Wanigoora (Survival 2)

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Survival 2
Town of Wanigoora at night.png
Town of Wanigoora at night. Taken July 2018
WorldSurvival 2
Founded28th September, 2017
Mayor(s)20.png OPwrecker
Contributors20.png ShadowCrafter808
20.png MaseratiMan
20.png alwaysin7
LocationX= -1660
Y= 64
Z= 1800
TransportSRN Wanigoora Station
NTN Wanigoora Line

For the town on Survival 1, click here.

The Town of Wanigoora, or simply Wanigoora, was a mid-large sized town on the Survival 2 world of the Dogcraft Server. Created by 20.png OPwrecker, the town was based on a simple wood-and stone style. It opened on the same week as its world and was located north of Spawn, accessible through Tundra Station. Wanigoora could be described as a simple, calm town for any players, from people who just joined to well-known players on Dogcraft.


Wanigoora started on the 28ᵗʰ of September, in 2017. It featured just OPwrecker's house and a tiny wheat farm at the time. In a few days, as more players flocked from Survival 1 to Survival 2, Wanigoora started to expand rapidly. Within a few days, another house was built, a Main Street, and a larger wheat farm At this point, the town was full of markers, which slowly turned into buildings in a couple of weeks. After the very early builds and farms were completed, more players started joining the town. A boat race from the town to Tundra Station was planned for a two-part event in May 2018, but this was never completed. Wanigoora expanded incrementally from then until the deletion of Survival 2.

The TARDIS in Wanigoora was the first one built on the server by 20.png Alwaysin7, mayor of the City of Seven.

Railway Station

A station serving the town known as Wanigoora Station initially opened only connecting to SRN North Line without a Minecart dispenser, as a underground subway-style build. It featured just a basic track connection to a junction on the side of the line. Soon, though, Quasi_1987 connected his Nitwit Railway Line to Wanigoora Station, connecting Wanigoora to Quasi's District.

A few months later, with the expansion of North Line, Wanigoora Station expanded and added a secondary rail connection to Tundra Station. In April, Quasi closed his line due to new players griefing the line and bad maintenance, and Nitwit Railway Line was updated to connect to Northwest station.

Notable Builds and Farms

  • Wading Pool
  • Town Centre
  • Wanigoora Station
  • Enchanting/Combining/Brewing Station
  • Lake
  • Library
  • Tardis
  • Villager Breeder
  • Villager Trading Centre
  • Passive Mob Farm
  • Zombie Farm
  • Wheat Farm
  • Carrot Farm
  • Potato Farm
  • Melon/Pumpkin Farm
  • Netherwart Farm
  • Cocao Farm
  • Beetroot Farm
  • Tree Farm
  • Iron Farm