sight as one leaves the Gatehouse. It's built near a huge crater, left over from ancient meteors that hit the North West many years ago (Or at least that's what we think!). The hole broke many ankles and necks and led to it being filled over by Pigeon to avoid such... incidents. Higher up on the hill was the house of our local bovine builder and Calafort's fourth Knight, Blue_Sheep01. A more Nordic feel was present with his towering build that is visible through out the land, most visible from the Lilac Woods. It also stretched into the bowels of the mountain, bringing a bit more sophistication into the rather rustic kingdom. However, Blue_Sheep quickly became jealous of the Knight Mage's abilities and began tampering with dark magic. One day, the ground opened up beneath his feet and he was dragged down to the underworld where he would serve eternity being punished for his crimes. His house has been left untouched due to the dark energy that still hovers around it today.

Calafort as of 05/01/2020

As one leaves the Citadel, the sprawling expanses of Downtown becomes visible. A variety of shops, inns, stables, guardposts and amenities are present in the quaint village under the constant guard of the Knights of Calafort. The Foil, Arm and Hog was a pleasant inn that is constantly crowded at all hours. Patrons and guests of Calafort were allowed in and small rooms can be rented for the night if required. A variety of offices were also present, including an Office for Taxes & Issues, where decrees are published, issues are voiced and taxes are set. Housing projects were encouraged by the Council, with the Castellan himself having a small cottage in the village. The fabulous Jousting Arena built by Lightning, acted as a source of entertainment and excitement for the commoners and nobility alike. Its mighty banners and colourful tents draws crowds from all corners of Cyberdogia.

The enchanting Lilac Woods can be seen from the mighty walls of the Citadel and wraps around the siege port and the River An B谩s. The Forest held many hidden treasures, stretching wide into the wild and containing countless houses, monuments, shrines and castles.



  • Early July 2019: Warhorse221 joins the server and discovers the site of natural beauty that will become Calafort. He begins the construction of his residence, soon to become the gatehouse, between the peaks of the mountain that dominates the surrounding area and, in doing so, the town is founded.
  • Early July 2019 L1GHTN1NG_STR1KE joins the server and, upon being shown around the site by Warhorse221, aborts resource gathering for a mage tower in the tundra to build it on the highest peak of Calafort instead. Despite being completed within the first few days of Calafort's existence, it remains the tallest structure in the town to the present day.
  • Early July 2019 Warhorse221 invites Pigeon_Confirmed to join the town, who constructs a cottage beside the gatehouse as his home. The other two members of the town immediately praise the structure for its quaint yet elegant design, especially its roof, and Pigeon_Confirmed gains a reputation as the town's go-to roof-builder.
  • Mid-July 2019 Warhorse221 invites Blue_Sheep01 to join the town; he constructs a great Nordic-styled longhouse on top of Calafort's remaining peak. It is around this time that the idea of the 'Knights of Calafort' becomes solidified, setting the four founding members of the town apart from residents who would settle there from then on.


The history of Calafort began many years ago, when foreign warriors from far away lands landed on the Calafortian peninsula. They spent many hours scaling the gigantic walls of stone that surrounded the southern bay, the most striking natural structure for miles being too good of an opportunity to miss. They began to build up a small network of simple houses under the watchful gaze of a large tower, built on the site of the current gatehouse. As time passed, their culture developed and communication began to emerge between them and other kingdoms. Their very first King, called Mac Neill by ancient scholars, decided on a name for his fledgling kingdom. Seeing how they had come from the sea, used the sea for protection and now turned to the sea for trade, he christened the land Calafort, from the ancient word for Sea or Harbour.


Locator.svg Calafort in Survival 3


Location of Calafort on the Grand Map of Survival 3.
(Co-ordinates — X: -7400, Z: -5215)