Spawn City (Survival 3)

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Spawn City
Survival 3
Survival 3 Spawn City Overhead.jpg
A zoomed out view of the aquatic city
WorldSurvival 3
Founded20th October, 2018
LocationX= 0
Y= 64
Z= 0
TransportSRN via Grand Central Station
Nether Transport Network

"We want to bring some more life into spawn. So, for the next month, we invite everyone to make a build in spawn!" 20.png Domino_1's Spawn building initiative

Spawn City on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server was the oceanic settlement that was built by players around the Spawn Basin structure that served as the world's origin and center.


Regulations for building around Spawn were changed from Survival 2's plot system, to a less rigid version. It was set out that anyone could create one 25x25 (or equivalent size) claim around the Spawn Basin area, with no cost.

To begin with, building activity at Spawn was modest. Because of a large admin claim around the Spawn Basin, reaching far into the ocean, only a handful of modest builds further out from the basin in the East and South were completed before the end of 2018. For the first five months of 2019, virtually no outside building activity was present.

When the admin claim was shrunk to only just protect the Spawn Basin, only then did building activity around spawn increase. In May 2019, SRN HQ (20.png Skelleton123 and 20.png darparniox) was created near the basin North wall, and roads built in the Southern waters. Soon after, the Events Team HQ (20.png RY44) in June and Post Office (20.png _edo) and Map Art Gallery (20.png Cookies58_) in July were prominent and public buildings created in Spawn.

Also in July, 20.png Domino_1, in accordance with the Events Team, organised a building competition at Spawn with the idea of encouraging a more 'town-like' feel to the area. The competition was reasonably successful and around 10 buildings were created for the competition.

Through the rest of 2019, building activity remained at a steady level, with the Wiki HQ (darparniox), Library (_edo, Domino_1, and 20.png Mareel) , Staff HQ (20.png marbou9), Diorite building (20.png Mr_Quasi), and Banner Gallery (20.png expedtadam) appearing as prominent builds over the middle of the year. This was among various other builds and the construction of infrastructure improvements during this time. At the end of 2019, the SUP movement placed several unicorn statues around the spawn area. In the last few months of the Survival 3 world, the new server jail, Azkaban, was completed in the east part of town.

At least one Scooberson Hidey Hole is known to be located in Spawn City.